Tongass (Dec 16) & Nat’l Petroleum Reserve (Jan 21st) public comment deadlines

1) Alaska Roadless Rulemaking #54511
Special Areas; Roadless Area Conservation; National Forest System Lands in Alaska

Joint Statement…
Trump Administration Paves Way for Old-growth Clearcutting in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

  Last Stands Action Alert

Senator Murkowski: The Roadless Rule is Working for Southeast Alaska

Trump Administration Paves Way for Old-growth Clearcutting in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

EarthJustice’s action alert

NRDC’s page…

Forest Service Ignores Ecology and Economics in Environmental Impact Statement
Document reveals unsustainable focus on old-growth logging in the Tongass National Forest.

WECAN action alert & links—Protect-the-Tongass–Defend-our-Climate–Support-Indigenous-and-Local-Communities.html?soid=1107842219773&aid=Sc10WK_8KgU

‘We depend on the Tongass’: Alaskans fight to save US’s largest national forest

Why I Support the Roadless Rule…

Three Things You Need to Know about the Roadless Rule:

When Old Growth Ends (Video and Info)

2) DOI-BLM-AK-R000-2019-0001-EIS (National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Integrated Activity Plan)


Concerns voiced over proposed NPR-A regulation changes
New plan would apply for all future BLM lease sales in the reserve

Joint Statement with contacts info…
BLM moves to gut protected areas in NPRA and Western Arctic
Proposed management plan would gut protections
for the largest Arctic lake in the United States and other Special Areas

ConocoPhillips leads charge in North Slope oil revival

Environmental & Energy Law Program page…

The Department of Homeland Security separated thousands of migrant families under its “zero tolerance” policy despite knowing that it lacked the information technology to record and track the migrants, according to a blistering report by an internal government watchdog released Wednesday.

The report also revealed for the first time that border officials planned to separate five times as many children than it did in 2018.
Richard Gonzales in “New (DHS) Report: U.S. Lacked Technology To Account For Separated Families

Question: How is this not kidnapping?
O’Malley tears into former schoolmate Ken Cuccinelli, says caging children “not what we were taught by Jesuits”

Some predictable folks criticized @MartinOMalley for confronting @KenCuccinelli. Said he wasn’t “civil.” I’ll tell you what’s not “civil”. Ripping children away from their parents & putting them in cages, denying entry to refugees & asylum-seekers, & threatening #Dreamers. – James Zogby

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