An explanation for why Fortenberry, Bacon, Smith, Fischer and Sasse sit on their hands…

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An explanation for why Fortenberry, Bacon, Smith, Fischer and Sasse sit on their hands…

Why John Bolton Book’s Revelations Won’t Make a Difference in Trumpland

The cycle goes something like this – those who get close to the president understand and discern precisely the chaos that Bolton describes. To stop the worst mistakes … one must be “in the room where it happens,” to quote Bolton, quoting the musical Hamilton. But to stay in the room, one must engage in the flattery and the loud public defenses (the president) requires.

This flattery and these defenses – amplified through Fox News, talk radio, and other conservative outlets – are heard and believed by the president’s supporters. After all, the defenses are coming from the people who are in the room, the statements are on the record (as opposed to the anonymous leaks the media often relies upon), and they’re unequivocal.

Republican officials thus build their own Trumpist prison. To retain influence, they must flatter. When they flatter, they sustain (the president’s) base. The more the flattery, the tighter (the president’s) hold on the GOP. The tighter (the president’s) hold on the GOP, the higher the cost if and when they do choose to speak out. Better to just ride this thing out then, they believe. Have you seen how the base turned even on Gen. James Mattis? Have you seen the newfound hatred for John Bolton?

Earlier this year, I witnessed a perfect example of the phenomenon in action. I had the privilege of debating Eric Metaxas, a radio host, bestselling author, and one of (the president’s) most outspoken Evangelical defenders. During the debate, I made multiple references to (the president’s) conduct.

I observed that…

And how did Metaxas respond to the facts about (the president’s) conduct? “If I believed what David said,” he replied, “I would be with him on this [opposing Trump].” The relentless defenses of Trump, the relentless praises, and the relentless attacks on the media had worked their dark magic. The facts were not facts.

Bolton’s book should cause an earthquake. It won’t. And it won’t in large part because even Republicans who are appalled by Trump and work hard to temper his worst impulses have immunized their voters against the truth.

John Bolton’s Original Sin
It’s not about what’s in his book; it’s about how he’s always framed his decision to do nothing.

…[Bolton] went on to add that the Democrats were to blame for the “partisan” nature of the impeachment process, adding that because of that “partisan” quality, he did not think it would be worth it to jump “off the cliff” to serve their cause. Again, he seems utterly unaware of the irony: He could have made it nonpartisan but declined to do so. Thus the Democrats were to blame, not him.

Colbert’s Bolton interview


Of course, there’s another explanation why Fortenberry, Bacon, Smith, Fischer and Sasse sit on their hands. From Wikipedia…

The Eleventh Commandment was a phrase used by President Ronald Reagan during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California. The Commandment reads: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.
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A nursing home in Baltimore, oldest African-American one, did not lose *a single person* to COVID because as soon as they heard (the president) say cases would soon go to zero, they realized it was going to be a catastrophe, stopped visits and masked up.

Why Weren’t We Wearing Masks From the Beginning? Dr. Fauci Explains:
Andrew Cuomo Saw COVID-19’s Threat to Nursing Homes. Then He Risked Adding to It.

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