Disconcerting Covid News…

> The following news raises questions about indoor safety – even when masked…

3 educators battled COVID-19 after teaching in the same room. 1 died. Now, they have a warning

The teachers who survived also say Byrd’s death is a stark reminder of the risks teachers will face if school reopens too soon.

“Everything is safety, safety, safety,” said Jena Martinez-Inzunza, a Hayden-Winkelman teacher. “What a contradiction to be threatened by the president. What a contradiction to be bullied: ‘Do this, or I’m going to pull funding.’ What a contradiction to say our kids lives matter & Why would you push to open schools?”

The educators decided to teach virtually while together in the same classroom, but took what they thought were extensive measures: They wore masks, they disinfected equipment and kept distance between each other.

“We were very careful,” Skillings said.

Byrd was the first to become sick, shortly after a camping trip, her husband said – it was just the two of them in a camper. They had been diligent in staying home and isolating during the pandemic, he said.

Note: I’ve been carrying out Chipotle salads for a long time… even after the pandemic struck. But for the past few weeks they’ve begun to open up portions of the main dining area. A few times the diners were near the exit and on another occasion customers were back to back with someone sitting next to the counter. And – of course – they’re all unmasked.

I wrote Chipotle headquarters. Explained that I’m a long time customer but said the recent changes were unacceptable. The response suggested that they’d do something about it. But nothing has changed yet.

I go after the lunch crowd. My only other option is to turn around if I don’t feel safe.

I’d sure like to know more about indoor conditions that lead to infection.

> Interesting development….

Dr. Clay Ackerly: My patient caught Covid-19 twice.
“During his first infection, my patient experienced a mild cough and sore throat. His second infection, in contrast, was marked by a high fever, shortness of breath, and hypoxia.” https://t.co/wr8oPw7X4h

> Some good news…

Trump administration rescinds foreign students rule

> Might be of interest (regarding the “cancel culture”)…

Examples of a real “cancel culture”
Cancel culture is Iraq War critics being kept off TV and marginalized, while people who literally lied us into that war like @DavidFrum & @NicolleDWallace are given giant lucrative media platforms.

A good example of out of control cancel culture was the very deliberate and widespread effort
to try to use the “Bernie Bro” epithet to erase all the women and people of color who supported
Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Many of the people actually “canceled” are those long denied a fair hearing of their ideas
to begin with:
Palestinian human rights advocates
Anti-capitalists (or those who want to reform capitalism) – See https://bit.ly/38RG8rV
Not spicy “contrarians” who want to play devils advocate with your basic rights in the NYT

The idea that inequality is a natural market outcome is a deeply held article of faith among
policy types and they really don’t like it when people try to point out that inequality is by design
https://t.co/u6exQfLUNL See also: https://t.co/HfhMSphBPr

But the cancel culture meme is being used to reframe the debate / attack protesters as AOC pointed out…  https://bit.ly/2Ohmps9

There is no such thing as “cancel culture” and I’m disappointed in those who are allowing this intentional overton window shift.  What powerful people want you to believe is “cancel culture” is what people without power call consequences.

Those with out-sized amounts of power haven’t had to face many consequences in the history
of the world, so now that they’re being made to, they’re reacting exactly as you’d expect:
demanding that we debate about whether they should face consequences for their behavior.

Related: https://cnn.it/2ZlyfaU

For example…
This letter calling for “open debate” is filled with pro-war and Zionist ideologues who will never debate anyone to their left. Many have worked to cancel political opponents and some (Frum, AM Slaughter) to cancel entire countries. Titanic hypocrisy. https://t.co/eNKHyF6uMg

As @DeanBaker13 has long argued… at will employment is a terrible thing.
Ordinary people have been fired for their speech for millenia.
How many signatories on this list have written against employment at will?
How many have weighed in against bans on secondary boycotts?

Example of no accountability…
You should probably be canceled if you shut down a bridge to punish your political enemy or if your mayoral administration buried the video of the police murder of a teenager. Instead, @ChrisChristie & @RahmEmanuel were rewarded with jobs at ABC News.

Excellent chart from Deutsche Bank showing how the CARES Act has helped consumers in the lowest income quartile. Letting these benefits expire would be a huge policy failure.

The Fair Wage Guarantee that @owenslindsay1 and I have proposed would not only extend these benefits before they expire, but lock them in for the long run in the form of higher wages for workers coming off of unemployment. You can read more here:

Thread: https://twitter.com/BharatRamamurti/status/1280120015790968832

But a government-funded back-to-work bonus would lower wages / hurt workers: https://bit.ly/3ei9qkA

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