Child Welfare

Our Child Welfare system must be accountable, fair, racially unbiased, and imbued with core values that support family preservation and reunification.

PRI’s Child Welfare Publications:

Report and Recommendations to Overhaul Nebraska’s Child Welfare System (2013). Summary

Analysis of Nebraska’s child welfare system, and proposed strategic solutions for a complete overhaul.
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Child Welfare Bulletins (2013):

A series of one- to two-page bulletins describing critical issues within Nebraska’s child welfare system including race, poverty, family preservation, civil liberties, accountability and legal representation.
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The Disproportionate Removal of Minority Children in Nebraska Fact Sheet (2012)

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PRI’s Child Welfare Workshops & Forums:

How to Tell Your Story to Achieve Your Goals (2013)

Partnered with Nebraska Appleseed on workshop for participants learn tips and tools to influence local and state policy makers through effective messaging about child welfare issues.

How to Influence the Policies of Nebraska’s Child Welfare, Juvenile Court and Family Court Systems (2013)

Partnered with Family Advocacy Movement on workshop for participants to (1) hear inspiring stories from a panel of families that have successfully fought for themselves; (2) Share supportive information and materials; and (3) Learn how to file grievances and complaints.

Community Forum on Child Welfare in Nebraska (2013)

Panelists at event co- sponsored by the UNO Grace Abbott School of Social Work and the Nebraska Families Collaborative, to provide an opportunity for community members to learn about child welfare issues from panel presentations and questions and reactions from the audience.

Child Welfare Reform Public Forums (2012)

This three-part series of public forums was aimed at identifying issues and developing long-term solution to the troubles facing the state’s child welfare system. The series took place from June through November 2012.

1. Child Welfare Listening Session:

A platform for those most affected by Nebraska’s child welfare system to report personal experiences and make recommendations for needed changes to laws, policies and practices. Co- sponsored by and Black Men United.

2. Child Welfare Reform Planning Session #1:

Nebraska child welfare advocates, social workers, health and human services employees, officials, state and local representatives, and other stakeholders, discussed the information shared by the public during the first Listening Session. Problems were identified and summarized to help PRI develop a draft plan to improve the state’s child welfare system.

3. Child Welfare Reform Planning Session #2:

Strategies and solutions generated by PRI were discussed. Results were used to refine and enhance PRI’s 2013 Report and Recommendations to Overhaul Nebraska’s Child Welfare System.

Media Coverage of PRI’s Child Welfare Work:

Real Talk with Willie Hamilton (Feb., 2013):

Interviewed by Willie Hamilton about PRI’s position on Nebraska’s child welfare   system, on  Omaha  1690  am  Radio  “The  One”.

KETV (June, 2012):

PRI forum covered and PRI interviewed for story on Omaha’s KETV, “Think Tank Hears Child Welfare Horror Stories—Group Will Draft Plan for Legislature.”

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