Towards an issues-based 2020 election (44)

===2020 Issues===
‘Lipstick on a Pig…The Pig Being the Ballot Marking Devices’: ‘BradCast’ 10/21/2019
Guest: Election Integrity advocate Jennifer Cohn; Also: Judge blocks FL GOP’s attempt
to disenfranchise felons (for now); MO’s largest county finally moves to hand-marked
paper ballots!…

State clean energy policies are upending generation risk profiles. Here’s what you need to know.

Six groups that will help you get active on climate

Lots of context…
Fire danger could force SF blackout, PG&E says

PG&E Knew for Years Its Lines Could Spark Wildfires, and Didn’t Fix Them
Documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal show that the utility has long been
aware that parts of its 18,500-mile transmission system were dangerously outdated

Judge: PG&E Paid Out Stock Dividends Instead of Trimming Trees

Disabled California seniors in complex left behind in electricity outage.


As California Burns Again, Rep. Ro Khanna Calls for PG&E
to Become Publicly Owned Utility

The state of California could take over Pacific Gas and Electric if the utility company does
not pull itself out of bankruptcy by June 2020, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said


Johanna Bozuwa on Public Utilities…

UK: Labour plans to make 27 million homes energy efficient

Read the plan: insulate millions of homes, install heat pumps, and pay for it largely
with energy savings. We should be doing this everywhere – “Warm Homes for All.”

Thread on a fast-warming place, Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence in Canada…

Mann: Climate Change Is Burning Down California. It’s Time We Stopped Adding Fuel to the Fire

See referenced report on Pelosi’s statement…
Political reality counts But when it butts up against reality reality, it’s time for politicians
to figure out how to get done what needs doing, not explain why it’s hard


CBPP: Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit
Lifted 10.6 Million People out of Poverty in 2018

What kind of labor organizations do U.S. workers want?

On CEO pay…
CEOs Are Not the Same as Sports Superstars
“…[T]he analogy of athletes to “elite executives” simply does not work.”

The people who say that businesses are being run to maximize returns to shareholders, rather than CEO pay, have to explain why shareholder returns have been so low


Boeing Is Basically a State-Funded Company
So why don’t we get a vote on its leadership?


House Dems After Meeting With Richard Trumka:
No Vote on Trump’s NAFTA if Worker Concerns Go Unaddressed

Trumka: New NAFTA Not Good Enough


NAFTA 2.0 Text Analysis
Topics: Corporate Powers and Privileges, Corporate Powers and Privileges, Environment,
Access to Affordable Medicine, Food Safety, Consumer Protections & Sunset Clause

Baker: Stronger Drug Patents in New NAFTA To Cost U.S. Manufacturing Workers Jobs



Compare / Contrast…
Centrist Democrats Have a New Idea to Win Reelection:
Ignore Labor and Give Trump a Major Trade Deal

2018 Flashback…
Democrats Who Voted to Deregulate Wall Street (while Republicans controlled
Congress) Got Wiped Out in a Setback for Bank Lobbyists

When Pharma Needs a Friend:
Conservative House Democrats Move to Protect Drug Company Profits
A letter from 11 Democrats expresses support for a drug patent provision
in the NAFTA update that most of their caucus opposes.

List: Brindisi (D-NY22), Correa (D-CA46), Cuellar (D-TX28), Cunningham (D-SC1), Gottheimer (D-NJ5), Horn (D-OK5), Lawson (D-FL5), McAdams (D-UT4), Peters (D-CA52), Rice (D-NY4) & Van Drew (D-NJ2),

This is stunning in its audacity: House Democrats ran against M4A in 2018, saying
their priority is focusing on lowering drug prices. Now key Blue Dogs and New Dems
are fighting to keep drug prices high in the new NAFTA. Truly brazen.

CBPP: 5 Good Reasons to Visit During Open Enrollment

CBPP: Use Caution When Shopping Outside

Consumers can shop for 2020 health insurance coverage during the open enrollment period of November 1 to December 15 but, if they use enrollment pathways other than, they risk choosing subpar coverage and missing out on financial help for which they’re eligible in the marketplace.

We can depoliticize women’s healthcare by starting with 3 points of agreement:
1) Women need access to healthcare, including reproductive care
2) Maternal mortality is unacceptably high
3) Prevention is the medicine
My @TIME op-ed:

Republicans planning to run on dismantling ACA and replacing with this health plan roll back essential benefits, end Medicaid expansion

Uncovered: Bonnie Castillo Joins Ady Barkan
National Nurses United leader @NNUBonie explains to @AdyBarkan why nurses are fighting for Medicare for All (video)

How to Approach Medicare for All Financing

How Big Pharma Was Captured by the One Percent
The industry’s price-gouging economic model was engineered by Wall Street and its political enablers – and only Washington can fix it.

Thread on funding drug research



Safety First: Real Drug Education for Teens
“…[T]he nation’s first harm reduction-based drug education curriculum for high school teachers.”

Civil Rights Memorial commemorates 30 years

Civic Power; Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis

Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Need Paid Safe Days

The First Presidential Town Hall Hosted by Formerly Incarcerated Leaders (video)
The Marshall Project presents a historic town hall, hosted by Voters Organized To Educate at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Sanders floats leveraging aid to Israel to push for policy changes with Palestinians

Sanders went further in his willingness to place conditions on aid than four other 2020 Democratic contenders who spoke at the J Street conference over the past two days.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro expressed openness to conditioning aid so that U.S. assets would not be used for building or annexing West Bank settlements, while Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) refrained from saying they would place any conditions on military aid to Israel.


Biden is a neoconservative…
I asked @JoeBiden if he would be open to leveraging US aid to Israel if they continue with
settlement expansion, as some other Dems have suggested. Biden said the idea is
“absolutely outrageous” and it would be a “gigantic mistake” to condition aid to Israel.

Was it outrageous when Ike, Nixon, Ford, Reagan + Bush did it? Outrageous that US
money not be used to jail Palestinian kids, bulldoze Palestinian homes + steal individually-
owned Palestinian land? @BernieSanders can’t wait for this debate

Clinton is a neoconservative…
2012 Syria: (Sec of State) Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda
To Destabilise Assad Government


By Protecting Syria’s Idlib, US Created Safe Haven for Baghdadi & ISIS

Patrick Lawrence: A Sudden-Seeming Power Shift in the Middle East
Despite the high-speed impression created by events in the past few weeks, the shifting
trends of Russian and U.S. influence on the region have been underway for years.

In 6 charts, see what Americans really thing about US policy toward Sryia, Iran and Afghanistan

Poll shows why Trump is boxed in on Iran:
1. September attack on Saudi oil fields increased fear of war
2. Majority of Americans, including GOP, blame Trump policies for escalation
3. 75% of Americans reject military option, even if Iran were behind attack

Context: Cuban Missile Crisis
For thirteen days in October 1962 the world waited – seemingly on the brink of nuclear war – and hoped for a peaceful resolution to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Thanks to a Soviet Navy Captain – We Survived 1962

58 years ago today, the Soviet Union tested “Tsar Bomba,” the largest explosive device ever detonated. Read last year’s piece from @emmaclairefoley on the political significance of a weapon that was almost too powerful to use:

On this day in 1961, Women Strike for Peace rallied over 50,000 women to walk out of their homes, schools, and offices in an unprecedented demonstration declaring enough is enough to the nuclear arms race. #DisarmthePatriarchy  (video)

“We were indignant. The Soviet Union and the US were accusing each other of having
broken a moratorium on nuclear testing. What matter who broke it when everyone’s
children would fall victim to radioactive Sr 90?” Dagmar Wilson, Cofounder, Women
Strike for Peace #WomensHealth (video)

Just two years later, the world’s two great superpowers signed the Partial Nuclear
Test Ban Treaty. President Kennedy credits WSP for spurring him to action. (video)

Today, we face escalating nuclear threats the likes of which many thought we would
never see again. “Fire and Fury.” President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Deal.
Now New START is on the chopping block.

The modern women’s movement must take on the threat of nuclear war with the urgency
it warrants. We must pick up the torch that was lit by WSP marchers almost six decades
ago and lead a new nuclear disarmament movement.

Throughout the month of November and beyond, help us honor the contributions
and achievements of those who came before by making sure you are ready to take
action when we need you! Join us today

America’s Military is Misdirected, Not Underfunded
US strategy should be more focused on preventing conflict with nuclear-armed China than on spinning out elaborate war-fighting scenarios.

It is so refreshing to read @WilliamHartung. His institute is one of the few in Washington
that does not take defense contractor or Pentagon $$$. He does not pull his punches.
So he is well positioned to expose the nutty Heritage claims.

Endless war is distracting from pressing national security threats: Sen Tom Udall
We must wind down unauthorized engagements responsibly, through diplomacy – not with reckless action like the president’s in Syria: Opposing view

===2020 Watch List===
During the 2017 Georgia election
GOP (gubernatorial) candidate (*and Secretary of State*) improperly purged
340,000 from Georgia voter rolls, investigation claims
New analysis is latest voting rights controversy in race pitting secretary of state Brian Kemp against Democrat Stacey Abrams

New: Purge of more than 300,000 voter registrations planned in Georgia

The man behind the curtain who promised to just call balls & strikes during confirmation…
Inside John Roberts’ Decades – Long Crusade Against the Voting Rights Act

See referenced Pelosi comment…
The world’s easiest political prediction is that if a Dem wins in 2020,
the deficit will return as a major political crisis.

Yes, and it will be discussed that way in places like NYT, WaPo, and NPR

This is a … *thread* of death threats against @IlhanMN that @Twitter is ignoring. @jack are you actually still this bad at policing hate speech??

Facebook and Twitter spread Trump’s lies, so we must break them up
The social media giants have a monopoly on news but no interest in protecting democracy

Siva Vaidhyanathan says in NYT column that Facebook somehow is incapable of doing
what newspapers and TV stations do all the time, assess the truthfulness of ads

Thread on relative electoral significance of Twitter vs Facebook

The Honest Ads Act

Issue One on the Honest Ads Act

One way to push…

Several Democratic presidential campaigns targeted by a Russia-based operation on Instagram said they had been unaware of the new foreign disinformation efforts until the tech giant announced them publicly last week.

Working Life podcast taps @EileenAppelbaum to tell of a sham study by #PrivateEquity leaders to try to deflect the rising chorus of criticism against surprise medical bills. She is 2nd interview.


Centrist Democrats, Led by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ5), to Fundraise With Corporate Lobby Group Seeking to Defeat Democratic Agenda. Gottheimer and Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY25) are scheduled to appear at the fundraiser, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce PAC for the Problem Solvers Caucus.

Rahm Emanuel’s anti-m4a op-ed was equal parts incorrect, self-serving and completely lacking in self-awareness. Just remember, this is the guy who spiked the public option (which he now apparently supports) & begged Obama not to do healthcare at all!  Full Video: (video)

===2020 Watch List-Working the Refs (i.e. voters)===
Lots of context…
Rep. Steny Hoyer on the Republican stunt to enter the SCIF: “When the Republicans talk about these secret hearings, I laugh because 47 Republicans have the opportunity to be in the room.”

Chairman Schiff to colleagues: “Let me be clear: As the investigation proceeds, and at
a time that it will not jeopardize investigative equities, we will make the interview
transcripts public, subject to any necessary redactions for classified or sensitive

After some House Republicans stormed the gates of the impeachment hearings,
Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano delivered a harsh wake-up call: Democrats
are just “following the rules” – rules written by Republicans.

House Democrats are looking to take the impeachment probe public as soon as mid-
November, according to WaPo. Multiple Democratic officials said they hope to use the
two-week work period just before Thanksgiving to have public hearings.

House Democrats say that the House will vote on Thursday to formalize procedures for
the next phase of the impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Speaker Pelosi on the formal impeachment vote: “We are taking this step to eliminate
any doubt as to whether the Trump administration may withhold documents, prevent
witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the
House of Representatives.”

Here is the text of the impeachment process resolution, authorizing committees
to investigate “whether sufficient grounds exist for the House … to exercise its
Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States
of America.” (It is 8 pages long)


Working the refs (i.e. voters)…
Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ5)…

Reps Jack Bergman (R-MI1), Bill Huizenga (R-MI2), John Moolenaar (R-MI4), Fred Upton (R-MI6), Paul Mitchell (R-MI10) & Tim Walberg (R-MI7)

Rep Kevin Brady (R-TX8) is on the Ways & Means committee so he isn’t in the room.
Neither is House Minority Whip Scalise. Where’s your proof of wrongdoing?

Responding to Scalise…
Wrong, wrong, wrong. In a court of law, there is no trial until there is an investigation.
That occurs behind closed doors. Only after a grand jury votes to indict is there a public
trial. We are still in the investigative stage. No mistrial, no taint, no due process violation.


Rep Devin Nunes played the cult card. Ignores Trump’s public confession.

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
See graphic…
Getting kind of ludicrous

Click graphics…
The poll on the right actually found Sanders in first. It’s even CNN’s poll. They dropped him to 2 anyway.

See referenced comment…
The NYT wants you to believe that its poll showing Bernie ahead of Buttigieg proves that Buttigieg has “eclipsed” Bernie.

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Kamala Harris… Jan 21st
Context: Make no mistake: Medicare for All would cut taxes for most Americans

…Bernie Sanders’s tax proposals would be enough to replace all existing private insurance premiums, while leaving 2.6% of national income to cover the uninsured and spend on other programs. Under such a plan, the 9 bottom deciles of the income distribution would gain income on average, as would the bottom of the top 10%. With smart new taxes-such as broad income taxes exempting low wages and retirees-it is possible to make the vast majority of the population win from a transition to universal health insurance.

  Context: Senator Harris: You really need to rethink your plan
to put private insurers in charge of Medicare
Harris’s plan won’t work and history will prove it.

Context: Why the Argument that Medicare for All Will Curtail “Freedom” Is So, So Wrong

Note: Privatized Medicare (i.e. Medicare Advantage) is subsidized by Medicare and is designed for healthy people. That’s not a sustainable system.

Kamala Harris’ big M4A lie… middle class taxes, Medicare Advantage strawman & choice…

Questions for Harris: Where’s your plan to attain universal coverage? How many years? How much more will it cost over a 10 year window than M4A? How many people will needlessly suffer and die in the process? And how will your rein in Big Health which is undermining health care sustainability?
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
Warren released her M4A payment plan…
Ending the Stranglehold of Health Care Costs on American Families

Short video…


Note: In this thread, Warren challenges some of the disingenuous arguments of those who oppose single payer. For example…

#MedicareForAll finally brings true choice to the health care system. The choice to see
the doctor you want, to get the prescriptions you need, pick the job or start that small
business you want without worrying about where your health insurance will come from.

Note: Many opponents use the word, choice, with respect to protecting for profit insurance. Contrast that with M4A / single payer…

Let’s get to the math! (All backed up by independent experts and economists.) First,
we’re going to rein in the waste, inefficiency, and corporate profiteering by insurance
and drug companies. And we’ll bring down out-of-control costs.

Note: Baker said Sanders’ transition plan might lead to inflation. So this should be interesting…

Achieving #MedicareForAll isn’t going to be easy, but I’m in this race to fight for American
families. In the coming weeks, I will also release a transition plan – and I will start lowering
health care costs and increasing coverage as soon as I’m sworn in as president.

Note: This process is entirely about finding the best way forward. Hopefully each proposal spurs more debate, more improvements and fewer lies. For example…

Baker: Elizabeth Warren’s excellent opening gambit on Medicare for All


Kudos to @SenWarren for a … M4A plan, an essential step in reforming a system in
need of reform. But talk about your heavy lifts, both on costs and revs side! Still,
here’s why D’s shouldn’t shrink from the challenge + other options worth considering:

Ady Barkan: Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Is a Massive Win
Regardless of who you support, you should celebrate this brilliant breakthrough

Elizabeth Warren would cut Pentagon spending by $800 billion from existing plans
to fund health care for all Americans. I strongly endorse this idea. We have wasted
far too much on contractors. Time for a balanced defense posture to protect Americans.

The most underrated idea in health policy is improving the supply side of things –
more immigrant doctors, broader scope of practice for NPs, fund more residencies,
prizes for socially valuable cures, etc

Note: Presumably “more immigrant doctors” will be needed in the short term as we ramp up US supply.

The Trump administration has pushed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline despite the known environmental and public health risks. North Dakotans deserve better than this. We need clean energy to protect our public lands and waters.
Amy Klobuchar… Feb 10th
Minnesota Teen Challenge, an anti-LGBT ministry…
Halloween Is a Gateway to Drug Addiction, Claimed Ministry Backed by Amy Klobuchar
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
I stand with the former @Deadspin workers who decided not to bow to the greed of private equity vultures like @JimSpanfeller. This is the kind of greed that is destroying journalism across the country, and together we are going to take them on. – See for background

Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism

Jeff Bezos’ income per day: $215 million
Federal taxes Amazon pays: $0
Amazon’s spending to buy Seattle’s City Council: $1.6 million
The only way we take back our democracy and end this obscene system of oligarchy is by standing up and fighting back.

Sanders on how he’ll get support for bills (video)


“I support and respect business people who produce new products, create jobs. God
bless them. I do not respect or support criminals who are killing people, who are harming
people, and are lying about what they’re doing.” – @BernieSanders on business

Referring to the latest Keystone tar sands pipeline spill…
This is what happens when we have a president who ignores scientists and puts short-term fossil fuel profits ahead of the environment and the future of the planet.
As president, I will shut down the Keystone Pipeline that should never have been built in the first place.

I made this ad from Bernie’s latest speech in Iowa. … (video)

This is not @BernieSanders speaking to the Iowa #LibertyAndJustice dinner tonight. This is @BernieSanders addressing a major crowd at his watch party *before* the dinner.


.@BernieSanders: “The Democratic party must become the party of the working-class
of this country, not of super PACs, not of corporate interests, not of their lobbyists.” #LJ19

This is the kind of statement that the political/media class considers totally uncouth.
It horrifies the entire power structure. But here’s the thing:
@BernieSanders is exactly right.

Tonight in Minnesota, @BernieSanders honored his friend and Congressional Progressive Caucus colleague Paul Wellstone. They were aligned on so many economic, social and racial justice issues – especially their shared faith that health care is a human right. (video)


Senator @BernieSanders will campaign Monday night for Lee @carterforva, a proud democratic socialist who is running for re-election to the Virginia legislature. Here’s Lee on #NextLeft
Beto O’Rourke… March 14th
O’Rourke’s statement as he drops out of the race

I understand the decision @BetoORourke has made to quit the 2020 race. But I am
sorry to see him go. He was a wise critic of military adventurism who recognized the
full cost of war and advocated for a renewal of congressional oversight of warmaking.

Thank you @BetoORourke for running a campaign to bring millions of people together,
fight for justice for all and end gun violence in America. We are grateful for your leadership.
Pete Buttigieg… April 14th
Aug: Meet the lobbyists and special interests who helped launch Pete Buttigieg’s political career
Joe Biden… April 25th
June Context: Joe Biden to rich donors: “Nothing would fundamentally change” if he’s elected

After Biden reversal on super PAC, allies form outside group

Super PAC Backing ‘Middle-Class Joe’ Is Led by Lobbyists, Corporate Consultants,
and Democratic Fundraisers. Today, Unite the Country announced its top staffers,
most of whom either work for major corporations or run groups funded by corporate


…Joe Biden’s super PAC, called “Unite the Country,” is now live.
It’s filed paperwork with the FEC. (see picture)

Note: Last week Biden’s campaign gave a green light to super PAC creation. Now…

Joe Biden on the formation of the super PAC his campaign needs since he can’t raise
money himself: “I cannot stop them if I wanted to stop them”


“You shouldn’t accept any money from a super PAC,
because people can’t possibly trust you.” -Joe Biden, 2018

Asked by @foxnewspolitics about his criticism of pro @JoeBiden super PAC,
@BernieSanders says Biden “has not done particularly well in getting a lot of donations
from working class people..he is now forced to go to billionaires” (video)

Biden to Host High-Dollar Fundraiser With Pittsburgh-Area Real Estate Moguls

Joe Biden to attend Seattle fundraiser co-hosted by Amazon general counsel

See referenced Biden comment…
Joe Biden literally helped the GOP author the legislation that makes it nearly impossible for Americans to reduce their student loan debt:

Ady Barkan…
Excited to release the final episode of Uncovered today. It’s been fun and a privilege.
The only disappointment was @JoeBiden’s refusal to talk to me. If he’s afraid of a paralyzed man who talks politely and very slowly, how does he expect to survive a debate with Trump? (video)

July: Bidencare System Will Kill 125,000 Through Uninsurance

Context: Former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administrator under Obama…
Stop fearmongering about ‘Medicare for All.’ Most families would pay less for better care.
The case for Medicare for All is simple. It would cover everyone, period. Done right, it would lower costs. And it would ease paperwork and confusion.

Context: Make no mistake: Medicare for All would cut taxes for most Americans

Context: The Medicare for All Cost Debate Is Extremely Dishonest
Biden and Buttigieg get to avoid the cost debate, though their own proposals, if successful,
will almost surely cost as much as Sanders’s.

Compare / Contrast

Click text graphics…
…Biden publicly attacked @BernieSanders for pushing Medicare for All.

See text graphic…
Official Bernie 2020 statement on Biden campaign’s attack on Medicare For All

Senator Bernie Sanders doubles down on opposition toward Joe Biden’s health care plan:
“I want Joe to explain to the American people. How much will the premiums go up?
How much will copayments go up? How many more people will go bankrupt?” (video)

We have presented options…

Anytime @JoeBiden slams Medicare for All, reporters should probably contextualize
the criticism by disclosing that Biden’s campaign is bankrolled by a super PAC
that’s run by health care industry lobbyists.
Seems like that’s a relevant detail.

On 60 Minutes, Biden says M4A = middle class tax hike. Anyone in the media whose response isn’t “won’t M4A raise their after-tax incomes compared to what’s left after current taxes/premiums/out of pocket costs?” is negligent in their duty to inform the public & part of the problem.

Joe Biden Campaign Pointing Reporters to Larry Summers for Comment on Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan. Summers is a valuable surrogate for Biden because he is treated as an elder dispensing wisdom, rather than a spurned rival out to settle scores.

2013 Baker: Larry Summers’ Biggest Blunder

The prospect of seeing Larry Summers as chair of the Fed has angered many policy types in Washington and across the country. There is a multi-count indictment that includes his support for the repeal of Glass-Steagall, his opposition to regulating derivatives, his notorious comment about women possibly lacking the ability for sophisticated mathematical reasoning, and his protection of the big banks in his years as President Obama’s National Economic Adviser.

These are reasonable issues to raise as Summers is being considered for the country’s most powerful economic position. …

Note: Yellen got the nomination. Not Summers.

Joe Biden’s campaign manager wants to talk about past records, let’s do it. We should all take 60 seconds to hear the way he talked about his Crime Bill 25 years ago. (video)
Michael Bennet… May 2nd
See referenced comment…
Shorter @MichaelBennet: Any cause that puts us into conflict with billionaires and corporate donors is a cause that we must avoid.

See referenced Bennet comment…
That feeling when we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for billionaires and corporations, and yet you are somehow still attempting to pit one very achievable progressive priority against another very achievable progressive priority
Andrew Yang… Nov, 2017
In San Francisco, @AndrewYang gets it precisely right: the #PGEshutoff fiasco “is an emblem of what is happening in our country today. Everything revolves around the almighty dollar. If you’re a PG&E executive, you don’t get paid based upon our well-being.”

Journalists have a tough job – even tougher than I thought. Their job would be a lot easier if they didn’t have financial incentives and traffic or ratings pressures at every turn.  It’s one reason why @NPR feels so different.

This is something that @AndrewYang and the other candidates
should discuss in the next debate. …

Donald Trump
See referenced comment…
Climate change threatens all life on the planet – and the SEC is responding by making it more difficult for shareholders to pressure the companies they own to be more environmentally responsible

A review by WSJ shows Trump’s attorneys have consistently pushed to put him beyond the reach of any other institution in federal, state or local government-immune to civil lawsuits, judicial orders, criminal investigations or congressional probes.

Nothing says “Drain the Swamp” like the founder of the country’s largest payday lending company telling fellow payday lenders that his status as a major political donor gets him a direct line to the President of the United States

And it’s not just campaign donations: @propublica/@WNYC reported in June that payday
lenders spent $1 *million* at Trump’s Miami resort – which he still profits from – as his
administration rolled back rules they didn’t like.
This is an actual gif they shared

…there’s a great @propublica podcast on this here.

Baker: Drop in Investment Pushes GDP Growth Below 2.0 Percent

Baker: Economy Creates 128,000 Jobs in October; Unemployment Edges Up to 3.6 Percent

Context: Trump’s FTC consumer chief
may be single most conflicted member of his administration.

Context: On ‘Made in America,’ Trump’s F.T.C. Appointees May Be Out of Step With Him

If you’re worried about widespread collusion to suppress worker wages, you won’t be
happy with the latest @FTC settlement. Despite crystal clear evidence, companies
conspiring to fix wages of health care workers will face virtually no consequences at all.

There’s wide consensus that naked price-fixing warrants tough sanctions against
individual conspirators. It can even be criminally prosecuted. @ProfWrightGMU has
written about the need to bar bad actors from ever serving as a corporate officer
or director.

The FTC needs to quit the practice of settling egregious conduct for no money, no notice
to victims, and no admission of liability. We must do more to deter unlawful wage
suppression. Settlements that simply require paperwork and a promise to not break
the law again won’t cut it.

Trump has made 31 claims about companies adding or saving American jobs thanks to his intervention – adding up to 2.4 million jobs.  We checked in May. More than *90 percent* of the jobs haven’t materialized.

Donald Trump is trying to make it easier for corporations to move to offshore tax havens:
@BernieSanders’ corporate accountability plan would do the opposite:

Nearly 40% of 2019 farm income will come from federal aid and insurance
Farm bankruptcies are also up 24% from 2018

Trade tops uncertainty issues for Nebraska agriculture

See chart…
Manufacturers’ Outlook Continues to Drop. “‘Trade uncertainties,’…has grown as one of the largest concerns for #manufacturing employers, from 56 percent in Q2 to 63.4 percent in Q3,” writes @MattSedlar

Trump, Lifelong New Yorker, Declares Himself as Resident of Florida

Note: Anything Trump did prior to this date (Nov 1st?) is still subject to NY law.

State & Local Tax Deduction (SALT)…
2017 Context: Among the (GOP) Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers:
High-Income, Blue State Taxpayers

So, Trump’s repeal of the SALT tax deduction was too much for Trump:
he moved to Florida.

Generally understood to be the point of repealing the SALT deduction – making it harder
for blue states to raise taxes, incentivizing their rich people to “move” to red-state
residences. (i.e. when GOP controlled everything, they politicized taxation)

Baker responds to a Trump comment…
… you paid millions in taxes, but if you’re half as rich as you claim,
you owed hundreds of millions.

Johnston responds to the same comment (didn’t thread the links)…

CBPP Context: Sabotage Watch: Tracking Efforts to Undermine the ACA

A Federal Court May Soon Do What Congress Could Not: Obliterate Obamacare

CBPP: Children’s Uninsured Rate Rose for Second Straight Year in 2018

Context: “We’re the largest buyer of drugs in the world and yet we don’t bid properly,” [Trump] said at a news conference in early January. “We’re going to start bidding and we’re going to save billions of dollars over a period of time.”

Report: White House Comes Out Against Pelosi’s Drug-Pricing Bill

Context: Coal Ash Disasters

EPA To Roll Back Rules on Coal Toxins

What kind of leader would allow companies to contaminate drinking water with chemicals
that cause birth defects, cancer and stunted brain development in young children? …

2002 Context: Bush Administration Approves Most Damaging Change to Clean Water Act in Decades
Allows waste dumps in streams nationwide

2003: Bush Administration Plans to Limit Scope of Clean Water Act

2015: Obama Announces New Rule Limiting Water Pollution

The rule is being issued under the 1972 Clean Water Act, which gave the federal government broad authority to limit pollution in major water bodies, like Chesapeake Bay, the Mississippi River and Puget Sound, as well as streams and wetlands that drain into those larger waters.

But two Supreme Court decisions related to clean water protection, in 2001 and in 2006, created legal confusion about whether the federal government had the authority to regulate the smaller streams and headwaters, and about other water sources such as wetlands.

E.P.A. officials say the new rule will clarify that authority, allowing the government to once again limit pollution in those smaller bodies of water – although it does not restore the full scope of regulatory authority granted by the 1972 law.

The E.P.A. also contends that the new rule will not give it the authority to regulate additional waters that had not been covered under the 1972 law.

“For the water in the rivers and lakes in our communities that flow to our drinking water to be clean, the streams and wetlands that feed them need to be clean too,” the E.P.A. administrator, Gina McCarthy, said in a written statement.

2018: EPA claims ‘no data’ on impact of weakening water rule. But the numbers exist

Trump administration to finalize rollback of Obama’s clean water protections

Air quality has improved for decades across the U.S., but Louisiana is backsliding.
Our analysis found that a crush of new industrial plants will increase concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals in predominantly black and poor communities.


Fewer Criminal Prosecution of Environmental Crimes Under Trump

Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle has declined to attend a White House ceremony for the team. He’s the first player to publicly confirm that. “As much as I wanted to be there with my teammates and share that experience with my teammates, I can’t do it.”

“I have a brother-in-law who has autism, and [Trump] is a guy that mocked a disabled
reporter. How would I explain that to him that I hung out with somebody who mocked
the way that he talked, or the way that he moves his hands? I can’t get past that stuff.”

Trump abandons proposing ideas to curb gun violence after saying he would following mass shootings

Marine combat veteran Jose Segovia Benitez recounts his ‘crushing’ deportation to El Salvador.
“I love America. I would fight for it again. I won’t turn my back on it. I really need it not to have its back turned to me,” the combat veteran said.

Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall

Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party

Fact check: Despite Trump’s claim, there’s no proof diplomat Bill Taylor is a “Never Trumper.”

Officials cringe as Trump spills sensitive details of al-Baghdadi raid
Some details the president has revealed are inaccurate, others are classified. Officials say they worry what to put in briefings for a man with no filter.

The ‘Whimpering’ Terrorist Only Trump Seems to Have Heard

Fmr. Amb. Nancy Soderberg responds to Trump: “The last thing we want to do is talk about taking oil from other nations. That’s the talking point of ISIS.” @MSNBC

According to the pool report, Trump is at a fundraiser at Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. This is Trump’s 312th day at a Trump property as president.

According to the pool report, Trump is at a fundraiser at Trump International Hotel in D.C. This is Trump’s 313th day at a Trump property as president.

I’m still very interested in the vetting process that preceded @realdonaldtrump choosing himself to host the G-7.  Who else was considered? How much work was done? If you know, please DM or email me at

One indication that the vetting process *maybe* wasn’t that thorough: there doesn’t
seem to be a runner-up. After Doral was axed, they didn’t have a backup ready.

The White House recently announced it was canceling subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post after Trump complained about unfriendly coverage. But sources familiar with Trump’s cellphone said Trump has not deleted the NYT and WaPo apps.

Swalwell responds to Trump…

Nichols turn…

The focus of the conflict are California’s greenhouse gas emissions standards as they apply to passenger vehicles. By extension, these affect auto mileage standards, since making cars more fuel-efficient results in lower emissions.

Normally, such environmental regulations are reserved for the federal government. Congress, however, has waived the federal preemption as it applies to emissions by granting California the right to set its own rules, as long as they’re at least as stringent as the federal rules.

Plainly, the path to a single national standard runs through California. Not only are its rules followed by states comprising 40% of the car market, but the four companies that reached agreement with California account for nearly one-third of auto sales in the U.S. Either way you count, the states with the biggest car sales and four of the top 10 automakers in the U.S. market are already in accord. California’s initiatives arguably have all the momentum in effectively creating a national standard.

The Trump administration is trying to hold back the tide, and the smart money says it’s more likely than not to be swamped in the end. GM, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota risk ending up floating in the brine alongside it.

Michael Hiltzik in “By siding with Trump on emissions, GM, Chrysler and Toyota are asking for industry chaos”

Who Killed the Electric Car?:

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