Medicaid Expansion Hearings Oct 29 – Nov 12 in Scottsbluff, Kearney, Norfolk and Omaha

Context: Medicaid Expansion: Proposed changes would delay and complicate expansion

Medicaid Work Requirements Can’t Be Fixed

Medicaid expansion hearings; Prepare to testify or submit a comment

DHHS is proposing to reduce coverage options for Nebraskans eligible for Medicaid expansion and implement complex and costly work requirements.

DHHS is holding four public hearings on the following dates and locations:

– October 29 in Scottsbluff
– October 30 in Kearney
– November 7 in Norfolk
– November 12 in Omaha

The Wall St org @ThirdWayTweet paid Biden’s polling firm for a poll. The poll tried to vilify Medicare for All, but found:
– 53% view Medicare for All favorably, higher than the ACA
– 70% of Dems want Medicare for All to replace private insurance Poll:

…A polling firm linked to Biden is working overtime to mislead Americans about #MedicareForAll by echoing bogus GOP talking points.
Fact: #MedicareForAll improves benefits for seniors by covering:
– dental- vision- hearing – home care

One of the ironies of history is that through the Marshall Plan, American taxpayers helped pay for a part of the UK’s single-payer health care system, the NHS, which eliminated most private insurance. Here’s a Republican Congressman complaining about it in 1949.

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