Affordable Housing

Jack Dunn

A recent letter to the Omaha World Herald pointed out that the Creighton student wild parties of a few weeks ago in Gifford Park are part of a tried and true landlord tactic to drive out long-term residents.
Just over-crowd apartments with people desperate for a place to live and make the neighborhood unpleasant for long term residents. The long-term residents eventually give up and sell their places cheap. The landlords then convert them into luxury condos or “market-rate apartments”.
We might take a leaf from New York, which just passed state-wide rent control. Here’s a good discussion from In These Times
Or we might start by just funding the full number of housing inspectors authorized by the City Council and then inspecting problem areas.
The mayor refuses to do this, but the entire city is impacted by slumlords and luxury condo kings. Even the areas outside of downtown find their property taxes going up as land-grabbers bid up properties and cram more people into fewer places.

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