Heads Up: Reportedly WH & Republicans want Social Security/Medicare Cuts in the next “stimulus” bill.

When needed stimulus didn’t arrive, we were told to wait.

> We still need stimulus. Some recent pieces on the subject…

“We clearly need another big stimulus,” says @DeanBaker13. “With a big stimulus, we could talk about a horrible story. If we don’t have a big stimulus, total economic wreckage is the story we’re talking about.” https://t.co/eklgJ5wJ9P
  Republican Attacks on State and Local Government Are Yet Another Assault on Black People
Proposals to Ease Covid’s Blow on the Hardest Hit All but Ignored by Corporate Media
Poor Neighborhoods Are Only Getting Poorer
There are more communities living in poverty across U.S. metropolitan areas than there were
four decades ago – and the neighborhoods that were already poor have even less now.

> Corporations got bailed out; We get austerity… again?

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) says he has spoken with a former treasury secretary about including mechanisms to reduce the deficit in the long-run in the next spending package. OMB’s Russ Vought says WH wants to include these kinds of spending cuts
From Alex Lawson: [N]ew reporting indicates that Mitt Romney is pushing hard to include a fast-track process to cut Social Security and Medicare behind closed doors, while eliminating the unemployment insurance expansion that has sustained the 43 million people put out of work by the pandemic.

> Participate in the petition and/or contact your Senators directly…

Demand the U.S. Senate provide immediate aid to protect state and local services;
repeal the #MillionairesGiveaway

> Read up and push both sides to do right by us…

During the Great Recession
The Myth of  Expansionary Fiscal Austerity
  2013: ‘Recessions can hurt, but austerity kills’
During the Great Recession…
2012: Obama’s fiscal ‘grand bargain’ is a great betrayal of America’s most vulnerable
Jan: Joe Biden’s history of austerity

Inequality and small change go hand in hand…

Just got back from the centrist rally. Amazing turnout. Thousands of people holding hands and chanting “Better things aren’t possible”

It cannot continue to be the working definition of “liberty” that one class of Americans is permitted to break and to smash, solely because they are incapable of imagining that their actions have any consequences, while a second class of Americans can neither jog, nor sleep, nor go bird-watching, nor film news, because the first class of Americans is imagining make-believe harms. One of the reasons the country is on fire is that millions of people are tired of living in a world in which their every word and step can get them killed, while for a shrinking handful of others, nothing they do can ever matter. Just because the president cannot comprehend this reality doesn’t immunize him from inflaming it.
Dahlia Lithwick in “Whether the President Understands the Racist History of ‘Looting and Shooting’ Is Beside the Point”

Imagine. If we had embraced Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest… https://bit.ly/3dpmGEv


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