On The Unity of Existence

Jack DunnThe mistake that Plato and Descartes made was in claiming that there was something “other” than matter that had to be infused into it for it to live.

There is no such duality. And promoting the notion of duality is not so much a mistake, as it is simple propaganda for the ruling class.

Matter itself is the miracle that gives us life and consciousness. There is no separate “soul”, but each of us participate in the creative act of existence that matter has brought to fruition in our very material bodies.

Matter is the foundation of life and soars to the heights of consciousness in certain places and at certain times, if the conditions are ripe. Our planet has found itself favorably situated for the seeds of matter to bring forth a rich harvest of consciousness.

And who are we to say that we are the final fruit. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin speculated, there may be a “noosphere” – like a primordial sea out of which a consciousness or linked consciousnesses beyond our wildest imaginings will arise, all still based in the Holy Matter which is the womb of us all.

Or perhaps we will lay waste to ourselves and to the planet and allow all to fall back into unforgiving emptiness. We have that power; we have that choice.

Contrary to some Eastern religions, matter is not illusion. And contrary to some Christian Fundamentalists, neither is matter evil. Matter is the source and foundation of the Godhead; the Cosmos is the Creator and Love is a fundamental attribute of Holy Matter.

It all lies within. It is ours simply to love and do our best.


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