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EPA Proposes Broad Science Restrictions in Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic

The “supplemental” proposal, which builds on a previous effort, would remove from consideration or downweight thousands of scientific papers by public health scientists when the raw data behind these studies cannot be made public. So while these experts are the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, treating patients, researching vaccines, and educating the public about staying safe, the EPA is trying to push this proposal through…

Because this is written as a supplemental to the original rule, EPA will only take comments that address the changes made in the supplemental. Therefore, you should articulate how your comments respond to the document that was released today.

  The Union of Concerned Scientists has several other pieces on the proposed rule…

In her Thursday afternoon briefing on the local pandemic response, Gaylor Baird said she was disappointed Ricketts said he would not extend beyond Sunday the Lancaster County restrictions currently in place.
Lincoln, Lancaster County to reluctantly adopt eased restrictions Ricketts outlined

New documents obtained by ProPublica show public health officials in Grand Island, Nebraska, wanted the JBS meatpacking plant closed. But Gov. Pete Ricketts said no. Since then, cases have skyrocketed.

The company that wouldn’t excuse Juan Manuel Jaime to see a doctor while he worked sick
for two weeks says it wasn’t aware he had covid-19 until he died.

Think about this story when you hear about covid-19 liability shield laws. Should JBS have
complete immunity from a wrongful death suit from this man’s family, or from customers
adversely impacted by how it runs its operations? Would that be just?

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