Towards an issues-based 2020 election (58)

===2020 Big Picture===
A *huge* shout out to @NHYouthMovement @350NH_ACTION @350action @sunrisemvmt and everyone who worked to make #climate a top issue for Democrats in this New Hampshire primary!
You all moved us a big step towards replacing Trump with a climate champion!

Young People Have Been Eyeing the New Hampshire Primary Since 2017. They Could Make the Difference. New Hampshire Youth Movement, which has endorsed Bernie Sanders, has identified and registered 12,000 students who didn’t vote in 2016.

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary in One Graph
Lower income Towns in NH Voted Heavily for Sanders, Richer Towns Did the Opposite

“Judy Downs, executive director of the Polk County Democrats… said in an interview… “Some of the decisions just made it really hard to defend against accusations of cronyism, or conspiracy, frankly.”
Devastating piece on the Iowa Democratic Party and caucus meltdown.

Note: The DNC likely approved Iowa’s caucus plans so they likely bear some of the responsibility.

Tom Perez Gets Earful on Superdelegates at Congressional Progressive Caucus Meeting
The DNC chair met privately with CPC members about the handling of the Iowa caucus and recent reporting over committee rules that seem to favor Mike Bloomberg.

No one has benefited more from the first two states being so white than Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, who both poll between 1 and 2% with African Americans in various polls.

2018: Here’s how much you have to earn to be in the top 1% in every US state


See chart…
Combined $858bn wealth of top 10 richest people on Earth is greater than
total GDP of 85 poorest countries *put together*

The Truth About Corporate Philanthropists
If they can “give back” so much, it’s probably because they’ve been taking too much.

The Irony of The Centrist-Progressive Debate
(“Centrists”) consistently warn that progressive ideas can’t win “the middle.” But just look at the polls.

No we can’t vs yes we can…
Nina Turner tears apart (“centrist”) call for practicality, says America deserves better


Note: The can’t-doers pre-compromise before compromising again with Republicans. That’s how we keep drifting further and further off center.

You beat Trump with someone who has a real message and an alternative vision for the country: @NicholsUprising on @thenation podcast

Click text graphic…
The candidate who runs strongest against  @BernieSanders is not Bloomberg, Klobuchar or Buttigieg. It’s @ewarren. Why? Sanders and Warren are the two candidates who reject the centrist politics of concession and compromise that leaves Dems vulnerable in a race against Trump.

===2020 Issues===
Study: Humanity under threat from perfect storm of crises.
Climate, extreme weather, biodiversity, food and water crises could lead to ‘systemic collapse’

The next president can force the financial sector to take climate change seriously

Climate Rankings (Green New Deal (50) / No Fossil Fuels (50))
Bernie Sanders 45/49: A+
Tom Steyer: 45/43: A
Elizabeth Warren: 43/44 A
Pete Buttigieg: 40.5/32 B+
Joe Biden: 38/34: B+
Tulsi Gabbard: 33.5/36 B
Amy Klobuchar: 34/18.5 C+
Michael Bloomberg: 31/19 C+
Bill Weld: 7/0 F
Donald Trump: 0/0 F

@Facebook, like @nytimes & @CBS, should be held liable for libel: Why & how? @DeanBaker13’s op-ed for @truthout: Make @Facebook correct false, defamatory allegations once they’re brought to its attention. And change CDA §230. *Recommended*

How Private Equity Ruined a Beloved Grocery Chain
An investment firm was supposed to help Fairway survive.
So why is the company now filing for bankruptcy?

…While all traditional retail faces these challenges, chains owned by private equity make up a disproportionate share of businesses that have failed. This record is not just a product of markets; it’s a matter of morality as well. Private-equity firms profit as the companies they own tumble into bankruptcy.

Trump’s budget proposal shreds Social Security and Medicaid benefits

As one would expect of a political manifesto masquerading as an administrative spending plan, Trump’s budget is lathered with weasel words aiming to distract and conceal his intentions.

The term for a 10-year, $193-billion cut in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program is “modernize.” Cuts in welfare, student loan forgiveness and disability benefits are described as “reforms,” as is a cut in postal service support. “Modify” is the word for cuts in federal employee retirement and health benefits.

These words all mean the same thing: “cut.”

Let’s make no mistake about the flow of federal funds in this budget proposal: It’s all about making the poor, sick, children and elderly pay for the tax cuts for the rich. …

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders…
The Wide AAPI Gender Pay Gap Remains Unchanged

Best gift ideas for US workers…

CBPP: Trump’s Budget Threatens States and Their Residents

CBPP: Trump Budget Would Hurt Older Americans

House hearing video…
Balancing Work, Health, and Family: The Case for Expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act

A timely, simple idea to boost affordable housing

CBPP: Medicare in the 2021 Trump Budget

CBPP: President’s Budget Would Hurt People With Disabilities

CBPP: President’s “Health Reform Vision”:
$1 Trillion in Cuts, No Plan to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions

The Doctors Who Bill You While You’re Unconscious
A fifth of U.S. patients get surprise bills from surgery – even if their surgeon and hospital are in-network.

For the same anesthesiologist’s services that Medicare reimburses $1,000, private
insurance on average pays $3,670. But if the doc you do not choose and cannot avoid
is out-of-network, the average bill to the patient is $8,020. This system is broken.

And in European countries, the anesthesiologist would probably get $500. …

With Medicare For All:
All doctors and hospitals are “in network”
No surprise medical bills
You get the health care you need, when you need it.

New study by Yale epidemiologists:
#MedicareForAll will save $450 billion and prevent 68,000 unnecessary deaths – each and every year
In other words, #MedicareForAll does not cost $3-$4 trillion more a year – it saves $450 billion a year & improves care

The lack of adequate health insurance is equivalent to the 8th
leading cause of death in the US. 68,000 people die a year because
of our broken healthcare system, more than gun violence & car
accidents. #MedicareForAll will prevent these unnecessary deaths

One aspect of Medicare for All that doesn’t get discussed enough is how wonderful it is for small businesses.  If you run a small business, you’re spending tons of money to insure your employees and their families. Under Medicare for All, you spend $0

Just like Iowa, 6 in 10 NH Democratic voters tonight said they want Medicare For All. The truth about healthcare in America is becoming undeniable. This former insurance exec is stunned – and delighted.

Responding to Buttigieg’s comment…
Nation’s largest healthcare union here.  If the choice was between all Americans having healthcare or keeping the healthcare we bargained for – we’d choose #HealthCareForAll


See rest of thread…
On @amjoyshow, I made the point with @JoyAnnReid that just because you
have a “Cadillac health insurance plan” your union negotiated,it does
not guarantee you access to the health care you need. (video)

We can’t risk allowing private health insurance companies, whose primary goal is to make
as much profit as possible, continue to rip off the American people and deny coverage
to those who need it. We need Medicare for All.


After pushing Trump to exit the Paris climate agreement and roll back environmental rules,
(Mandy Gunasekara’s) returning to EPA as chief of staff

Inside the Legal Case We’re Making to Save Our National Monuments
An explanation of the legal issues, what’s at stake and what happens next

Rep. Omar Introduces “Pathway to PEACE,”
A Bold Foreign Policy Vision for the United States of America

“This legislation would make badly needed reforms to the way the US gov’t enacts deadly
economic #sanctions against other countries. For too long, US presidents have launched
economic warfare without consulting Congress,” Alex Main says of @Ilhan bill


Int Center for Research on Women…
What does a #feminist foreign policy look like, and what would it mean for #nuclear policy? Joe @Cirincione and @MichelleEDover sit down for an in-depth interview w/ @lyricthompson, policy director @ICRW to answer these questions.


Great analysis by master budgeteer @LarryKorb. “Rather than expand the nuclear budget at the expense of everything else, the US could meet its goals with a much leaner force, leaving more for the programs that will actually make the country safer.”

===2020 Watch List===
We Shouldn’t Have to Beg Mark Zuckerberg to Respect Democracy

2010 Context: The Great American Bubble Machine
From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major
market manipulation since the Great Depression – and they’re about to do it again

Guess who’s getting nervous…
Jeet responds to former Golman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

WaPo forgets Trump’s promises on the trade deficit in drawing up his report card

Since the NYT is spreading the nonsense (about) the housing bubble and bust,
here’s my review of “The Big Short” trashing that argument…

This is wrong. Clearly wrong. How could this explain identical, even worse, housing
bubbles in countries with different policies or credit bubbles in non-housing assets?
This is embarrassing to publish, a discredited myth, killed more than a decade ago.

Just to repeat … the 2008-09 Great Recession
was the collapse of the housing bubble, the financial crisis was secondary.

Housing fell from 6.7 percent of GDP to less than 2 percent (it’s 3.7 percent now).
Consumption from 97.5 percent of income to less than 92 percent (about where is is now).
The loss off demand of more than 8.0 pp of GDP (1.6 trillion in 2021) could not be easily

See referenced question…
I think there were 1001 ways to limit the bubble, but everyone in a position of responsi-
bility was either profiting from it or cheering it on. And, almost none suffered any career

Responding to PhRMA…
Think of how much quicker new treatments for children would be developed if all findings were fully public as practical and then how much cheaper treatment would be if all new drugs were sold as generics – sounds great, right PhRMA?

If the United States rejects candidates who favor universal heath care as a right not a privilege – on the theory that the candidates are “too extreme” – then we might as well acknowledge that this country is incapable of repairing itself. And what a tragic admission that would be.

Sanders is Jewish…
AIPAC Is Helping Fund Anti-Bernie Sanders Super PAC Ads in Nevada
The group is telling donors that contributions to the Democratic Majority for Israel,
whose ads are attacking Sanders, count as donations to AIPAC.

2006: An interview with former President Jimmy Carter

2007: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (C-Span Book TV)

Responding to Jennifer Rubin…
You wanna talk about who is boosting dictators? Great
Trump: “[North Korea’s Kim Jong Un] wrote me beautiful letters
and they’re great letters. We fell in love.”
Trump: “[China’s Xi] is now president for life…I think it’s great.
Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”
> Nine Notorious Dictators, Nine Shout-OUts From Donald Trump

I appreciate the clarity of @NicholsUprising here:
By endorsing both @ewarren & @AmyKlobuchar, @NYTimes does little for both,
except to diss @BernieSanders only further.

Beltway Dems have spent 20 years berating progressives for supposedly not being sufficiently loyal to the Democratic Party. Many of these same Beltway folk will likely back a billionaire who bought a mayorship as a Republican and spoke at the GOP convention. Think about that.

This is a good illustration of the cynical attempt to conflate “personal attack” with “substantive policy differences.” Spotlighting a politician’s public voting record is not a “personal attack” as this person well knows – but he and others will dishonestly pretend the opposite.


Turns out lots of people online are rude. Huh. Who knew.

…Sanders is held personally responsible for everything his random Twitter
followers say when Bloomberg advisers get to go on TV every day identified
simply as “Democratic strategist”

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Gee, do you notice anyone missing from CNN’s “definitive” 2020 power rankings? Perhaps a candidate who beat Biden in both early states, is still ranked third overall and is polling in the top 3 for the next contest? (click text graphic)

Pundits Look to Bloomberg as Their Anti-Sanders Savior

This congealing narrative that Bloomberg is the only person who can defeat Trump
is one of the biggest lies ever told. Not a single poll supports this. Pundits and the
Bloomberg camp are pushing this…

Sanders on electability…


Bloomberg’s deceit…


Note: If Bloomberg changed, he needs to prove he changed. I haven’t seen proof.

If the issues that @BernieSanders has been raising have such broad appeal, why then is he considered “too liberal”? The answer has a lot to do with how he’s covered by media outlets that often go out of their way to portray Sanders as “too extreme.”

See text graphic…
When you’re thinking about electability, 58% of Democratic voters in the swing state of New
Hampshire said health care or income inequality was their most important issue — and
@BernieSanders won the largest share of those votes.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Proved the Pundits Wrong

Bernie Sanders Has an MSNBC Problem

.@mitchellreports may not understand the fundamentals of a multiracial democracy. She is
very upset that Iowa and NH did not “pick a frontrunner…” because apparently the rest of us
do not matter. …

Watching Morning Joe and didn’t realize how regular panelist Steven Rattner, whose firm
manages Bloomberg’s money, is freed up to act as a surrogate for him. No other candidate
gets this.

Chris Matthews has no idea what he’s talking about on Bernie Sanders and “democratic socialism”

Matthews’ apparent uncertainty about Sanders’ definition of “democratic socialist” is bizarre. The Democratic presidential candidate has explained the term over and over in major venues for years. He’s devoted major speeches in each of his presidential campaigns to the topic. And he’s discussed it in interviews, during several prime-time presidential primary debates, and on the campaign trail. And while Matthews suggested that Sanders’ comparison to Denmark is somewhat new, Sanders has described “democratic socialism” in terms of a Scandanavian-style economy since at least his Senate election in 2006.

Note: The original paragraph contains for many of the points.

.@BernieSanders is an FDR Democrat. FDR is the most popular Democrat
in American history. Of course Sanders can win! (video)

New MSNBC analyst Robert Gibbs is fresh from being the head lobbyist for McDonald’s.
Before that he was the press secretary for the Obama WH where he attacked the ‘professional
left.’ Welcome to the NBC family Robert!

… On MSNBC, An undecided voter ended up going with Bernie *because* she was sick and
tired of MSNBC trying to tear down Sanders. (video)

Somehow @BernieSanders has undeniably won the popular vote in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first 2 states in the nation to vote, and the mainstream media is mainly talking about Pete and Amy. Nothing like this has *ever* happened before.

Responding to an Atlantic staff writer…
Breaking: beating eight opponents is more difficult than beating one.

If you’re gonna do the “9 candidates combined got more votes than Bernie” thing,
then I’m gonna do the “Bernie was outspent by a combined total of 7-to-1
and still was the candidate with the most votes” thing.

“Centrists” are still pushing bad math…


Third place is better than first place (video)


.@PramilaJayapal – #BernieBro myth slayer (video)


The BernieBro b…s… has really been exposed this year as the manipulative, malevolent
fraud that it always was from the start:

It really says something that a reporter (Politico’s Ryan Lizza) can just publicly smear Bernie
voters with an insult (“Bernie Bros”) that’s obviously designed to denigrate — and that is
considered just totally normal and fine and perfectly acceptable in the “objective” media industry.

A reminder that @IsaacDovere has spent the entire campaign trashing Bernie and lauding Bloomberg – while his media outlet has been bankrolled by Bloomberg

See referenced report…
Counterpoint: the WSJ editorial board is the most devoted defender of the billionaire class – and so that editorial board having a public panic attack and melting down shows they actually understand that Bernie will challenge their entire agenda

The Nevada Independent …

Andrea Mitchell…



Former Republican (Meeks) endorses former Republican (Bloomberg)
Trashes Independent who caucuses with Dems

It’s time for reporters to ask the other candidates, think tanks, operatives and Democratic groups if they will support the eventual nominee — as frequently, incessantly and obsessively as that question has been asked of Bernie Sanders

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
Here’s something that shouldn’t be controversial to say: I believe in science. I believe that climate change threatens every single living thing on this planet, and that we need to act now to defeat this crisis. (video)

.@ewarren took down the Big Bad of the Democratic Party, Larry Summers, by discretely leading a large coalition of groups unaccustomed to wielding power strategically. It was beautiful!

For people unfamiliar with the episode, this is how we got Janet Yellen as chair of the Fed

2018: Yellen Says Fight Against Inequality Starts With Full Employment

Janet Yellen’s Quiet Success In An Impossible Job

Warren: “On a day when career prosecutors showed more backbone than almost every Republican senator standing up to this president, Americans … are gravely concerned about the corruption of a Trump Justice Dept. that abandons the rule of law … Roger Stone, I’m looking at you.”

Final @ewarren ads in #NewHampshirePrimary race feature @BarackObama’s 2010 speech arguing for her to lead CFPB. They are in heavy rotation here and expect to see more of them as campaign continues. (video)
Amy Klobuchar… Feb 10th
Klobuchar’s treatment of staff ought to trouble voters. But for some demographics, her alleged abuse might be part of her appeal

The Girlboss Ethos of Amy Klobuchar

Note: Klobuchar was one of the “centrists” who lied about M4A (along with Buttigieg and Biden). …

Context: Dean Baker’s Testimony to the House Rules Committee on the Medicare for All Act of 2019


Note: Amy Kobuchar’s M4A big lie…

Question: “Are you saying Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not being straight with
people by how they would pay for all these programs?”
Sen. @AmyKlobuchar: “Yes.” (video)

This is shameful, @amyklobuchar.
Sanders and Warren have said repeatedly #Medicare4All would lower cost for everyone.
That is what matters. Iowans won’t fall for your regurgitation of health insurance industry
talking points. …
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
I voted against the Patriot Act in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2015. I strongly oppose its reauthorization next month. I believe that in a democratic and constitutional form of government, we cannot sacrifice the civil liberties that make us a free country.

I am proud to have the support of working people who understand that true freedom requires a living wage, security in retirement, and comprehensive health care. Creativity can flourish when our people are paid for their hard work and free from the fear of crushing debt.

I’m incredibly proud that teachers are the most common occupation of donors to our
campaign. In Nevada and across the country, we will give teachers a raise and create
an education system that works for all. (video)


A healthy instinct from @fshakir and Sanders. “This campaign is not taking its cues from the same Washington apparatus that has developed policy that for too long has left millions of working people, young people, and people of color behind.”

In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders was outspent 7-to-1 on television
by his opponents in aggregate (and won)

KUT-Radio: “Lyceum Poll Finds @BernieSanders Only Democrat Likely To Beat Trump In Texas”
Sanders should be talking A *lot* more about electability.
Pete Buttigieg… April 14th
Pete Buttigieg is playing with fire – and playing right into Republicans’ hands
If he becomes president, he will have helped them sabotage the American economy and his presidency

Austerity Pete
Buttigieg settles on deficit hawkery as a closing argument in New Hampshire.
It’s hard to think of a school of political thought with less credibility and less popularity.

“Pete Buttigieg is using all the words that mean ‘I’m coming after your
Social Security and your Medicare.’ That’s what the billionaires on
Wall Street demand in exchange for their donations.” – @alaw202 … (video)

People Who Care About Economic Policy
Should be Offended by Buttigieg’s Budget Comments.


Responding to Buttigieg…
This is offensive and dangerous. Stop perpetuating this gross myth. Not every union member has union healthcare plans that protect them. Those that do have it, have to fight like hell to keep it. If you believe in Labor then you’d understand an injury to one is an injury to all.

“The agency hired private consultants who advised it to cut back operation days, increase mail
delivery times, automate postal services and replace unionized labor with non-unionized labor.
Pete Buttigieg was on that team of consultants.”

This myth of freedom and choice sounds wonderful til you realize
your boss has the freedom and choice to fire you from this union job.

Pete Buttigieg Says He Wants to Repeal Trump’s Tax Law, but He’s Heaped Praise on a Controversial Aspect of It As mayor, Buttigieg supported so-called opportunity zones, which are meant to revitalize low-income areas but in practice accelerate gentrification

One (GOP) Tax Cut Was Meant to Help the Poor. A Billionaire Ended Up Winning Big.
Opportunity zones are meant to spur new investment in poor areas. But Under Armour’s
Kevin Plank is getting a tax break for investments that are not new and not in a poor tract.
And Plank’s area was picked over neighborhoods that are actually poor.

…Buttigieg again says his health plan would not “command people to accept a public plan” if they do not want to. In fact, millions of people would face thousands in IRS back taxes under Buttigieg’s plan even if they did not get any health care

As you can see in this story, Buttigieg’s campaign did not dispute this
when asked for comment by us for this story.
On the campaign trail and in the debates, however, he has not altered his rhetoric.

Responding to Buttigieg…
My choices su–ed, @PeteButtigieg. (video)

Your proposal forces workers off their health insurance plans if:
– They lose their job
– They become too sick to work
– Their boss eliminates it
– They get a divorce
#MedicareForAll gives everyone the freedom to choose
their own doctor, dentist & hospital. Your plan does not.

See text graphic…
What would #MedicareForAll actually mean for union members? Here’s your answer. …

I read this morning that Mayor Pete plans to attack Medicare For All, for political gain in Nevada. This will thrill my old pals in the insurance industry, as Pete’s plan preserves the very system that makes them huge profits while bankrupting & killing millions. Here’s why.

To boost corporate profits, the current system (high deductibles, denials
of coverage, etc) is designed to keep you from getting care. By refusing
to ban these toxins, Pete’s plan is a godsend to my old industry. It’s
why they’ve given him more $ than any candidate but Trump.

Another problem for consumers: Medicare for All enrolls everyone in a
single insurance pool, giving the gov’t leverage to negotiate lower
costs with providers & facilities. Pete’s public option only covers
*some*, meaning a smaller insurance pool & higher costs.

Also: Under plans like Pete’s, uninsured Americans would be automatically
enrolled in the public plan, and they could face a $7,000 tax increase
at the end of the year. Medicare For All covers you entirely.

.@abbydphillip: “Mayor Buttigieg, you’re selling your plan as Medicare
for all who want it, yet it’d automatically enroll uninsured Americans
into a public option even if they don’t want it & force them to pay
for it. How’s that truth in advertising?”  (video)

Speaking of how Pete sells his plan: It’s completely different from
Medicare For All, yet he borrows the popular branding & calls his plan
“Medicare For All Who Want It.” That’s likely because polls show a huge
majority of Dems want Medicare For All. That tells you something.

Look, I live with huge regret knowing the system I worked for placed
profits over Americans’ health. I have no motive to want to reform the
system that fed me well – except to see Americans get the care they need.
Pete’s plan keeps the bad system going. I know this too well.

Buttigieg Campaign Called Out for Inserting Audience Applause Into CNN Town Hall Clip

…Buttigieg Campaign Tried to Have Me Arrested for Handing Out These Medicare for All Fliers
Joe Biden… April 25th
Joe Biden to host more than 250 donors from Wall Street,
big business at NYC fundraisers – here’s the guest list

Short thread

2 truths and 31 lies Joe Biden has told about his work in the Civil Rights Movement
Since the early 1970s, Joe Biden has been a serial liar when it comes to his “work” in the Civil Rights Movement. It’s the equivalent of stolen valor and is fundamentally disqualifying.

The Benefits of Being Joe Biden’s Brother

*Jim* Biden keeps getting involved in shady businesses.
He keeps getting IRS liens.
And he keeps getting loans from his brother’s patrons.

That sound you hear overheard is @JoeBiden flying out of New Hampshire even before the polls close. Abandoning any hope for a #NewHampshire primary win, he is hightailing it out of state, headed for South Carolina. Yes. It is that bad.
Michael Bennet… May 2nd
.@MSNBC just announced that Sen. Michael Bennet is dropping out of the race.

He lit $7 million on fire attacking Medicare for All and got less than 1,000 votes total…

James Carville ranting that Dems weren’t going to nominate someone electable and then endorsing Michael Bennet, who got 0.3% in New Hampshire, is an underrated funny thing of this cycle
Andrew Yang… Nov, 2017
Democratic candidate Andrew Yang announces that he will be suspending his campaign for president following the New Hampshire primary.

Thank you @AndrewYang for running an issue-focused campaign and working to bring new voters into the political process. I look forward to working together to defeat the corruption and bigotry of Donald Trump.
Michael Bloomberg… Nov 2019
The Corporate Media Is Directly Profiting from Mike Bloomberg’s Rise as He Spends Fortune on TV Ads

TV Executives Celebrate Unprecedented Flood
of Bloomberg Campaign Spending

Compare / contrast…
2016: Leslie Moonves on Donald Trump:
“It May Not Be Good for America, but It’s Da-n Good for CBS”

Donald Trump Rode $5 Billion in Free Media to the White House

Mike Bloomberg is spending so much money on Facebook ads that he has surpassed Trump.
Bloomberg spent more than $1 million a day on average over the past two weeks on Facebook. That’s five times more than Trump spent during the same period.

In New York City, Mike Bloomberg did not win elections for mayor. He bought them.
2001: spent $74 million – $99 for each vote he got.
2005: spent $85 million – $112 per vote.
2009: spent $102 million – $174 per vote

I’m old fashioned.
I believe in democracy: one person, one vote.
Not billionaires buying elections.

How Bloomberg spent $10 billion+ building a political & philanthropic empire
His wealth has forged alliances, earned goodwill – & muzzled critics who fear or depend on him. …

Bloomberg’s money is an enormous deterrent against dissent.
In 2018, Emily’s List debated uninviting Bloomberg from a major event
after he questioned #MeToo, but decided it could not risk alienating him.
He has given the group $6mm over the years.

In 2015, Center for American Progress researchers wrote a report on U.S.
Islamophobia, with a 4300-word chapter on the Bloomberg-era NYPD.
When the report was published, the chapter was gone. By then,
Bloomberg had given CAP ~$1.5mm. That number has grown.

First in a thread…
The degree to which Michael Bloomberg is using his fortune to fundamentally
alter & manipulate U.S. politics to his personal advantage extends way
beyond ads. I’ve worked against him, covered him as a journalist &
worked with his top aides. Here’s their playbook: (1/17)

Mike Bloomberg in 2014: “We Should Hope” the NSA Is “Reading Every Email”

Bloomberg would pay $3 billion less under his wealth tax than under Sanders plan

Michael Bloomberg has:
– “Never been in favor of increasing the minimum wage”
– Favored cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
– Spoken at the RNC in support of George W Bush
– No regrets for supporting the Iraq War
– Compared a teachers union to the NRA
– Championed stop & frisk

Don’t be fooled by the $400M he has spent on tv ads trying to buy this election.
Bloomberg is a Republican oligarch. #Receipts:

2013 Bloomberg: “No program to reduce the deficit makes any sense whatsoever unless you address the issue of entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, interest payment on the debt…and defense spending. Everything else is tiny compared to that.” (video)

“I have never been in favor of raising the minimum wage” – @mikebloomberg in 2015 (video)

At the height of the 2008 economic collapse, then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the elimination of a discriminatory housing practice known as “redlining” was responsible for instigating the meltdown.

First in a thread. …
This is flat-out wrong, and it should be embarrassing – and, more to the point, hugely
concerning – that Bloomberg believed it.


De Blasio: ‘I have spent literally six years undoing what Michael Bloomberg did’

Audio of @MikeBloomberg’s 2015 @AspenInstitute speech where he explains that “you can just Xerox (copy)” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops.
Bloomberg had video of speech blocked.
Perhaps because of the problematic explanation he gives for #StopAndFrisk (video)


This is a dangerously disturbing world view. Dangerous for me, my two
sons and millions more just like us. Most troubling is that this sounds
like a philosophy, not a singular policy. We need more than an apology.
We need answers…

See referenced comment about Bloomberg…
No, let’s finish this (stop & frisk) conversation.

Disturbed to see Black leaders back @MikeBloomberg – There’s a history
of callous policies harming NYers of more color on housing, education &
of course #SQF. As I said to @KatyTurNBC & @TheRevAl on @MSNBC, the
revelations aren’t a surprise to all who know the Mayor’s work best.

“He has so much to apologize for, not just racist stop & frisk but his
comments about women… There’s already a right-wing, racist, misogynist
billionaire in the White House, why swap him for another one?”
Me on Mike Bloomberg’s candidacy on @CNN with @jaketapper earlier today:


Honored to have my story about stop-and-frisk included on your
show today, @jaketapper. I hope it inspires more black, brown
and working class New Yorkers to share their stories about the
pain Bloomberg caused in our communities. … (video)

Glad we’re paying attention to Bloomberg’s record on stop-and-frisk.
Let’s also remember how he blocked access to #paidsickdays for more
than a million mostly Black and brown working people in NYC.
City Council passed the law over his veto.

Molly Crabapple: Bloomberg Is a Billionaire Republican
Who Terrorized Black & Brown Youth

See Bloomberg’s statement…
This is deeply deceitful.
The truth? Bloomberg:
1. Expanded stop & frisk massively.
2. Defended it for half a decade in court.
3. Delayed complying with the court’s order to end it.
4. Apologized for it only on the eve of this campaign.
5. Now feeds us this b-llsh-t.

Stop&frisk terrorized millions of black and brown families.
It violated the most personal, human, Constitutional rights of NYers
thousands of times *per day* for a decade.
It was stopped by a fierce multiracial coalition called @changethenypd.
America must learn the truth


Mike Bloomberg Claims He Cut Stop and Frisk by 95 Percent –   After Increasing It 7 Fold
Bloomberg drastically ramped up an NYPD program to stop and frisk mostly black and
Latino  men. Now, he’s misleading the public about the history

In 2014, @MikeBloomberg was asked if Israel had gone too far after it bombed a school with thousands of Palestinian children inside. The Obama White House called the attack “indefensible.” Bloomberg disagreed. “Israel cannot have a proportional response…” he said. (video)

Mike Bloomberg builds an ‘army’ of elite business leaders to act as surrogates for his campaign

“I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.” – @MikeBloomberg, with another reminder that, when he served as a Republican mayor, he served as a Republican mayor (video)

George W. Bush led the US into endless war. He filled his Cabinet with grifters.
He approved torture, spying & myriad assaults on human rights. His fiscal policies
undermined the stability of the global economy.  In 2004, @MikeBloomberg
wholeheartedly endorsed Bush’s re-election.

Bloomberg spent $2M backing Snyder (R-MI)

Mike Bloomberg Is Hiring So Many Operatives, Local and State Campaigns Are Starving for Help

Here’s Bernie speaking tonight in Nevada about Bloomberg’s record (video)

Deval Patrick… Nov 2019
Just on @MSNBC: Deval Patrick is dropping out of the presidential race.

Bill Weld… April 16th…
Keeping track of @GovBillWeld as he campaigns on #NewHampshirePrimary day. Weld is the “New England Republican” taking on Trump in today’s Republican presidential primary. He believes in science and says #ClimateChangeIsReal. Here’s the story:

Are state Republican parties rigging primaries to benefit Donald Trump? Absolutely.
How? By canceling primaries in some states & keeping @GovBillWeld’s name off ballots in others.
Why? Weld just won a delegate in Iowa and almost 10% of GOP vote in NH.

A striking number of #NewHampshire Republicans rejected Trump. In Concord, 12.5% of R
primary votes went to @GovBillWeld. In Portsmouth, Weld took 17%. In a number of towns
he was at 20% and in Hanover, where Dartmouth College is located, Weld topped 30%.
Donald Trump
…(Trump) appears to be engaging in another quid pro quo right before our eyes. …
NY must drop its lawsuits against him if New Yorkers want Global Entry status? …

Report sends ‘flashing red lights’ that the Census may not be ready for the 2020 count.

Job openings are down by more than 1 million from last December

The #Trump budget proposes another $1.4T in tax cuts on top of the $1.9T already committed, which mostly benefits the rich and corps. How much richer do people like Jeff Bezos, Charles Koch and even Trump and his kids need to get, while the rest of us get left behind?


How is Trump proposing to pay for his tax breaks to the top 1%?
With cuts to Medicare, to Social Security, to education, to affordable housing,
to nutrition assistance and to retirement benefits.
This is a budget of unbelievable cruelty, and together we are going to stop it.

Sanders Calls on Congress to Reject Trump’s Budget “Of, By, and For the 1 Percent”


No Trump ‘Blue Collar Boom’: 1/2 of Americans work Low-Wage Jobs
and Manufacturing is in Decline


Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Disastrous for Public Health, Clean Energy Investments

Click text graphic…
…Trump wants to spend 20% more on nuclear weapons than he did last year while
pursuing nuclear policies that are making Americans less safe. He also wants to slash
funds for diplomacy by 22%. The President says he opposes stupid endless wars.
His budget says otherwise. – See


Trump’s tax holiday saved Oracle $9.5B on $43B the company had stashed abroad.
Now, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, is hosting a $100,000-a-ticket fundraiser for Trump’s reelection campaign.  Funny how that works.

…import prices are down just 1.7 percent over the last year

It would be great if Trump had access to the to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
showing that we are paying his tariffs

…while Trump has given big tax cuts to the rich, he has imposed taxes (tariffs)
of around $40 billion a year ($300 per family) on the rest of us

The health care insurance index has risen 20.7 percent over the last year.

Trump ‘turns back the clock’ by luring drilling companies to pristine lands

Context: One Year Into Trump’s PFAS Action Plan, Few Signs of Progress

EPA’s PFAS Action Plan implemenation score: D-

For 20-Plus Years, EPA Has Failed To Regulate ‘Forever Chemicals’

PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported
New Detections of ‘Forever Chemicals’ in New York, D.C., Other Major Cities

Dark Waters Trailer

With that as context…
The EPA Keeps Approving Dangerous Chemicals
The EPA is expected to sign off on four new chemicals in the PFAS family,
even as concerns mount about their devastating health effects.

Compare / Contrast…
U.S. House Passes Long-Fought-For Forever Chemical Action Bill
PFAS Action Act of 2019 would finally address water contamination crisis,
Senate must approve it now,   anything less would be a failure

Fortenberry voted for the bill. Bacon & Smith did not

Nov: Rep. Jeffries: 250 House-passed bills are in Mitch McConnell’s “legislative graveyard”

A Plea to Save the Last Nuclear Arms Treaty
Two former diplomats, from Russia and America, call for extending the nuclear arms
limitation pact called New START, to make the world more secure.

The same day that Trump released his massive nuclear build up budget, @madeleine and
Igor Ivanov warned of a “senseless and dangerous return to nuclear brinksmanship.”


Putin wants to extend arms control. What’s Trump waiting for?
The president is dangerously uninterested in saving the New Start treaty.

Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation…
Asst Sec Ford seems to have a cartoon character description of nuclear analysts that I know and see here. It is reasonable to debate the right mix of nuclear forces for the US. This seems to be an effort to delegitimize those that simply disagree with him.

In fact, the US has been most secure when it both pursues a robust but sensible nuclear
posture *and* bilateral/multilateral arms control. That was a bipartisan consensus, and it is
terrifying to see the Trump Administration abandon it in favor of unabashed arms racing.

These comments are beneath the dignity of even a Trump acting official. @StateISN
Chris Ford should apologize for these offensive, obnoxious and insulting remarks.

… Its sad to see @StateISN spending so much time trying to dismiss those of us who seek
to improve global security & avoid a new arms race thru pragmatic arms control strategies,
while he spends so little time on tangible proposals to that end.

Prosecutors in Stone case resign following DOJ overrule
The four federal prosecutors who took the case against longtime Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone to trial withdrew their involvement Tuesday after top Justice Dept officials disavowed and undercut them by reducing the government’s recommended sentence against Stone.

Barr takes control of cases that interest Trump, like Stone sentence

The U.S. attorney who had presided over an inconclusive criminal investigation into former
acting FBI director Andrew McCabe was abruptly removed from that job last month in one
of several recent moves by A.G. Barr to take control of legal matters of personal interest
to Trump.

“Senior officials at the Justice Dept also intervened last month to help change the government’s
sentencing recommendation for Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn …
[T]heir latest filing now says they believe probation would be appropriate.”

“This signals to me that there has been a political infestation,” NBC News legal analyst
Chuck Rosenberg, a former U.S. attorney, said on MSNBC. “And that is the single most
dangerous thing that you can do to the Dept of Justice.”

Part of the problem might be that we’re still calling this the Justice Department.

Mick Mulvaney is serving as OMB Director and WH Chief of Staff…
New unredacted emails confirm that OMB was fully in the loop about the Pentagon’s concerns over Trump’s Ukraine aid halt and took steps to bury them. They also show how far OMB misled @USGAO – and that OMB even lied to them, too. (via @just_security)

At least 19 policies and actions taken by the Trump administration may benefit the Trump family and Trump Organization, according to a new report released this week by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

The president loves to brag that he’s not taking a salary. Perhaps. But with this
latest trip to Palm Beach he has spent 334 *years* of presidential salary playing golf.

It’s amazing how many of the Trumpers keep whining about Obama’s
vacations. Obama took vacations in the same way as other presi-
dents. Trump multiplies this by a factor of ten. Complaining
about Obama is just a way to tell the world that you are racist.

Note: Or someone who sees politics as a sports competition.

Tony Rankins was applauded at the SOTU after Trump described how he turned his life around thanks to a construction job at a biz using the admin’s Opportunity Zone tax breaks. But Rankins doesn’t work at a site taking advantage of the breaks and never has.

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Trump admin acted unlawfully when it allowed the state of Arkansas to impose Medicaid work requirements:

The President’s new budget doesn’t outline a health care plan. Instead, it includes an “allowance for the President’s health reform vision”: a line of numbers backed up with minimal policy specifics. But despite the lack of detail, the budget sheds light on what the President’s vision for health care entails, including significant cuts and an empty promise to protect people with pre-existing conditions.
CBPP’s Aviva Aron-Dine in “President’s “Health Reform Vision”: $1 Trillion in Cuts, No Plan to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions

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