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(The House Climate Crisis) committee is working to develop a roadmap for congressional action on climate, and we need YOUR help! We posted a public request for information. Let us know what you think! Visit

…They’ve got 13 questions they’d like your thoughts on,
and this request is open until Nov 22.

…(at a hearing) I argued that a Medicare for All program would be affordable, but the key factor was reducing the cost of input prices, like prescription drugs, medical equipment, and doctors’ pay. I also briefly laid out what I considered the key features of a transition from the current system. …
– Fix the current Medicare system;
– Allow a Medicare buy-in;
– Take measures to reduce input prices;
– Lower age of Medicare eligibility to 64.
These four steps should allow for an orderly phase in of a universal Medicare system. They also should quickly provide substantial benefits to most of the population in the form of better quality/lower cost health care.
Dean Baker in “Getting to Medicare for All”

Healthcare Reformer Wendell Potter: The For-Profit ‘System Is Unraveling’; A business group comes out swinging on behalf of Medicare for All.
Elizabeth Warren Is Asking the Most Important Question on Health Care; How can we move from a broken system to one that covers everyone, restrains prices and improves outcomes?:

Baker: Ruchir Sharma’s Swiss (health insurance) Model:

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