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An Omaha-based non-profit think tank for the people

What We Do

PRI is a catalyst for change. We spotlight topics of civic interest by engaging the public in civic conversations, promoting policies that advance opportunities and justice, and helping to build grassroots coalitions to act on that information.

Our Focus Areas

PRI has two cross-cutting focus areas that apply across all others

Our Strategies:

Policy Development & Analysis

Develop and analyze policy from a progressive, grassroots perspective that challenges the status quo and exposes inequity.


Share ideas, policies, and solutions through in-depth, balanced, independent reports, columns, and other communication.


Expand civic engagement by convening public forums to increase debate and build action-oriented coalitions that put evidence-based policy into practice.

Capacity Expansion

Expand capacity of marginalized communities and those who would support them through technical assistance and/or training.

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