CSPAN: Poor People’s Campaign Holds a Nationwide Virtual Rally

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Poor People’s Campaign Holds a Nationwide Virtual Rally
Somebody’s been hurting our people and it has gone on too long. We won’t be silent anymore

Many people made great points. Here’s one about war @ ~2:15:
My name is Chris Overfelt and I’m with Veterans for Peace. I was a hydraulics mechanic in  the Air Force National Guard. And it is no secret that there is always enough money for a bigger military and more jails but never enough for education and the poor.
When I joined the military, I had no idea that the United States military has over 1000 bases worldwide. Why do we keep such a strong presence throughout the world? The short answer is to provide Western capital with continuous access to foreign resources and markets. Most of the military budget is used not to fight wars but to exercise soft power in support of American capital. Instead of a deployed military ensuring the wealth transfer continues, we have a deployed police force that protects the wealthy from the poor.
When I joined the military, I had no idea that the best way to end American militarism abroad is to end it here in our community. There are four ways to do this. End the occupation of our minority community by the police. End the war on drugs. Provide access to health care and education to all people. And end the war on immigrants by defunding Ice and the Border Patrol.
Wm Barber closed. Here’s one of several great points…
Far too long, our public leadership has been too comfortable with other folks’ death. Truth of the matter is Republicans racialized death and racialized poverty and too many Democrats run from poverty. It’s time to say every piece of public policy has a death measurement on the down low. …
Denying living wages and basic income has a death measurement. Denying health care has a death measurement. My son, William III, told me that 3000 people die from particulate air pollution that comes from politicians protecting corporate polluters. When you protect corporate polluters, it has a death measure. And it’s time, it’s past time to reject the culture of death. Even racist voter suppression has a death measurement because when racist voter suppression is used to help people get elected, who once they get elected, they block health care, they block living wages and they protect greedy corporations, then voter suppression is used in a way that produces a death measurement.
He talked about all the things we can have if we, once again, insisted that everyone and every corporation pay their fair share.

He talked about all the times a few people got together and brought about change.

He talked about why some poor folks don’t vote…
In the south, 8.9 million poor and low wealth people who could have voted didn’t vote. Why don’t many of them vote? Because they say they never hear their issues of poverty. If we want to change the electorate, if we want to change the political capital, we have to start talking to poor and low wealth people. And stop lying on poor and low wealth people, white and black. Most poor and low wealth people did not vote for the current administration. Many of them did not vote because nobody comes and visits them and talks to them and listens to them and hears their stories and says in their policies how they’re going to address the issue of poverty.
How do we get candidates to explain how they’re going to address the issue of poverty?
The greatest threats of the past decade have come in the form of a deadly virus, climate-related natural disasters, economic meltdowns, and attacks on free and fair elections. So why are expensive weapons systems and massive military installations still a foregone conclusion?

America spends over $700 billion a year on our national defense. That’s about a sixth of our overall budget and more than health care, education and all the rest of our discretionary spending combined. …

…Reconsidering our spending to invest more heavily in the programs that really keep us safe is not only possible, but long overdue.
Laicie Heeley in “We prepared for war, but should have spent our money elsewhere”

…Peace need not be impracticable, and war need not be inevitable. By defining our goal more clearly, by making it seem more manageable and less remote, we can help all peoples to see it, to draw hope from it, and to move irresistibly toward it.
President John F Kennedy

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