Biden waxes neocon against China. Push back…

Note: Reportedly Biden supported the US-backed Ukrainian coup.  That wasn’t acceptable behavior and neither is this. Push back…

The Utter Futility of Biden’s China Rhetoric
The Democratic candidate tries to out-hawk Trump, but trying to beat Republicans at their own game is pointless – even dangerous.

On China, Biden Falls Into Trump’s Xenophobia Trap
In his new attack ad, Biden dabbles in “Yellow Peril” rhetoric to defend his record.

When he fired the inspector general who would have overseen the bailout fund, (the president) made it clear that he fully intends to use the money to advance his re-election campaign, just as he has done with his presidential powers throughout his term in office. While the Democrats ceded their ability to prevent the corruption of the fund (they could have just made rules for how the money would be distributed, with zero discretion – like the small business loan program), they still can act to ensure that there is a limit to the extent that Trump’s friends are able to profit at the expense of the rest of us. They can impose an excess profits tax that would nail the corporations that do especially well in this crisis.
Economist Dean Baker

Debt and Deficits with the Coronavirus:

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