NE Appleseed: Stand for Expansion. Tell the federal government Nebraska does not Waiver

Stand for Expansion. Tell the federal government Nebraska does not Waiver.

Take a moment to submit a comment to the federal government opposing the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ proposed waiver. Their plan still includes harmful elements like two tiers of benefits, work and wellness requirements, and changes to retroactive eligibility.

Tell the federal government that Nebraskans do not want a complicated waiver and to implement Medicaid expansion quickly. Nebraskans cannot wait any longer.

If you submitted a comment during the state comment period, we ask that you please submit another comment to the federal government.

  CBPP: States’ Complex Medicaid Waivers
Will Create Costly Bureaucracy and Harm Eligible Beneficiaries

Health Coverage Losses From Medicaid Work Requirements Are Unavoidable, Report Says

Despite the presence of two veterans and an incumbent president in the race, no candidate has raised as much as Sanders in military contributions.

“I would never have guessed that. [Sanders] would have been way down my list of possible answers if this were a Final Jeopardy question,” Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, wrote in an email. “He’s mainly about economic equality and Medicare for All.”

A Sanders campaign aide pointed to the senator’s promises to “end the endless wars” and the many years he has spent on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee as reasons for his popularity with military employees. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that these things draw support from so many in the military, but Bernie is extremely proud to have it,” the aide said.
C.K. Hickey & Shayna Greene in “Which Democratic Candidates Are National Security Employees Opening Their Wallets for?”

If the US just moved in the direction Bernie Sanders advocated for in 2016,
America and Iran would not be fighting in Iraq or anywhere else

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