Towards an issues-based 2020 election (59)

===2020 Big Picture===
Mike Bloomberg has spent close to a 1/2 billion dollars to buy a place in this #DemocraticDebate.
Will moderators treat him as just one of the candidates? Or will they frame the debate around
him in the way moderators framed 2016 debates around Trump?

#DemocraticDebate query for Bloomberg: Are you supporting Maine Republican
Senator Susan Collins for reelection in 2020 – like you did the last time she ran?

#DemDebate query for Bloomberg: You still good with your 2004 announcement that:
“I want to thank President Bush… for leading the global war on terrorism. The president
deserves our support. We are here to support him. And I am here to support him…”?

Maybe @MikeBloomberg will begin tonight’s #DemocraticDebate by restating
some of the basic premises that have underpinned his political career, such as:
“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump’s.” (video)

Note: I couldn’t find a video of just the debate (no extra clips).

This is a profoundly cynical tactic on the part of the Bloomberg campaign. Biden is  actually running for the D nomination, by campaigning in NV and SC. For Bloomberg’s  campaign to suggest that the billionaire has Biden’s support is an example of political  trolling at its worst. (video)

Savage comeback by Biden to a bumbling attempt at political trolling by the Bloomberg team.
> I don’t endorse Republicans.

Fact: Bernie’s plan “will ensure that union-sponsored clinics and other providers are integrated within the Medicare for All system, and kept available for members.” Union healthcare clinics will thrive under #MedicareForAll. #DemDebate

Union negotiators spend half their time arguing against cutbacks for the healthcare
they already have. They forego wage increases BC of soaring healthcare costs.
With #MedicareForAll unions can negotiate higher wages, work conditions & pensions.
Facts are not attacks! #DemDebate

In order to beat Donald Trump we are going to need the largest voter turnout in the history of our country. Mr. Bloomberg’s record of stop-and-frisk is not going to do that. #DemDebate (video)

Bloomberg is great at parroting Republican talking points on #MedicareForAll because he is a Republican billionaire. Bloomberg would force workers off their plans if:
– They lose their job
– Become too sick to work
– Get a divorce or
– Their boss eliminates it #DemDebate

“Most Important Issue for Most People”: Split on Healthcare Continues to Define 2020 Race

…”Will of the People” Should Decide Democratic Nomination, Not Party Insiders

Bloomberg Takes Debate Stage for First Time & Struggles to Face His History of Misogyny, Racism

Nevada Democratic Debate: Biggest Winners and Losers


See infographic…
#DemDebate poll ahead of #NevadaCaucus:
– @MikeBloomberg’s first-choice support fell 3 points nationwide,
to 17 percent and behind @JoeBiden
– His net favorability fell 20 points, the only significant movement among candidates.

The only people who appear to have been impressed by Mike Bloomberg’s debate
performance were conservatives. In the new Morning Consult survey, Bloomberg’s
post-debate “net change” was -20 with liberals, -30 with moderates, +2 with conservatives.

Bloomberg Confronted on Sex Scandals

See text graphic…
Thurs: Mike Bloomberg can easily release the women who have accused him of sexual
harassment – and who voluntarily want to speak about their experiences – from their
non-disclosure agreements. Take a look at how simple and straightforward it would be:

Fri: Bloomberg LP has identified 3 NDAs signed over the past 30+ years with women
to address complaints about comments they said I had made. If any of them want to be
released from their NDAs, they should contact the company and they’ll be given a release.

Note that he is limiting this number and this release to NDAs specifically about
“comments they said I had made.” This is not at all addressing his company’s use of
NDAs more broadly relating to sexual harassment or gender discrimination or giving
any idea of how many there are.

…He goal-shifted. That’s not the question she raised;
it’s just what he focused on in his non-answer: (video)

Elizabeth Warren reacted to Bloomberg’s NDA announcement, telling reporters it was
“just not good enough” and that he needs to do a “blanket release” so that all “muzzled”
women can tell their side of the story.


Sanders and Warren Team Up (against) Bloomberg During Nevada Debate

“In the last 3 years, billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth.
Congratulations, Mr. Bloomberg. But the average American last year saw less than a
1 percent increase in his or her income. That’s wrong.” – @BernieSanders

After the debate…
One has to seriously question the credibility of any campaign that would push out such a
manipulated video. These reaction shots are unrelated to the two-second moment in the
debate. This is a dangerously slippery slope that will lead to a nuclear war of fake videos.

WashPost fact checker gives Bloomberg four Pinocchios for hugely manipulating
the video of last night’s debate (in which he performed so dismally).
CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.

CNN obtained a copy of one of the four-page agreements which states, in part, “I will take
all measures necessary to protect the secrecy of, and avoid disclosure and unauthorized
use of, Confidential Information of the NSDP.”


Dean Baker for context…

Note: Baker has been on a tear ever since Iowa blew its caucus count. He’s clearly only interested in knowing who wins. But caucuses have a second goal… electing delegates to the county convention based on the caucus vote count.

Those delegates are eligible to run to be state delegates who in turn can run to be national delegates who then vote for the ultimate Democratic candidate. The ratio of each candidate’s delegates (from a caucus state) is based on what happened at the precinct caucuses.

NE became a caucus state, but went back to primaries after Sanders beat Clinton. I was on the state central committee for both caucus votes and opposed having one each time because we lacked adequate resources to run them (time and money).

62 percent of those polled in Nevada said they favor responding to health care concerns with “a government plan for all instead of private insurance.”

“Nevada clearly shows that @ewarren got a huge boost between early votes cast before the
debate and day-of voting after the debate – in some places as much as a 20 or 25 point boost.”
– @MariaLangholz @BoldProgressive

(Buttigieg) has mastered the art of declaring victory,
no matter how he finishes in any particular contest.

Bernie Sanders Hits the Jackpot.
After Nevada, he can and must parlay newfound political capital into a sophisticated argument for why an antiestablishment message is electable.

Is @BernieSanders electable?
In Nevada, a diverse battleground state where all the Democratic contenders
competed aggressively, Sanders won among:
– Women
– Men
– White voters
– Non-white voters
– Democrats
– Independents
– Liberals
– Moderates/Conservatives

A key measure of the Latino vote in Nevada finds that 74% – three quarters of the total –
goes to @BernieSanders. His campaign’s outreach and organizing has paid off
in a dramatic result.

The strength @BernieSanders showed in the #NevadaCaucuses is a massive rebuke to the
false premises of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign. The billionaire claims Sanders has a narrow
appeal. Yet, in Nevada, Sanders ran well with moderates, and swept independents.


This is the most poignant statement of the night.

Never thought part of my job would be pleading with a national news network
to stop likening the campaign of a Jewish presidential candidate whose family
was wiped out by the Nazis to the third reich.  But here we are.


Unintentionally revealing comment from Nichole Wallace just now:
“I have no idea what voters think about anything any more.”


Every single major Western ally of the US embraces the policies and approaches to social welfare that @BernieSanders is condemned for.  Further countries embracing those policies top the league tables for everything from quality of life to fiscal responsibility.

The “socialism” is “un-American” attack on Sanders is a ridiculous, discredited antique
(used against Roosevelt & Truman for conscience and social well-being driven policies).
Providing health care, seeking opportunity for all, protecting the environment
are what good governments do.

Further, the majority of all Americans support health care for all, more steps to combat climate
change, a more equitable tax code, fighting corruption in DC.  Not a majority of progressives
or of Democrats… but of all Americans.  These ideas are in fact, profoundly American.

Note: But they’re not corporatist. Therein lies the rub.

In fact, they are the foundation for how modern, civilized societies work and to the extent
we resist them we are an outlier, serving a tiny fraction of our richest and most powerful
people and companies at the expense of everyone else.

In fact, this anti-health care, anti-equity, anti-environment smear is the threat to all of us
& the policies behind it are what has driven pernicious inequality in the US and nearly
choked the life out of the American dream.  It is time to end…the anti-socialism smear.

As someone with ties to Finland I can report that providing access to education, healthcare
and economic opportunities to all citizens creates individual independence and societal

“[@BernieSanders] is the only one on the Democratic side who can say that they have a
movement… Not just numbers at rallies, but just enthusiasm and a sense of being part
of something.” – @andersoncooper

“Bernie’s base of support, the enthusiasm behind him, I think
speak to the strengths of his candidacy.” – @ChrisMurphyCT (video)

A revealing interview of @MikeBloomberg by @TheRevAl (video)
The former mayor is cagey, but acknowledges a poor first debate and seems to be suggesting a plan for next debate: pushing for a bigger focus on Republican billionaire Trump as opposed to Democratic billionaire Bloomberg.

See chart…
The Democratic Party needs to do more to build confidence in their nominating process. How? Start with consistent rules from state to state for registering and voting in primaries. Phase out caucuses. Fair and flexible debate rules.

Tom Steyer just qualified for the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate, which should be interesting. I always thought the Republican Party would be the first to host a two-billionaire debate.

Click text graphic…
Third Way is begging the other Democratic candidates to all attack Bernie at this week’s debate. Here’s their memo

Third Way used to publicly attack Warren all the time and now
they are out here demanding she help protect their Wall Street donors from Bernie

She isn’t listening…
Warren draws around 7,000 in Seattle (including overflow crowd).
She starts her remarks congratulating Sanders for winning the Nevada caucus…
and then immediately slams Bloomberg for trying to buy the election.

Regular Democrats … Aren’t Worried About Bernie
Many in the party elite remain deeply skeptical of the Vermont senator,
but rank-and-file voters do not share that hesitation.

…Sanders may be the least polarizing candidate in the presidential field, at least according to surveys of ordinary Democrats. A Monmouth University poll last week found not only that Sanders’s favorability rating among Democrats nationally – 71 percent – was higher than his five top rivals’, but also that his unfavorability rating – 19 percent – was tied for second lowest. …


See WaPo headline…
Translation: The establishment is all for democracy
as long as it doesn’t get too democratic.

NBC cut this section out of their Youtube upload. … (short clip)


The key to winning WI this November rests with delegates to the 2020 D convention in Milwaukee. They have to nominate a ticket that is prepared to compete on the basis of a progressive populist appeal that boosts turnout among voters 18-29. Without that, Ds lose. With it, Ds win.

See referenced comment…
If the Democrats compromised their values sufficiently to appeal to Meghan McCain, they would turn off the tens of millions of potential voters that they will need to win in 2020.

#NeverTrump hacks were Republican hacks who found their brand of hackery was suddenly
unwelcome in the GOP. So they decamped to the anti-Trump resistance, where they
now plead for Democrats to nominate someone who embraces their brand of hackery.

See referenced Jennifer Rubin…
Yikes! This is very bad news for Pete Buttigieg! The chief advocate
for imposing the losing strategies of Republican elite on the Democratic Party likes him.


Bill Kristol…

2012 Context: Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, Vol. XLI

2012 Context…
Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: Actor Assails Obama Through Empty Chair

Why am I not surprised that Mike Bloomberg appeals to guys who talk to empty chairs
at Republican national conventions?

It’s wild how easy it is for a Republican to get a column published complaining that Democrats
don’t appear likely to nominate someone that Republicans want to vote for.

Republican National Committee Obscured How Much It Pays Its Chief of Staff
Amid the record-breaking flows of cash, the RNC is giving lucrative consulting work to a select group of political operatives with Trump campaign ties.

Last year, the RNC gave its chief of staff a six figure raise, but concealed most of it
behind an LLC in its FEC reports. In response to questions, the RNC did not say why. …

===2020 Issues===
New Findings: 251.9 Million Years Ago:
Rapid Climate Change from CO2 Wiped out 90% of Species

Why sustainable insurance is a perfect companion to your city’s divestment efforts

Oil and gas firms ‘have had far worse climate impact than thought’
Study indicates human fossil methane emissions have been underestimated by up to 40%

Natural gas is a much ‘dirtier’ energy source than we thought

The Climate Mobilization 2020 candidate scorecard assesses five areas:
– Climate emergency declaration
– Emergency (speedy transition)
– National climate mobilization
– No more fossil fuels
– Democracy and environmental justice


Nebraska Congressional Voting Record
116th Congress, 1st Session
January  2019 – December  2019
A Special Report on Legislation Vital to American Retirees

Note: Our folks didn’t do very well. Other states’ reports:

Social Security payroll tax cap is put into sharp focus this time each year. That’s when millionaires stop paying into #SocialSecurity for the year. Try CEPR’s handy calculator to see when you or your favorite 1% stops paying.

Who Pays If We Raise The Social Security Payroll Tax Cap?

See chart…
Weeks the median male worker needed to work to afford a year’s worth of major expenses (house, a car, health care and education) for a family of four in
1985: 30 weeks (out of 52)
2018: 53 weeks (out of 52)

State of Working America Wages 2019
A story of slow, uneven, and unequal wage growth over the last 40 years

CBPP: Trump 2021 Budget Roundup

Surprised that the inequality debate is focusing so exclusively on redistribution through taxation. Didn’t anybody tell them that pre-distribution is the new hotness.

[W]e structure rules that allow people to get incredibly wealthy.

Inequality Isn’t Shareholders’ Fault, But They Can Help Fix It
The increase in the wealth gap seems to have more to do with managerial pay than corporate profits, creating opportunities for do-good investors.

…When CEOs get ridiculous paychecks, often for really bad performance (measured by
stock returns) they are not serving the interests of shareholders

…Management rips off the company because shareholders have a hard time exerting control.
Boards answer to management

In our corporate-run health system, consumer “choices”
are shaped entirely by profit-seeking monopolists.

If total national health spending were lower, why would GDP be higher?

Excessive health spending is like a tax that we throw in the garbage. If we can spend less
on health care, and get the same outcomes, then we have more to spend on other things

…If we called the 1000% markups, we see from government protected patent monopolies a tax, then perhaps people would view patents differently.


Article I, Section 8, Clause 8
The Congress shall have Power…
To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times
to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

Note: Having the power to do so isn’t a mandate. Congress could fund drug research, publishing the findings and deem products patent free (i.e. they’d be generics).

Patent monopolies give incentives for corruption…
> Key death data from EXCEL trial of stents and heart surgery held back


Exchange about allocating research money via competitive bids…
…I talk about this in Chapter 5 of Rigged (it’s free)


March-In Rights Under the Bayh-Dole Act

Bayh-Dole march-in won’t change drug prices but other things might

That the NIH does not march-in at all makes a mockery of Bayh-Dole’s march-in procedure and frustrates the essential purpose of having march-in – to promote free competition and encourage maximum participation by small companies in research and development. FRAND licensing – or even royalty-free non-exclusive licensing – is the obvious, number one way to achieve both of these objectives. …

New UChicago study finds 8 million Americans have started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for medical bills or treatment — while more than 12 million have started a campaign for someone else

Why is it so hard to end #SurpriseMedicalBills?
#PrivateEquity’s nearly $54 million lobbying campaign worked to suppress legislation to protect patients. @EileenAppelbaum & Rosemary Batt break it down here:

Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Modeling & Analysis at Yale: (Buttigieg’s) “Medicare for All Who Want It” would cost $600 billion MORE than Bernie’s #MedicareForAll & $175 billion more than the status quo.

Watch Dr. @Alison_Galvani of Yale School of Public Health explain that her study’s
projection of saving 68,000 lives per year under (Sanders’) Single Payer system is actually
a “conservative estimate.”  (video)

Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion,
Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

“public option reform would cost much more and cover much less than Medicare for All.”

See chart…
It is time to recognize that the clearest signal from the states that have voted thus far is one of overwhelming support for a single-payer #MedicareForAll health care system.



Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

On @LastWeekTonight, @iamjohnoliver breaks down the health care debate.
– Current system: “this f-cking mess.”
– Medicare4All: “universal health care”
– @Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare For All Who Want It:
“A slightly smaller sh-t sandwich with guacamole.”

Note: M4A is socialized insurance. *Not* socialized medicine. The VA is socialized medicine for their often specialized needs.

Insurance companies made nearly $1 trillion in revenue last year while 87 million Americans
went uninsured or underinsured. The insurance industry maximizes profits by denying people
care. We need Medicare for All to make health care a universal human right in America.

Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala, a New Special from Rick Steves

A few for context…
40 Years Ago, This Chilean Exile Warned Us About the Shock Doctrine.
Then He Was Assassinated.
Orlando Letelier’s 1976 Nation essay is still essential reading.

Operation Condor conspiracy faces day of judgment in Argentina court
Eighteen former military officers accused of participating in a plan in the 70s and 80s
to operate international death squads to eliminate leftwing exiles face verdict

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

New: Compromised encryption machines
gave CIA window into major human-rights abuses in South America

Early in my career I worked on Central and Latin America. We knew then what the govern-
ment denied but is now there for all to see: Our leaders sanctioned murder, torture and
abuse by dictators because they were “our” dictators.

We now know that the CIA tracked killings and torture in the infamous Operation Condor.
Juntas and death squads coordinated to kill and jail dissidents and officials.
“This is confirmation of those suspicions,” says one expert in the new story.

This horrific complicity is excused as “the ethical and moral compromises that espionage
entails.” Nonsense. It is US-sanctioned murder and torture. The CIA has never come clean,
has never repudiated or apologized. It is a continuing disgrace.

“It would be interesting to go through all of the speeches and statements of the State Dept –
all the statements over the years where U.S. officials distanced themselves from allegations
of atrocities, or professed ignorance,” @johnsifton @UNHumanright said.
And still do.

Trump’s Middle East plan: What does America stand for?
The Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan has done and will continue to do serious damage in the region, writes Shibley Telhami

“The most urgent challenges we face are being pushed aside. And the biggest item of increase in our budget is nuclear weapons.”
@WilliamHartung demonstrates how the 2021 Pentagon budget fails to secure our nation from the most pressing threats.

Loose cannons: The president and US nuclear posture

Just in case you missed this last Friday, the Trump administration admitted they lied about why they killed Soleimani. Well, they didn’t “admit” they lied. They just starting saying something very different from what they said last month.

July: Trump Vetoes Bills Intended To Block Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

UN Condemns ‘Shocking’ and ‘Terrible’
US-Backed Saudi Coalition Bombing That Killed 31 Yemeni Civilians
“Those who continue to sell arms to the warring parties must realize that by supplying
weapons for this war, they contribute to making atrocities like today’s all too common.”

===2020 Watch List===
MSNBC had a guest on to deliver a 2-minute screed criticizing Bernie for not divulging information from a classified briefing. …


Facebook balked at removing misinformation after the 2016 election out of concern it would alienate conservatives

“We can’t remove all of [the pages flagged as spreading disinformation] because it will disproportionately affect conservatives.”


…America’s 200-year tradition of conservatism all changed with the election of Ronald Reagan.

Suddenly the Republican Party was the party of rapid change, rapid deregulation, extreme and rapid tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, and a new focus on increasing the volume and speed of global trade in goods and services.

Thirty-four years on, the post-Reagan Revolution reality is that the Republican party is no longer ” conservative” and has no interest in improving society anymore.

Instead, the entire focus of the party is enriching the rich and impoverishing the working class and the poor.

Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots
Draft of Brown study says findings suggest ‘substantial impact
of mechanized bots in amplifying denialist messages’

Bloomberg Bankrolls a Social-Media Army to Push Message

It might be a good idea for anyone working for an organization that has received lots
of money from Mike Bloomberg to recuse themselves from commenting on a primary
in which Mike Bloomberg is running.


Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein spoke up again. …
Today is a good day to re-up my 2013 @dealbook column arguing @lloydblankfein … “presided over the implosion of Goldman Sachs’ brand and reputation.”

Context: … the 2008-09 Great Recession was the collapse of the housing bubble.
The financial crisis was secondary.

Housing fell from 6.7 percent of GDP to less than 2 percent (it’s 3.7 percent now). Consump-
tion from 97.5 percent of income to less than 92 percent (about where is is now). The loss
of demand of more than 8.0 pp of GDP (1.6 trillion in 2021) could not be easily replaced.

I always  thought one of the great absurdities of the Great Recession debate was the
struggle to explain why consumption was low. Ummmm, we lost $8 trillion in housing
bubble wealth. Why is a fall in consumption a surprise?


After the financial crisis, @MikeBloomberg defended Wall Street execs and blamed the crisis
on poor people: “It was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis.”
“We always tend to blame the wrong people. We blame the banks.”

Thread: It’ hard to overestimate how damaging the discourse of the “deficit hawk” – elevated by the media as a mark of seriousness – has been to the United States and much of the rest of the world, particularly in the last 15 years.

2013: It’s the Austerity, Stupid: How We Were Sold an Economy-Killing Lie
Once again, the Beltway fell for cherry-picked data – and you paid the price.

Baker on Buttigieg and deficits

Context: Chart: Unemployment Rate: 20 years and over (1948 – 2020)

Note: The housing bubble popped at the end of GW Bush’s administration (2008). (The stock bubble popped at the beginning of his administration (2001).)

Context: CBPP Chart Book: The Legacy of the Great Recession

Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Detailed thread

Fareed Zakaria gets just about everything wrong on trade and the trade deficit…

***Hartmann with Brian Miller: The Self-Made Myth on TV @ ~1 minute

I Didn’t Do It Alone:
Society’s Contribution to Individual Wealth and Success

“We are living in many ways in a socialist society right now. Problem is, as Dr. Martin
Luther King reminded us, we have socialism for the very rich, rugged individualism
for the poor.” – @BernieSanders speaking truth to power during #DemocraticDebates

.@HardballChris with @ninaturner just said @BernieSanders is “buying the election” like @mikebloomberg. His rationale: Sanders proposing cancelling student debt / free public college is same as Bloomberg spending $350 million on television ads.
Matthews makes $5 million annually. (video)

Note: It’s supposed to be all about the votes / the will of the people. But the free flow of campaign money has perverted democracy.

“A zillionaire super PAC is justified because it is the same thing as the Sunrise Movement”
seems to be a new talking point across the political landscape, and it is genuinely amazing
anyone can make that argument with a straight face

Compare / Contrast…
“I believe in democratic socialism for working people, not billionaires;
health care for all, and educational opportunities for all.”- @BernieSanders
differentiates himself from Mike “Welfare For The Rich” Bloomberg

Condemning “a corrupt political system bought by billionaires like Mr. Bloomberg,”
@BernieSanders addressed Mike Bloomberg directly, saying, “You and your campaign
contributions are electing people to represent the wealthy and the powerful.”

Should workers have a little more say in how corporations are run?
Mike Bloomberg: “Absolutely not… This is ridiculous. We’re not going to throw out capitalism.
We tried that. Other countries tried that. It was called communism and it just didn’t work.”

Questions: Does Bloomberg not understand that capitalism (capitalists invest money in privately owned business) coexisting with government-facilitated public good projects (i.e. police and fire departments, court systems, schools, roads, the proposed socialized health insurance etc) isn’t communism (where the government owns business)? Or is Bloomberg a corporatist (i.e. supporter of corporate rule) engaging in fright theater in order to curtail government-facilitated public good projects like Medicare for All?

***Hartmann: Lincoln didn’t fight the civil war to free the corporations

Bloomberg is on tape unambiguously calling for Social Security cuts.
This rating – which @PolitiFact arrived at by talking to an austerity think tank – is utterly wrong, and does a disservice to the institution of factchecking.

See referenced comment…
If billionaires paid (their fair share of) taxes,
we’d have a lot fewer poor people in need of their philanthropy.

Baker responds to PhRMA…
Of course if all drugs were available as generics, they would already be cheap, and we wouldn’t have to play stupid games to make drugs affordable, right PhRMA?


“If you wonder why the media landscape is so opposed to things like Medicare for All, or so blind to the risks of a warming planet, the buckraking at industry conferences could offer a rationale.”

…The (“centrist”) wing of the Democratic Party should calm down. The (“centrist”) programs
are proving too weak for voters but the progressive agenda’s showing real strength. After years
of telling progressives to rally around you, maybe it’s time to switch positions.


After the debate…
One has to seriously question the credibility of any campaign that would push out such a manipulated video. These reaction shots are unrelated to the two-second moment in the debate. This is a dangerously slippery slope that will lead to a nuclear war of fake videos. (video)

WashPost fact checker gives Bloomberg four Pinocchios for hugely manipulating
the video of last night’s debate (in which he performed so dismally).

Context for Bloomberg’s next ad…
YouGov: Which candidate are you considering voting for?
– Sanders 44%
– Bloomberg 27%
Morning Consult: Fav/Unfav
– Sanders 74-21 (+53)
– Bloomberg 61-25 (+36)
Emerson: Trump edges out all Dems except Sanders

Bloomberg’s next ad…

See text graphic…
This @NBCNews headline is doing a lot of projecting.
Sanders voted against the war, and, as the story notes, led the opposition to it. Others, like
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Joe Biden, voted for it and vocally supported
the (GW) Bush White House. Not complicated.

We heard for four years about the devastating oppo dump that would be unleashed on Sanders if it ever came to that. Turns out it’s “people on the internet are rude sometimes” and “release the long-form doctor’s letter”


I wonder what would happen if I just started retweeting all the ugly ad hominem insults
and threats I get every single hour of every day on this website. Would media automatically
start ascribing that to the other candidates and asking them to denounce?

Click text graphics of doctors’ reports…
Pundits, today: I can’t believe (Sanders) isn’t releasing his medical records!
Bernie, 51 days ago:

Related: (download link)

The major oppo dump on Bernie that we’re all supposed to fear has consisted of:
– He worked to try to deescalate the Cold War
– He opposed Central American death squads
– He successfully pressed the Obama admin to back off potential Social Security cuts
– He has a lake cabin (grandfather’s)


Bernie Talks Like a Jewish Man from Brooklyn and You Need to Get Over It
After the Democratic debates, many critiqued Sanders for appearing “angry.”
Some American Jews, however, saw the comments as ignorant or even anti-Semitic.

See referenced thread…
Incredible – the central charge Dovere based his entire report on has completely collapsed. Dovere here cites a source he should have … talked to before publishing his article blowing up the whole thing. …


===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Anti-Defamation League tweet.
As we enter a contentious campaign season, it is incumbent upon leaders & pundits to refrain from using offensive comparisons to the Holocaust. Doing so only diminishes the memories of the 6M Jews who were killed by Nazis & Nazi sympathizers.
> Chuck Todd Blasted for Citing ‘Brown Shirt’ Quote on Bernie (supporters)


Someone decided to put a rock through the window here at the Bernie Seattle headquarters
tonight. Everyone is okay and we’ll be here sweeping up the pieces and applying plywood. …
(Video )


New report shows 12 ways that Facebook favors conservatives

A foreign spammer channel on YouTube earned millions of views by spreading American political disinformation

Correcting a Buttigieg campaign comment accusation concerning the press…
Bernie Sanders is the only leading candidate who has released a comprehensive plan to protect journalists, defend the free press, and support the vibrant & diverse media that our democracy needs:


See report that left Warren out…
Did you not even poll Warren? Seriously? Yes or no question.

The Wall Street Journal Excluded Elizabeth Warren From a Poll… Because They Wanted To?
I have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly
neutral poll that left out a top-tier candidate simply because it felt like it.

A different incident; See infographic…
MSNBC just broadcast a graphic that showed Elizabeth Warren’s polling numbers with Amy Klobuchar’s face. This is real. What the he– is going on at NBC/MSNBC?

A video compilation of media bias…

The Denver Post runs a regular column by the chair of the “State & Local Legislation & Policy Group” at Colorado’s biggest corporate lobby firm. The newspaper doesn’t explicitly disclose that, nor does it disclose the guy’s clients that he may be shilling for in his column.

This is an embarrassment on every level – the Denver Post & its oped editor @meganschrader
are helping promote & launder a major oil/gas law firm & corporate lobby firm’s political attacks
on @BernieSanders, whose agenda threatens the financial interests of the firm’s clients.

Mara Liasson…
Factchecking NPR’s Attempted Takedown of Bernie Sanders

2012: NPR Updates Ethics Code; Allows Mara Liasson To Continue Fox News Association

The media & many 2020 Dems spent weeks manufacturing a false “bro” narrative insisting @BernieSanders & our grassroots movement are “divisive”
Voters apparently see the opposite: they see Bernie as a consensus candidate unifying a diverse coalition across many demographic groups

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
The Black/white homeownership gap is bigger now than when housing discrimination was legal, & the person rewriting our bank anti-discrimination laws ran a bank that went out of its way not to serve Black & Latino families. Housing discrimination still exists, & I’m fighting back. (video of her exchange with Comptroller of the Currency Otting)

The Woman Behind Elizabeth Warren’s Foreign Policy

One line framed the #DemocraticDebate:
“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against. A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’ And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.” – @ewarren
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
NYT confirms: Russia has been trying to intervene in the Democratic primaries to aid Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to people familiar with the matter, and intel officials recently briefed him about Russian interference in the election, Sanders said.

Sanders: “Unlike Donald Trump, I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend … The Russians
want to undermine American democracy by dividing us up and, unlike the current president,
I stand firmly against their efforts, and any other foreign power that wants to interfere.”

In under 3 years, the United States restructured the entire economy in order to win World War II and defeat fascism. If we could do that, then we can certainly address the climate crisis.
With a Green New Deal we can create 20 million good jobs and transform our energy system. (video)


The Walton family is the wealthiest family in America with a net worth of nearly $200 billion. It’s time for the Waltons to end their greed, pay a living wage of at least $15 an hour and treat all of their workers with the dignity and the respect they deserve.

Sen @BernieSanders wants to ban fracking in 2025. 90,000 Coloradans work in traditional energy. “Those workers are not my enemy,” Sanders said. He wants the US to spend billions to provide fossil fuel workers with five yrs of income, job training, and health care.

The Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security. So do the Palestinian people. I remain concerned about the platform AIPAC provides for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights. For that reason I will not attend their conference.

As president, I will support the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians
and do everything possible to bring peace and security to the region.

Bernie Sanders in Texas: “When I look out at this audience, I have absolute confidence that we can create a government that is based on compassion, it’s based on love, it’s based on truth, not what we have now of greed, corruption and lies.”

Sanders added that Trump “is a pathological liar, who is running a corrupt administration,
who is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot.”

See picture…
“… and that’s why the establishment is getting nervous.” – @BernieSanders in Tacoma

Bernie Sanders is the only leading Democrat who hasn’t taken money from billionaires
Pete Buttigieg… April 14th
Sanders responds to Buttigieg’s “polarizing” comment (video)

Nevada Culinary Workers Union Member: I Would Trade My Union Healthcare for Medicare for All

“The one thing about my marriage is it has never involved me having to send hush money to a porn star for cheating on my spouse.”  @PeteButtigieg responds to Rush Limbaugh’s griping about Buttigieg “kissing his husband on stage”

“As candidates we all have disagreements, but personal attacks like this are unacceptable.
The homophobic comments from Rush Limbaugh about Pete Buttigieg are outrageous
& offensive. Together we will end the division & hate led by Trump.” – @BernieSanders

I have seen quite a bit of piling on @Lis_Smith. I am sure she can handle it all. But I would just like to say that I have covered her, and the presidential campaigns she has been involved with, for a long time. She’s open and frank and the candidates who work with her are lucky.

The candidate funded by the most billionaires (i.e. Buttigieg) is now demanding the billionaire candidate get out of the race

How is building a large and diverse coalition equivalent to someone “who wants to burn this party down,” Buttigieg?
Joe Biden… April 25th
New Film Shows How Biden Played Leading Role in Push for U.S. to Invade Iraq

Click text graphic…
.@JoeBiden was right, Gates was wrong. The generals could not be trusted. The strategy couldn’t work. It did fail.  We would now be in a much better position if Obama had listened to Biden (and Holbrook).

Joe Biden will campaign in Colorado for the second time tonight, but still isn’t holding a public event. He’s here for a fundraiser hosted by oil and gas lobbyist Ken Salazar, whom Anadarko hired for damage control after the 2017 Firestone home explosion.

Onstage in Vegas, Biden says he “probably did awfully well with Culinary workers.” He appears to have lost five of the seven strip caucuses, dominated by those workers, to Sanders.
Michael Bloomberg… Nov 2019
Mike Bloomberg just now: “No other Democrat has my record of fighting climate change.”
Also Mike Bloomberg:
> Bloomberg Criticizes New York Fracking Ban
> Bloomberg sees a Way on Keystone

Bloomberg received a 31/50 GND and 19/50 No Fossil Fuels C+ ranking

Sen John Barrasso (R-WY) who votes for Big Energy (along with his Republican colleagues)
fearmongers over the Green New Deal on a Bloomberg platform

A counter argument…
Sanders’s Green New Deal would bankrupt Russia

Related: (thread)

Perhaps the assumption that that WaPo story about Bernie coming from the intelligence
community were overblown?


Yesterday, a major scientific study came out suggesting methane emissions from stuff like fracking are far worse than ever imagined/ Hours later, @MikeBloomberg stood on the debate stage & reiterated his support for fracking


1/30/09: “Bloomberg wants to cut services: 30 ambulance tours…homeless prevention & child care”
2/18/09: Bloomberg to invest “government money to retrain investment bankers, traders & others who lost jobs on Wall Street”

This morning, I went looking for @MikeBloomberg’s financial disclosure – and found that unlike all the other candidates he hadn’t filed one yet. What does this guy worth $60 billion own, who wants to be president? He hasn’t told us yet…

“Unlike most New York politicians, the billionaire mayor for 12 years has refused to release
his full tax returns, instead inviting the media each year to review – for a few hours only –
his highly redacted filings.”

FEC filing…
As of today, Michael Bloomberg has spent more money on advertising than any presidential  candidate in American history. This wouldn’t be surprising at the end of the process; Campaign spending breaks records every cycle. But it’s almost 9 months before the election.

The @MikeBloomberg campaign spent more than $27 million on Facebook ads
& another $5 million on Google ads in January alone:

Editorial: Michael Bloomberg has some fence-mending to do with America’s farmers

Bloomberg explaining how healthcare will “bankrupt us,” unless we deny care to the elderly.
“If you show up with cancer & you’re 95 years old, we should say…there’s no cure, we can’t do anything.
A young person, we should do something. Society’s not willing to do that, yet.” (video)

See video…
9th richest man musing about how to cut the funds
poor elderly people depend on to survive. How very electable!

Bloomberg’s record on Social Security has its advocates alarmed
Bloomberg has been wrong on Social Security for years.

See referenced comment…
…Bloomberg himself needs to disavow his past positions and pledge never to cut one
penny of current or future Social Security benefits. Then, voters can decide if they trust
him to keep that promise in light of his long-held support for cuts.

.@MikeBloomberg has not disavowed or apologized for these comments
and other comments like them (video)

While Bloomberg compared the AARP to the NRA, we were proud that
AARP supported Bernie’s amendment to stop Social Security from being cut.
AARP: Bernie’s amendment prevented taking “$146 billion out of the pockets
of America’s veterans & seniors.” (video)



In the lead up to the financial crisis, @MikeBloomberg vetoed legislation to crack down on predatory lending. During & after the crisis, he defended bankers & deployed law enforcement to stop-and-frisk communities of color that were harmed by the crisis

Honestly the Bloomberg financial reform plan is such a transparent lie.
I’m glad @zachdcarter covered it so I don’t have to

The Barney Frank quotes are amazing. Barney Frank is not a hard-charging anti-Wall
Streeter. He’s on a bank board now! – See below for the quote

I will say something about why the Bloomberg terminals are so successful.
1 network effects. Everyone’s on it because everyone’s on it.
2 willful hoarding of real-time data that the government could guarantee publication of.
It’s rent collection on unnecessarily hard-to-get data

The basic logic is all about rent-seeking. If the price of wheat adjusts to news of bad
weather in Argentina 5 minutes more quickly, what is the gain to the economy?

Wikipedia Context: Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer software system provided by the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in the financial service sector and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platform.[1] It was developed by businessman Michael Bloomberg. The system also provides news, price quotes, and messaging across its proprietary secure network.  …

(Bloomberg) Has History of Hostility to Unions Key to Voter Turnout

Leaked Bloomberg Campaign NDA Protects Abusive Bosses
The campaign’s nondisclosure agreement could prevent staffers
from reporting workplace abuse and discrimination.

This story from @kenklippenstein sums up the way in which Bloomberg is not just
imposing himself but the worst of corporate culture on the 2020 campaign.

“Developers hoping to get tax breaks for building affordable housing in or near luxury buildings can no longer install a ‘poor door’ to separate low-income tenants…The ‘poor doors’ were previously allowed under a program created by Mayor Bloomberg”

Michael Bloomberg’s education ‘reforms’ would be a disaster for public schools
Like Trump, Bloomberg is a fervent backer of privatizing
and dismantling public schools across the country

In 2011, Mike Bloomberg cited budget concerns in proposing laying off nearly 5,000 teachers: Soon after, he opposed raising revenues through increasing taxes on the very wealthy:

Here is @MikeBloomberg arguing for more high stakes testing – against @BarackObama, who Bloomberg is featuring in his TV ads. High stakes testing has become a form of torture for students and an excuse to privatize.

Michael Bloomberg sued New York’s city council to try to overturn a law that “expanded the definition of racial profiling and gives New Yorkers who believe they were targeted the right to sue”

A Timeline of Michael Bloomberg’s Support for Stop-and-Frisk
Mr Bloomberg has begun to imply that he turned against the practice much sooner than he did. In reality, he defended it for years, including…

Detailed thread

Bloomberg has also taken credit for the near-disappearance of stop-and-frisk by the time
he left office (it was because of a court ruling he fiercely opposed), and claimed the only
reason he didn’t apologize sooner was no one asked him about it (not true.)

A review of dozens of Bloomberg’s appearances over the past decade
reveal how he defended stop-and-frisk before running for president


“Bloomberg Apologized for Stop-and-Frisk. Why Won’t He Say Sorry to Muslims for Spying on Them?” – my latest piece for @theintercept on an under-reported, Islamophobic angle to Michael Bloomberg’s awful civil liberties and policing record in New York:


@HaroldMeyerson on why Michael Bloomberg is, among everything else, a bad bet against Trump because of his policy stances, particularly his corporate dependence on and love for China

When Bloomberg News’s Reporting on China Was Challenged,
Bloomberg Tried to Ruin Me for Speaking Out

…Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP, is so dependent on the vast China market for its business that its lawyers threatened to devastate my family financially if I didn’t sign an NDA silencing me about how Bloomberg News killed a story critical of Chinese Communist Party leaders. It was only when I hired Edward Snowden’s lawyers in Hong Kong that Bloomberg LP eventually called off their hounds after many attempts to intimidate me.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Criticizes Michael Bloomberg For ‘Masking’ a Lifetime of ‘Supporting Those In Power’ With Television Ads

2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg says he doesn’t regret backing Iraq War

Facts back up this short statement…

When a picture belies the subject line…

Related Video:

See linked statement…
I guess that when you’re a powerful billionaire, you’re not used to – and you certainly
don’t like – people holding you accountable for your record.

Note: Bloomberg didn’t refute any of the comments. He attacked the messengers.

I am admittedly not a communications professional, but I do not understand the thinking
behind putting out a press release that is just a list of other people owning you

If you’re fact checking, heres a press release on Bloomberg’s website describing
@MikeBloomberg as a “part-time Bermuda resident”:
Also, The Guardian: “Bermuda is the world’s worst corporate tax haven,
according to a list by Oxfam”

“The primary is ours to win” is an interesting take from a candidate who has won 0 delegates
and has merely a quarter of the Dem electorate even considering voting for him.
Or is he just assuming that he can buy his way to victory at a brokered convention,
regardless of votes?

Bloomberg campaigns in California while sitting out of Iowa:
‘I’m not running against Democrats – I’m running against Trump’

I thought he said he wasn’t running against other candidates in the primary, right?
He is running against Trump, he said. Uh huh. He is an ill-disguised Trojan horse.

Today in Richmond, CA, @BernieSanders on @MikeBloomberg:
“Now Mr Bloomberg, like anybody else, has a right to run for president. He does not have
a right to buy the presidency. Especially after being mayor of New York and having a
racist stop-and-firsk policy, especially after opposing – imagine a multi-billionaire opposing –
a raise in the minimum wage. Imagine a multi-billionaire asking for cuts to Social Security,
Medicare and Medicaid.”


Michael Bloomberg is now in second place, on the strength of a 15% rise funded entirely by massive expenditures from his personal fortune. That’s a daunting reality Democrats are going to have to wrestle with. Do they want to be a party where nominations are earned, or bought?

Billionaire Mike Bloombergs deep pockets and history of political spending
seem to have benefited the Democratic presidential candidate as the race tightens

Watching old C-SPAN Bloomberg clips this morning. From a July 2003 event: “We are going
to bring George W. Bush back for four more years, you have my word on that.” (video)

Bloomberg Surrogate Was PR Guru for Bolsonaro
Arick Wierson, who is pushing the billionaire’s presidential bid, devoted himself in 2018 to softening the image of Brazil’s extreme-right leader, reports Ben Norton.

Bill Weld… April 16th…
“I believe that the president abused his powers… and I don’t believe that he should be in office.”
– Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, *a Republican*, is actively opposing Trump’s re-election.
Scott has endorsed @GovBillWeld in VT’s GOP presidential primary.
Donald Trump
How Trump Hollowed Out US National Security
Acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell is just the latest in a cascade of temporary or vacant personnel in critical government positions

…almost all of the roles created after 9/11 literally to prevent the next 9/11 will be either vacant or lack permanent appointees.

CBPP: Budget Exposes Trump Administration’s Empty Rhetoric on Homelessness, Fair Housing

“Trump imposed tens of billions… in taxes on the American people in the form of tariffs on Chinese imports. Trump claims that China paid for these tariffs, but… virtually all of the cost… was borne by consumers or intermediaries in the US.” @DeanBaker13

Article’s conclusion…

Given his confusion on trade issues, and the likelihood that any further Trump offensives in the trade war will backfire, we would be best off if Trump just followed the advice of Sen. Aiken: declare victory and leave the trade war behind.

  See referenced Trump comment…
Fact check:
– American taxpayers, consumers, and businesses are the ones who pay for Trump’s tariffs,
not China or any other country
– Taxpayers also foot the bill for the $28B in farm bailouts, which is
more than double the auto bailout cost and won’t be repaid to the government

The White House acknowledged what many economists considered obvious through much
of last year: Trump’s trade stance depressed economic growth and business investment.

NFU Urges Public and Transparent Process for Any Future Trade Assistance

“In his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump declared that ‘our agenda is relentlessly pro-worker.’  Relentless, yes. Pro-worker, no.”
– Wilma Liebman, former Chair, National Labor Relations Board

…worth reading @DeanBaker13’s comments on the way professional licensing is used as   protectionism / rent-seeking for elites, such as physicians, in contrast to the libertarian / free-trade rhetoric often used when non-elite jobs are at stake.

One point from the report: The potential gains to consumers from freer trade in professional services are enormous. Assuming that a reduction in trade barriers led to a 15 percent increase in the supply of four types of highly paid professionals – doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants – the paper calculates that the gains to consumers would range from $160 billion to $270 billion a year. By comparison, the cost to consumer of the steel tariffs imposed last year has been estimated at just $3 billion a year.

  At the most basic level, the reason we have free trade in cars and steel, but not physicians
services, is doctors have far more political power than auto or steel workers. That’s why our
auto workers get much less money than their counterparts in Germany and doctors get
much more

Trump Wants to Inflict Severe Pain on Disabled Community…

Donald Trump promised he would fight for LGBTQ people. Instead, his administration has systematically undone recent gains in their rights and protections. Here are 31 examples.

Congress controls the purse…
Lawmakers blast plan to shift $3.8 billion from Pentagon to border wall

The fund transfers, detailed in Defense Department budget documents uncovered Thursday, would use money that had been budgeted for two F-35 fighters, two C-130J cargo planes, drones and other equipment. The plan also targets $1.3 billion that was originally allocated for National Guard units from all four branches of the military.

This move comes a year after the White House diverted $3.6 billion from military construction projects to the wall that President Donald Trump famously promised during his 2016 election campaign would be paid for by Mexico.

 “President Trump promised the people of Wisconsin that Mexico would pay for his border
wall and now he is making American taxpayers fund it.” –  @SenatorBaldwin on Trump
robbing funds allotted to Wisconsin manufacturers to pay for his wall fantasy

On mercury pollution, Trump’s EPA goes beyond industry requests
It’s a striking realization when Trump’s EPA takes a position that is more pro-pollution than the position of polluters themselves.

“Trump’s choice to stay at his own Las Vegas hotel each night during the western states swing … likely cost taxpayers a million extra dollars as well as diverted thousands of them into his own cash registers.”

Abandoning anti-corruption posture, Trump goes on pardoning spree

The son of one of Trump’s pardon recipients gave $85k to Trump victory this August.
His wife gave $50k that same month. On top of that, they made an in-kind contribution
for $75k in air travel.

In the old days, the slogan was, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”
Now it’s “if you can’t do the time, contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign.”

Trump’s pardon of Bernie Kerik
also apparently wiped out Kerik’s $103,300 debt to taxpayers

Trump commutes 14-year sentence of former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich amid blitz of pardons

Fact check on Trump’s tweets: “Trump repeated his claim that FBI Director James Comey
was involved in Blagojevich’s prosecution … Comey did not take over at the FBI until years
after the Blagojevich case.”


Trump pardons 1980s ‘junk bond king’ Michael Milken


Trump’s campaign is bringing on an alum of the controversial data firm Cambridge Analytica, a move likely to raise alarms among Trump critics and data privacy advocates who worry the president will push the technological envelope to get reelected in 2020.

Responding to Trump…
If you didn’t spend all your time on Twitter and watching Fox, you would know about the hundreds of bills passed by the House that your do-nothing friends in the Senate are blocking

I don’t want to alarm anyone but the President is now reading off “poll” after “poll” at his campaign rally to prove he won the debates in 2016. He is also complaining about Brad Pitt and that a South Korean movie won the Oscars and that he didn’t win Time Man of the Year.

2016 Context: Trump urges Russia to hack Clinton’s email

“I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” the Republican nominee said at a news conference in Florida. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Senior intelligence official told lawmakers that Russia wants to see Trump reelected

After learning of that analysis, which was provided to House lawmakers in a classified hearing, Trump grew angry at his acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, in the Oval Office, seeing Maguire and his staff as disloyal for speaking to Congress about Russia’s perceived preference. …

    To be clear: the President of the United States isn’t upset Russia is trying to interfere in
our election. He’s upset that Congressional leaders know about it.

See referenced Trump statement…
Highest approval obtained in Gallup polls, by president:
GW. Bush: 90% (9/11)
GHW Bush: 89% (1st Gulf War)
Truman: 87% (After WWII)
JFK: 83%
FDR: 83%
LBJ: 79%
Eisenhower: 77%
Carter: 74%
Clinton: 73%
Reagan: 71%
Ford: 70%
Obama: 67%
Nixon: 66%
…Trump: 49%

At some point in every modern president’s time in office, around two-thirds or more of
Americans approved of the job they were doing. So far, Trump has *never* convinced
even half of Americans to approve of the job he’s doing.

6 in 10 Nevada caucus-goers report in exit polls that they support eliminating private insurance & creating a single-payer system, per WaPo gurus @sfcpoll
& @EmGusk. Same result in both NH and Iowa. Health care *the* top issue in all 3 states

In Nevada, two top candidates, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, both put deceptive ads on the air attacking Medicare for All. They campaigned explicitly against Medicare for All. And they lost by 30 points

Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year:
Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

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