Everything that Donald Trump has done and this is the bridge too far for GOP?

GOP to Donald Trump: Change tune on mail-in voting or risk ugly November

By the way…

After Public Outcry, CDC Adds Hospital Data Back to Its Website – for Now


Lincoln mayor mandates masks in public places due to rising COVID-19 concerns

She’s not the only one. From this week…

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) mandates face masks as state exceeds 1,100 coronavirus deaths, more than 56,000 confirmed cases.
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) has issued a directive requiring face coverings at indoor public spaces and at larger outdoor gatherings in counties where four or more people are known to be currently infected with COVID-19. https://t.co/ias9m8bkEm
Arkansas governor (Hutchinson (R)) orders people to wear face masks in public, reversing course during a surge in coronavirus cases.
Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, will now require face masks at all U.S. stores.
  Kroger and Kohl’s will now start requiring all customers to wear face masks.
  CVS will require customers to wear face coverings while shopping at its U.S. pharmacies.
  Publix will start requiring shoppers at its more than 1,250 grocery stores
  to wear masks beginning Tuesday. https://t.co/qVs1VQ2fK3

Heard Gov Ricketts say the science doesn’t support wearing masks. He’s wrong…

Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus

Why our public health leaders didn’t push face masks early and are now regretting it

Do these Ricketts’ decisions sound like they’re science-based?…

June: This governor (Pete Ricketts) is trying to one-up Trump on masks
Ricketts informed local government officials that they will not qualify for federal coronavirus funds unless they do not mandate the wearing of masks while they’re inside government facilities.

What Happened When Health Officials Wanted to Close a Meatpacking Plant,
but the Governor Said No

Ricketts challenged on radio show to mandate masks

Why are US coronavirus deaths going down as covid-19 cases soar?

Fwiw…  From Hyperlite Mountain Gear (Maine)…
Light weight (but tightly woven i.e. interlock micro-polyester) masks

Excellent chart from Deutsche Bank showing how the CARES Act has helped consumers in the lowest income quartile. Letting these benefits expire would be a huge policy failure.

The Fair Wage Guarantee that @owenslindsay1 and I have proposed would not only extend these benefits before they expire, but lock them in for the long run in the form of higher wages for workers coming off of unemployment. You can read more here:

Thread: https://twitter.com/BharatRamamurti/status/1280120015790968832

But a government-funded back-to-work bonus would lower wages / hurt workers: https://bit.ly/3ei9qkA

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