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Jack Dunn
Seems as though Trump may try to ramp up military adventures in the waning months of his failing presidency.

Failing because the U.S. is on the way to having one of the worst COVID-19 outcomes on the planet – given Trump’s dereliction of elementary planning and administrative precautions.

But failing authoritarians/fascists often resort to military adventures as a way to take the public’s mind off the debacle at home. This gambit, coupled with the absurd indictment of Venezuela’s president for drug trafficking, has a high probability of being something more dangerous than flailing about with the usual casual cruelty and bluster.

Trump has ordered Navy warships, AWACS surveillance aircraft and on-ground special forces to be moved toward Venezuela. This would have been a simpler action a few months ago. It is unclear how the military will handle offensives when COVID-19 is breaking out in their ranks.

And in case one military adventure is not enough, Trump is also threatening Iran.

On a somewhat related topic: I have read that a big factor in the popularity of the Nazi party in pre-war Germany was the domination by Nazi radio of the airwaves. At that time it was individual radio stations privately owned by Right-leaning businessmen agreeing to broadcast regular programs by local Nazis; today it is nationally syndicated programs on Fox news, Sinclair Broadcast Group and others. It doesn’t help when the self-proclaimed bastions of freedom and erstwhile opponents of right wing propaganda – MSNBC, the New York Times, CNN, NPR and others are such blatant shills for the Oligarchy.

It is now more than ever important to find trustworthy news sources. All news, including this blog, is biased. There is no such thing as objective reporting.

We all have our biases; the best you can do is find sources that are even-handed, that respect the truth, tell you where their information came from and are willing to change their minds when presented with countering facts. It also helps in important cases to find more than one source for a story or report.

You can check out our earlier blog that lists a few independent news sources. I will see about expanding it although if you follow or or Caitlin Johnstone, you will already have a good start.

Stay safe, my friends; stay healthy.

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  • Chato

    far out!

    • A'Jamal Byndon

      How do you get this information out to the local community? Jack you raise some powerful points. What are we doing wasting time in other folks’ backyards when there are so many problems occurring in many of the urban areas of this country. If folks understand that there are too many folks need to get such information that you shared in your piece.

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