Towards an issues-based 2020 election (53)

===2020 Big Picture===
FDR v Reagan…
The 1980s are to the 2020s what the 1940s were to the 1980s …

As the Data Show, Higher Corporate Profits (Doesn’t) Mean Higher Investment …

This F#$%ing Decade
For years, media and political elites refused to acknowledge the growing racism and radicalism of the Republican party. Their “both=sidesism” led to Trump’s GOP takeover.

*Thank You,* @joanwalsh  Here’s hoping that we can put aside all the “both sides” stupidity
in this decade. Dems need to stop bringing strongly worded letters to knife fights.

Note: “Centrists” traditionally recruit Republicans and only looked to progressives when there was no other choice. My theory… “centrists” bring “strongly worded letters to knife fights” because they don’t want to PO their Republican base.

The Legacy of Destructive Austerity
The deficit obsession of 2010-2015 did permanent damage

Note: “Moderate” Senate Republicans weakened the 2009 stimulus package then had the chutzpah to run on jobs. Voters rewarded their anti-job votes by giving them more power (i.e. control of the House) which they used to block needed stimulus / enforce austerity. They also tried to tie our hands (like EU countries)…

2011: Steve Benen explains the problem with GOP’s Balanced Budget Amendment…

Note: And when they controlled the House, Senate and the White House…

2016: The Republican Deficit Hawks Abandon Their Religion

2017: Fiscal Austerity After The Great Recession Was A Catastrophic Mistake

2018: Getting Serious About Debt and Deficits:
The Deficit Hawks Did Enormous Harm to Our Kids

Context: The Story of Citizens United v. FEC

At his confirmation hearing…
2005: Roberts: ‘My job is to call balls and strikes and not to pitch or bat’
Chief justice nominee tells Senate panel ‘I have no agenda’

Context: Money Unlimited
How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.

The Citizens United ruling broke American democracy at the start of the decade.
It never recovered

2014: The Senate Tried to Overturn ‘Citizens United’ Today. Guess What Stopped Them?

Party line 54 D & I yeas to 42 R nays vote didn’t meet 60 vote threshold needed for debate

The Republican-controlled House let their joint resolution bills die in committee

Leading 2020 Democrats want to get money out of politics – here’s how they plan to do it

Great piece about the inequality-induced gap between stock market, GDP, low unemployment rate & making ends meet. *But* it should include this fact: **half of households don’t own any stock,** including thru retirement plans. So no surprise it doesn’t reach them.

It would be good to add one simple point that is almost never made in these discussions.
In standard economic theory (not lefty dogma), the stock market is measuring the value
of future after-tax profits. That’s it.

(It is not) a measure of general economic well-being and any measure that redistributes
from everyone else to corporate profits (e.g. a corporate tax) would be expected to boost
the stock market.

Even as more Americans have jobs, many of these pay low wages,
making it hard for families to get by.

Here’s the fundraising story in 2019: The Democratic Party establishment assailed Bernie Sanders’ fundraising strategy as “unilateral disarmament,” and he out-raised literally everyone else in the field.

Today Democrats released their fundraising totals. @BernieSanders demolished
all of the other candidates. It’s not even close. But *look at the headline*.
It’s as if Bernie doesn’t even exist. It’s shameful.

Not only did @BernieSanders raise millions more than all of the other Democrats this quarter,
he raised more money this quarter than *any candidate has in any quarter*. It was Bernie’s
biggest quarter ever, and he’s not even in the headline.

Obama Insider Confirms Former President
Ready to Back Whoever Wins 2020 Nomination – Even Bernie Sanders

Michael Moore warned about / predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential race…
2016: 5 Reasons Why Trump Will

Trump could lose popular vote by 5 million but still win 2020 election, Michael Moore warns
Filmmaker says Democrats should not give voters ‘another Hillary Clinton’ (i.e. “centrist”)

===2020 Issues===
The #ClimatePresident Action Plan:
Ten steps for the next administration’s first 10 days

Jen Aniston reads a message from Russell Crowe: “Make no mistake. The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique & amazing place it is.” #GoldenGlobes

Brilliant Piece >> Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide
As catastrophic fires rage, the country’s leaders — elected thanks to the help of a coal
mine magnate and Rupert Murdoch — seem intent on sending it to its doom.

Aussie prime minister Scott Morrison once lovingly brought a chunk of coal into Parliament
to pass around. “Don’t be scared of it,” he said. “Don’t be afraid.”

The secret history of News Corp: a media empire built on spreading propaganda

How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World

This Was the Decade We Knew We Were Right
Everything is connected, and everything is changing

Here is an alternative corporate income tax idea with very low administrative overhead. Why aren’t we debating this on the merits?

Methodist  Erased $11.9 Million in Hospital Debt For Thousands. Here Are Four Stories.
Meet several defendants who were forced to choose between paying a faith-based hospital and caring for their families

Where Physicians and Patients Split on Single Payer Health Care
Physicians may be concerned about paying off their loans right away under a single payer system. But overall improvements should justify the changes to physician salaries, Dr. Feierabend contends.

Question: Would Sanders’ debt forgiveness plan cover that debt?

How to Fix Out-Of-Control Drug Costs to Serve Patients, Not Drug Company Profits

The Overthrow of Bolivia’s Evo Morales Takes Us Back to Latin America’s ‘Dirty Wars’
A far-right coup in Bolivia – openly endorsed by the Trump administration – highlights the growing danger of increased militarization in Latin America.

Understanding (Reagan’s (R)) Iran-Contra Affairs

===2020 Watch List===
A Texas judge has ordered Alex Jones and his InfoWars … website to pay more than $100,000 in court costs and legal fees, marking the latest court victory for a Sandy Hook family suing Jones for his promotion of conspiracy theories about the shooting.

Question: But we can’t we sue twitter because they don’t want to be called media?

See referenced Op-Ed headline…
Lol at the Washington Post – which has been running negative pieces about this politician for years – worrying that Bernie Sanders hasn’t gotten enough “scrutiny.”

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Media Leave Yang Out of Candidate Conversations

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Julian Castro… Jan 12th
Julian Castro has ended his 2020 bid. His exit is a loss for the race, and the party. He campaigned as a progressive, challenged front runners when they needed to be challenged and gained a great deal of respect for his energetic embrace of the next America. Sad to see him go.
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
Note: I didn’t deliberately leave her out.  Trump’s military actions dominated the news.
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
Terrified NASA climate scientist…
You may wonder why I’m endorsing Bernie. Maybe you think it’s inappropriate, that scientists aren’t supposed to endorse politicians.
It’s because I love this Earth, and my kids, way too much to stand on the sidelines while the world burns. #FeelTheBern

2015 Context: Exxon Knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago
A new investigation shows the oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation

Bernie Sanders Vows to Prosecute Fossil Fuel CEOs

Sanders says he’ll enact national drinking water standards

I have some bad news for those of you who love arguing with health insurance companies.
You’ll have to find someone new to argue with.
Medicare for All means you won’t have to fight a corporation to get care you need.
High-quality, comprehensive health care will be guaranteed.

Which Democratic Candidates Are National Security Employees Opening Their Wallets for?

Despite the presence of two veterans and an incumbent president in the race, no candidate has raised as much as Sanders in military contributions.

“I would never have guessed that. [Sanders] would have been way down my list of possible answers if this were a Final Jeopardy question,” Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, wrote in an email. “He’s mainly about economic equality and Medicare for All.”

A Sanders campaign aide pointed to the senator’s promises to “end the endless wars” and the many years he has spent on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee as reasons for his popularity with military employees. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that these things draw support from so many in the military, but Bernie is extremely proud to have it,” the aide said.

 “I know that it is rarely the children of the billionaire class who face the agony of reckless
foreign policy, it is the children of working families.” @BernieSanders … (video)

The best thing you can do to support the troops is not go to war pass it on.

“Unlike Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders denounced Trump’s action unequivocally without commenting on Soleimani’s character.”

Part of the escalation in US-Iran bitterness the past few years was a 2017 sanctions vote by Congress. Bernie Sanders voted no, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren voted yes.

Two no votes — Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul

If the US just moved in the direction Bernie Sanders advocated for in 2016,
America and Iran would not be fighting in Iraq or anywhere else

$34.5M raised in Q4
5M donors overall
40K new donors on deadline day
@BernieSanders is proving that it is possible to run a fully-funded campaign for the presidency without relying on the billionaire class and its special-interest allies.
This is transformational politics.
Beto O’Rourke… March 14th (withdrew from the race)
See referenced comment…
Though he did not get enough credit for it, @BetoORourke was an anti-war candidate. And he continues to bring the proper perspective to foreign policy debates.
I respected him as a candidate. I respect him now. #NoIranWar
Pete Buttigieg… April 14th
…Newly surfaced video shows Buttigieg saying that “the people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was a bad thing” (video)

They understood that slavery was a bad thing. Jefferson called it “moral and political
depravity” & wrote, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his
justice cannot sleep for ever…”
What they lacked was the courage and morality to abandon their sin. – (Including Jefferson)

So remember #PetesWineCave? The owner, Craig Hall, is the billionaire chairman of an oil & gas company-a literal fossil fuel billionaire. @PeteButtigieg says this isn’t a violation of the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge, but it sure smells like one to us…

As Sanders and Warren vow to block war with Iran, Biden and Buttigieg offer better-run wars.
Joe Biden… April 25th
Joe Biden: “When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security as well. I meant Medicare & Medicaid. I meant veterans’ benefits….And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a 3rd time & I tried it a 4th time.” (video)

Context: “Biden voted for a landmark Reagan tax bill that slashed the top income tax rate
& exempted many wealthy families from the estate tax…He then called for a spending
freeze on Social Security to reduce the deficits that tax law helped to create”

If you think this is ancient history, think again: Biden just released a list of donors bundling
money for his campaign, and one of them is Erskine Bowles — the guy who led the fight
to slash Social Security. …

Biden’s record:
– Helped the GOP authorize the Iraq War:
– Helped the GOP try to cut Social Security:
– Helped the GOP make it harder for Americans reduce student debt:
Bernie opposed all of this.

“Mr Biden helped to turn Delaware, his home state, into the most popular domicile for anonymously-owned companies.”
How money laundering is poisoning American democracy
Dirty cash is a curse that dare not speak its name in the 2020 election

Policy-related exchanges:

…Biden is interested in reupping the first time homebuyers tax credit, a terrible policy that kept home prices artificially inflated as the bubble collapsed, and hurt homebuyers. …

Biden’s Unexamined List of High-Powered Fundraisers
The media let slip a golden opportunity to put into context how a Biden administration might use its power.

‘Twas the Friday after Christmas, when all through the land, not a person was working, the computers unmanned. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while Joe Biden released the names of the wealthy and well-connected volunteers who are fundraising for his campaign.

…The Biden campaign’s motivation for this stealth release is no mystery. With names from private equity, Big Tech, and many other disfavored industries scattered throughout the list, they surely wanted to tiptoe around negative press coverage. And they picked the perfect spot to ensure that.

The fact that the media, for the most part, fell for this evasive maneuver has higher stakes than the Biden campaign simply avoiding a bad news cycle. This list tells you more than perhaps any other campaign document about what a Biden presidency would look like – and, let’s just say, it does not paint a flattering picture. …
Hey @jack & @TwitterSupport, other users can’t see certain tweets in our thread
about @JoeBiden’s bundlers. Can you explain what’s going on?
BTW, the tweets people can’t see are about – Jeffrey Katzenberg – Hank Paulson –
Mark Gitenstein – Michael Collier

Click images to see the missing tweets…

Biden riffing on how Obama put him in charge of judging the “jobs of the future” suggests re-training miners as coders. “Anybody who can go down 3000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well.” This sort of “just transition” stuff was murder on (Hillary) Clinton in 2016…

It is also a silly starting point since there are almost no coal miners still around.
He might as well be talking about retraining the elevator operators replaced by automation

Note: Manual labor isn’t a qualification for programming. Training those with aptitude is. And H-1B visas drive down programmer wages and increase competition for US programming jobs.

Biden supported mass incarceration legislation but reversed course last July
But we just found out that one of his bundlers’ companies works against Biden’s new plan.

Biden, in Exeter, N.H., is asked whether he’d consider choosing a Republican as his running mate. “The answer is I would, but I can’t think of one now,” he says.

Biden adds: “There are some really decent Republicans that are out there still,
but here’s the problem right now of the well-known ones: They’ve got to step up.”


Referencing Ezra Klein’s assertion that Biden didn’t mean what he said…
Hmm. Should we take Joe politically or literally when he worked with the GOP to:
Extend the Bush tax breaks for the 1%
Cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
Cut veterans benefits
Go to war in Iraq
Outsource U.S. jobs to China & Mexico
Increase student loan debt
Bailout Wall Street?

Working with the GOP to cut Social Security, outsource jobs,
wage endless war & bailout Wall Street won’t beat Trump. Receipts:


As Sanders and Warren vow to block war with Iran, Biden and Buttigieg offer better-run wars.

Bernie’s record:
– Bernie fought against @JoeBiden’s push for the Iraq War
– Bernie fought against Biden’s bankruptcy bill & Wall St dereg
– Bernie protested against segregation while Biden fought against desegregation initiatives

…Trump will run rings round Biden
Michael Bennet… May 2nd
See referenced Bennet comment…
I’m interested in both, and wish my state had a Democratic senator who didn’t recite GOP talking points that try to pit progressive priorities against each other.
Andrew Yang… Nov, 2017
See referenced Yang comment…
Too bad, I was hoping that your resolution
would be to learn the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ productivity data

@DeanBaker13 is it fair to say that by granting a patent monopoly the government
is contributing to inequality? Paying for drug research directly, through progressive
revenue raisers vs. paying for it through monopoly pricing, rich or poor, and benefits
accrue to patent holder.

Absolutely, the whole story of technology being responsible for the rise in inequality (as
opposed to policy) ignores the fact that patent/copyright policy largely determines who
gains from technology. The fact this is not widely known is malpractice by economists.

See referenced comment…
…Canada used to have a publicly-owned pharma company that produced affordable
medications & contributed to key medical breakthroughs. Foolishly we privatized it.
Excerpt from my new book, The Sport & Prey of Capitalists.

Michael Bloomberg… Nov 2019
See Bloomberg’s comment…
Assassination is the murder of a prominent person for political objectives. Killing Qassem Soleimani is the text book definition of assasination even if he was a terrible person and an enemy of the United States.

From : World War I began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and lasted until 1918. During the conflict, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers) fought against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States (the Allied Powers).

Michael Bloomberg’s Blatant Lies About Terrorism Show That He’s a Mainstream Politician

Donald Trump
U.S. federal agencies won’t have to consider climate change when assessing projects like oil pipelines under a Trump administration plan

Australia’s Climate Apocalypse: Wildfires Kill half a Billion Animals,
produce Smoke Cloud as Big as United States

The Federal Reserve has released a study that found the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration in 2018 led to higher prices and fewer manufacturing jobs.

Repeat several for context…
2018: America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump: U.N. expert

Homeless population rises for third year in a row

So… who does Trump blame for the rising homeless population on his watch?

Also keep in mind…
The GOP Tax Bill Was a Deliberate Attack on Blue States …

With that as context…
Trump won’t stop attacking Democrats for homelessness in California and New York,
but he’s been completely silent about the issue in Florida, which has the third largest
unsheltered population in the country. That’s not a coincidence.

Every time #45 says “Black unemployment” we must remember
Under Obama – 16.8% to 6.5%
Under #45 – 6.5% to 5.5%.
It’s like playing the last 2 minutes of a football game when there was a three touchdown lead
when you came in & kicked a field goal.

With Trump’s farm bailout came surprising profits, but little help for the neediest

Coal’s brief revival happened before Trump took office
Donald Trump says he saved the coal industry, but it has not recovered under his presidency and is likely to decline further in coming years…

Donald Trump holds himself out as a champion of workers
If he were a true friend of workers, he’d be pushing hard to fix this >>
– Minimum Wage 2010: $7.25
– Minimum Wage 2020: $7.25

See chart…
And let’s not forget, the federal minimum wage is worth 17% less than a decade ago
and 31% less than four decades ago, after adjusting for inflation

…The minimum wage today is roughly a third of what it would be if it had kept pace
with productivity growth since 1968, as it had from 1938 to 1968

…we could not just jump to $22.00 overnight.
It would take many years to make up  the lost ground without serious disruption

The Center for Economic and Policy Research estimates US workers have lost out
on nearly $19 billion in wages due to the stagnate minimum wage.

Free online book…
Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy
Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer

How Big Companies Won New Tax Breaks From the Trump Administration
As the Treasury Dept prepared to enact the 2017 Republican tax overhaul, corporate lobbyists swarmed – and won big

2017: Trump treasury pick Mnuchin misled Senate on foreclosures, Ohio cases show

Steven Mnuchin, Foreclosure King Of America

July: OneWest Bank has agreed to a more than $7 million settlement over allegations
of discriminatory lending that cover the period when (now) Treasury Secretary Steven
Mnuchin was chairman.

(Trump Administration) Practically Gives Away Energy Rights Near Utah Monument
Latest Affront in the Bears Ears Region: Oil and Gas Leasses at 1987 Prices.
Some as Low as $10 an Acre

Trumnp’s Anti-Abortion Incitement
The president’s lies about infaticide could inspire violence

Several aspects of the Trump admin’s attempt to rewrite federal water pollution rules have “no scientific justification,” according to a group of scientists assembled by the EPA.

2 million Americans don’t have access to running water and basic plumbing
‘This lack of access ‘makes it difficult to stay healthy, earn a living, go to school,
and care for a family’
June 28, 1914 Context: Assassination sparked WWI…

June & July Context…
A bipartisan majority of the US Senate just voted against war with Iran. …

Fischer and Sasse did not vote with the majority…
These 40 Senators gave Trump a green light for war with Iran

A bipartisan majority of the House voted against war with Iran
Fortenberry, Bacon and Smith did not

Note: These amendments were part of this year’s NDAA (i.e. military spending bill) and appear to have been stripped out during the reconciliation of the House and Senate bills.

Sept Context…
“A full-scale military conflict with Iran would be a huge and costly undertaking…War with Iran would require hundreds of thousands of American service members to deploy and could result in even larger numbers of American casualties and injuries.”


Nov Context: New (Iranian oil) field with 53bn barrels found – Rouhani

Dec 13th Context…
Washington Post’s Afghanistan Story Reveals Core Folly of American Defense Strategy
Why are we still in Afghanistan? Because our policies make failure inescapable

This stupidity cycle is the hallmark of American foreign policy. We enter places we don’t understand, create anti-American sentiment with our presence and through the backing of corrupt locals, then are forced to create phony success metrics to cover up the worsening failure.

Dec 19th Context…
Wow. “The Pentagon is bleeding senior policymakers faster than it can replace them, an exodus that many current and former defense officials largely blame on a toxic work environment created by John Rood, the Defense Department’s top policy official.”

Sun Dec 29th…
The war with Iran crowd is getting excited. They may have found the excuse they needed to trick Trump into a war he has wisely avoided.

Iraqi PM ‘Categorically Rejects’ Trump Admin. Strikes,
as Shiite Militia Leader Pledges attacks on US Troops

After “Sinful” Attack, Iraqi Gov’t “Reviewing” US Relationship,
as Shiite Militias demand Expulsion of US Troops

Pushing back on false justification by this administration…
During implementation of the Iran nuclear deal there were *zero* Shia militia attacks on US
forces in Iraq. *Zero*. You may not have liked the JCPOA for whatever reasons, but to argue
it caused these Iranian attacks a year and a half after US left the deal is absurd.

Last night, US Iran “maximum pressure” honcho Brian Hook claimed airstrikes on militia had “restored deterrence” against Iran. Today Iran’s allies in Iraq stormed the US embassy, setting it on fire. So much for deterrence.

Quick translation: “God is greatest. Greater than the Devil America” (video)

Iraqi security forces are now acting as a buffer between Kataib Hezbollah supporters
attempting to storm US embassy Baghdad & the US diplomats and troops trapped inside.

US Embassy in Baghdad Invaded after SecState Pompeo Slashed Security Funding,
Took no Preventive Steps in wake of US Airstrikes


Detailed thread…

Pulling out of an accord that had rolled back and contained Iran’s nuclear program may be
the worst blunder of Trump’s presidency. There is no “better deal.” Iran has more influence,
not less. Anti-US sentiment growing. Everything has gotten worse since the US left the


5pm Thurs Jan 2nd…
Iraqi State TV confirming the deaths of both Mohandis and Soleimani. The first is huge. The second is galactic. Did the U.S. know Soleimani was in the area when it struck? Was Soleimani’s presence a coincidence? If it’s the former, the U.S. has essentially declared war on Iran.

Iranian sources in Iran are warning that killing Gen. Qasem Sulaimani spells war.
“Official reaction will begin with a strike,” one says.

[H]undreds of thousands of Iranians came out into the streets on Friday to mourn a martyr.

Making America Hated Again:
Tens of Thousands of Iraqis Chant “Death to America” at Soleimani Funeral in Baghdad

Trump Unites Iran and Iraq … against the United States

#Iraq parliament votes to expel US military from Iraq.
PM Abdul Mahdi: “It’s time for American troops to leave.”

Whatever happens next, understand & never stop pointing out that Donald Trump walked
into office with no crisis with #Iran. He then filled his cabinet with warmongers, walked
away from a multilateral diplomatic accord, and purposefully engaged in ‘maximum
pressure.’ He owns this.

See text graphic…
Before you make any judgments about this crisis, read this important piece.
“It’s important to remember who began this spiral.”


With tonight’s killing of a senior Iraqi PMF leader, time to reread @ColinKahl piece from
May on how US & Iran may stumble into war. Real life is now about 70% through the
article. Very prescient thus far. I hope he’s wrong about the last 30%

And when you finish reading @ColinKahl piece on how the war would start.
You can read my piece on what it may look like.

We are in the limbo between an assassination and war. In 1914, it took about a month
after the late June assassination of a foreign leader before the guns of August fired. (WWI)
I expect it will be considerably shorter this time.

Other than bombing Tehran outright, can’t think of another action
the Trump administration could take that would guarantee Iranian retaliation.

Caution to those covering US killing of Soleimani. Treat US statements as claims, not facts. Trump has told over 15,000 lies, including many on core national security issues. We have no idea if claims about what Soleimani was planning are true. Or anything about the attack.

You have to hand it to this administration. They know exactly how to play cable news.
Feeding them “breaking news” perfect for their chyrons without an iota of evidence to
back it up. The “imminent attack” theme has dominated all day. (Friday)

Just read transcript of the State Department briefing on the Suleimani killing. Could not
believe the arrogance of the State officials. Insulting reporters, refusing to answer direct
questions. They did not provide one iota of evidence to back up their claims of imminent


Take note of those in Washington who celebrate these killings and claim that it gives us
some kind of advantage. Pay close attention to their predictions, their recommendations.
Then watch what happens. And hold them responsible for the coming chaos.

“The danger here is getting sucked into a war on Iran’s terms,” @FareedZakaria tells @cnn. He’s right. US military very good at fixed objectives and clear strategy. But this could be a conflict nightmare with no clear battlefield, widely dispersed attacks, asymmetrical warfare.

In the five days prior to launching a strike that killed Soleimani, Trump roamed the halls of Mar-a-Lago, dropping hints to pals and club-goers [!!] that something huge was coming, a “big” response to Iran — but not a word to key lawmakers and US allies.

Would be worth knowing if any of them bought oil futures

Very interesting that Lockheed’s stock went up 2.0 percent on Thursday, the day before
the attack. [T]he S&P went up 0.87 percent, considerably less than Lockheed’s 2.6 percent
jump that day. Looks like a lot of people should go to jail.

A little more grist here, Northrup Grumman went up 3.8 percent the day before the attack

Raytheon as well. For those who don’t know: markets were open on 2 Jan; closed at 4pm
(as usual). News of the strike started coming in around 8pm 2 Jan via foreign news outlets
first. Quick check of Raytheon, Lockheed at 8pm = those stocks were already up over the
2 Jan trading day.

Crude oil futures…

You can reach the SEC @SEC_News Whistleblower Line on: (202) 551-4790
Link to the SEC Office of the Whistleblower – full Program details
including rewards for information >

Did Trump predict his strategy years ago (2011 – 2013)?…

Trump invoked reportedly Reagan-complicit hostage crisis –
as he threatened to bomb Iran…

War Crime:
“Making the clearly-recognized historic monuments, works of art or places of worship
which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples … the object of attack”
Geneva Convention Protocol I (also: U.S. Dept of Defense, Law of War Manual, 5.18)

The US Public Still Doesn’t Want War With Iran

“The U.S. public should be calling on Congress to assert its authorities and oversight
roles to prevent an unintentional slide into war,” @MichelleEDover of @plough_shares
tells @commondreams.

American Friends Service Committee: Five things to know about Iran

For all Americans who are going to be suddenly interested in Iran in the coming days,
learn a bit of history about what the US did in Iran in 1953. We consider it ancient history,
if we remember it at all. But Iranians have never forgotten.

May 2018 Context: Trump Abandons Iran Nuclear Deal He Long Scorned

There seems to be some confusion over Iran’s announcement regarding the JCPOA.
An Iranian official has confirmed to me that they’re not leaving the nuclear deal.
With this latest move, there no longer will be a limit on the # of centrifuges.
IAEA cooperation & access will continue.

Important point: If sanctions are lifted, Iran is prepared to return to full compliance.
No surprise, Iran is outplaying Trump et al. A relatively calm, strategic response.
This move will enable the Iranians to maintain the support of the Europeans, Russians
& Chinese.


See referenced Trump comment…
Thread: This tweet threatens to break several laws. …

Click text graphic…
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un declares an end to his moratorium on testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles in his New Year’s speech. He promises a “new strategic weapon” soon.

See referenced Bolton comment…
There’s a reason why North Koreans once called Bolton the “father” of their nuclear weapons
program. Almost every policy he advocates reinforces their desire for nuclear weapons and
makes it *less* likely they disarm.

Iran resumed nuclear program and increased provocations. Kim Jong Un legitimized and building more nukes. Maduro entrenched while US punishes Venezuelan people. US alliances and standing at lowest point in generations. Trump an embarrassment and a danger around the world.

We have to be clear: Donald Trump does not have a strategy. He does not know how to negotiate. He has been a complete disaster for America’s national security. He has had openings. He has had opportunities. But everything he has touched has gotten worse.

Today chaos in Iraq caused by a disastrous policy towards Iran is a case in point.
“President Donald Trump inherited substantial nuclear threats. But his administration
has made them worse.” Our analysis

See referenced Trump spin…
Pretending Justin Amash doesn’t exist is a Trumpian Act in which the media is complicit. Amash was elected as a Republican, and the only reason he is not one now is because he was set to vote in favor of impeachment.

Nearly a year after the Trump Org. pledged to root out undocumented workers, Trump Winery summoned at least 7 employees & fired them because of their immigration status, WaPo reports. The Winery waited until workers had finished the arduous annual harvest.

Trump spent 1 of 5 days at one of his golf clubs in 2019

Despite the presence of two veterans and an incumbent president in the race, no candidate has raised as much as Sanders in military contributions.

“I would never have guessed that. [Sanders] would have been way down my list of possible answers if this were a Final Jeopardy question,” Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, wrote in an email. “He’s mainly about economic equality and Medicare for All.”

A Sanders campaign aide pointed to the senator’s promises to “end the endless wars” and the many years he has spent on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee as reasons for his popularity with military employees. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that these things draw support from so many in the military, but Bernie is extremely proud to have it,” the aide said.
C.K. Hickey & Shayna Greene in “Which Democratic Candidates Are National Security Employees Opening Their Wallets for?”

If the US just moved in the direction Bernie Sanders advocated for in 2016,
America and Iran would not be fighting in Iraq or anywhere else

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