Policy Research & Innovation (PRI) is an independent group of volunteer activists, researchers and advocates whose work is driven by the concerns of our community. We shine light on topics of civic interest, engage the public in civic discourse, and help build grassroots coalitions to act on that information.

We analyze and share information from a progressive, grassroots perspective. We challenge the status quo and expose inequity. We provide training and technical assistance to marginalized communities so they can more easily remove the obstacles society puts in their way. We also provide training for the wealthier and lighter-skinned among us to effectively support these communities.


PRI applies a race and class equity lens to promote change and unite diverse communities through policy, facilitation, and community engagement.


A more democratic, racially integrated, economically just, safe and healthy community in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area and the state of Nebraska.

Core Values

Human Rights
Equal Opportunity
Safe, Healthy Communities

Inclusion & Participation
Evidence-Based & Community-Driven Decisions

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