Towards an issues-based 2020 election (60)

===2020 Big Picture===
Russia wants to watch Americans “tear ourselves apart” as the U.S. heads toward elections, an FBI official warned. “The primary objective is not to create a particular version of the truth but rather to cloud the truth and erode our ability to find it.”


As the Primary Race Heats Up, (some) Candidates Forget Principled Campaign Finance Stands

The Top Lawyer Bankrolling (some) Democrats

You know what would be great?
If all the leading Democratic candidates for president issued a joint statement on the seriousness of the Coronaviris crisis and the need for a unified government response based on science and transparency.
No attack on Trump. A unity appeal.

First in a detailed thread…
To pundits confused or upset by younger voters & the primary results:
Student debt is a disaster of epic proportions that’s ruining millions of lives & may crash our economy. I’ve been covering it for 3 years. Here’s what political & media types are missing:

Given all the cr-p being thrown his way…
If you want to know why so many of us are voting for @BernieSanders then this video is for you. #BernieBeatsTrump

The important word in ‘democratic socialism’ is ‘democratic’
Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t talking about making America into Cuba or Venezuela. He’s talking about extending social guarantees like those offered in other advanced countries, such as Denmark and Sweden.

.@RevJJackson speaks out ahead of South Carolina:
“What Sanders represents is not the left-wing, it’s the moral center.”
“[Biden’s] on a different side of history… he might as well own up to his side of history.”
“[Biden’s] message does not address the pain of our people.” (video)

This 2016 column by @NicholsUprising is about the first presidential candidate to run on an intersectional policy platform. “Chisholm, who spoke of the ‘revolutionary’ possibilities of electoral politics, took everything to the next level.”

A really solid report from @chrislhayes. It kinda makes you think that many pundits & politicos actually know this data, and what they really fear isn’t Bernie losing – but Bernie winning (video)

The last time pundits and Beltway “experts” insisted that Democrats were self-
destructively running a too-left McGovern-like candidate who was unelectable,
that candidate won in a landslide (i.e. Obama)

Quite an irony that Bloomberg, by spending his hundreds of millions to promote his candidacy, is drawing votes from other Democratic (“centrists”) in the race and helping anti-billionaire Bernie Sanders.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair: “If our goal is to bring as many Nevada Democrats as possible into the fold to select our presidential nominee, it’s time for our State Party and elected leaders to look at shifting to a primary process moving forward.”

Wm Owen…
DNC Superdelegate Promoting Brokered Convention Is a Significant GOP Donor, Health Care Lobbyist
South Carolina Debate…
Maybe this time candidates will actually be asked about what they will do to make the economy safe from Wall Street risk?

When Bloomberg’s money manager (and MSNBC commentator Steve Rattner)) says he been “bullish” on oil and gas, he means that despite the candidate’s climate talk, he’s confident these companies will continue setting the world on fire so it’s a good place to park Bloomberg’s billions. Moderators, ask about it. #DemDebate (video)

Hey @PeteButtigieg, the revolutionary politics of the 1960s
brought us the civil rights movement! Check your history!

…the revolutionary politics of the 1960s also brought us Medicare and Medicaid.

Bloomberg fact checks…

“It’s not justice when we lock up kids caught with an ounce of pot, while hedge fund managers make millions off of the legal sale of marijuana. My administration will put an end to that broken system.” – @ewarren

“One more thing. My secretary of education will believe that it is time to get rid of high-stakes testing.” – @ewarren  Marks to Elizabeth Warren for slapping down high-stakes testing in a presidential debate.

For the second #DemocrateDebate in a row, @ewarren is leading the prosecution of @MikeBloomberg. And she is very, very good at it.

Elizabeth Warren: “In 2012, [Bloomberg] scooped in to try to defend another Republican senator against a woman challenger. That was me. It didn’t work, but he tried hard. I don’t care how much money Mayor Bloomberg has, the core of the Democratic Party will never trust him.”

Amy Klobuchar: “I want to take this out of politics right now and talk to the American people because this is so serious. I’m not going to give my website right now, I’m going to give the CDC’s website, which is so that people keep checking in.”

Recognizing that she’s behind in SC, @AmyKlobuchar has focused a lot of energy on #SuperTuesday states such as her native Minnesota, Arkansas and Oklahoma. She won’t ignore SC in #DemDebate, but watch for some messaging aimed at securing March 3 votes.

I wish there were as many questions about funding the military-industrial complex as there are about whether we can afford to take care of Americans who get sick.

Joe Biden is so desperate he now literally wants you to believe this didn’t happen (video)

When we get to the foreign policy segment I’m going to need someone to ask how we’ll pay for an open-ended military presence in the Middle East

Has anyone else noticed how all of these foreign policy questions come with right-wing assumptions? Combat troops keep us safe. Criticizing AIPAC is bad. The only authoritarian regimes are ones we oppose. Meeting with adversaries is bad.

Once again, the #DemDebate question on North Korea-“Would you meet with Kim Jong Un?”-utterly misses the point, erasing what’s really at stake here: an escalating nuclear crisis, the livelihoods of millions of people on both sides of the border, ending 70 years of war.

It’s a trick question! We made a guide to help progressives avoid reinforcing tropes
that undermine diplomacy, dismiss the will of Korean people, and harm the prospects
for resolving a problem that will outlast this admin

1) DON’T embrace the failed status quo. …
2) DON’T reinforce the overly simplistic frame that diplomacy is a concession
that legitimizes Kim Jong Un. …
3) DON’T echo unrealistic demands. …
4) DO sharply criticize Trump for doing diplomacy badly. …
5) DO champion ending the war. …
6) DO support our South Korean allies. …

Bloomberg doubles down on endless war, to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here.

Bernie Sanders: “Let me tell Mr. Putin, who interfered in the 2016 election to try to bring Americans against Americans. Hey Mr. Putin, if I’m president of the United States, trust me, you’re not going to interfere anymore in American elections.” #DemDebate

Not a single climate change question. Horrifying.


“Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world, in Chile, in Guatemala, in Iran…” – @BernieSanders

Sanders calls out “reactionary racist Netanyahu”
while Bloomberg charges Mideast with “age-old hatreds”

I believe that a @MikeBloomberg ad has aired during every break in this #DemocraticDebate.

South Carolina Democratic Debate Biggest Winners and Losers


Two polling questions directed at Democratic debate viewers

Who is the best candidate on…
– Healthcare:
Sanders 33
Biden/Bloomberg 14
Warren 12
Buttigieg 6
– Environment:
Sanders 27
Bloomberg 12
Warren 11
Biden 10
Buttigieg 8
Steyer 7
– Immigration:
Sanders 21
Biden 16
Warren 12
Bloomberg 9
Buttigieg 8
@Reuters/@Ipsos, Democrats/leaners,

With exit/entrance polls finding overwhelming support for Medicare for All in IA, NH and NV, the health care industry front group just quietly dumped $200K into SC in the last 4 days of the race

Looks like a very big win for @joeBiden in #SouthCarolinaPrimary. Way better than anyone would have predicted two weeks ago. Looks like a weak second for Sanders, then Steyer and pretty miserable for everyone else.

[H]uge increase in South Carolina turnout tonight. We’re looking at over 500,000, compared to 370,000 in 2016.

In 2016, @BernieSanders finished 2nd in the #SouthCarolinaPrimary
that was essentially a 1-on-1 contest with Hillary Clinton.
In 2020, he finished 2nd in a contest where 6 candidates were campaigning.
In 2016, Sanders got 96,498 votes.
In 2020, Sanders got 105,068 votes.

Medicare for All gets another win in SC, 50% to 44%, per exit poll. (It had stronger wins in IA, NH & NV, which all had about 6 in 10 in favor). Industry group ad campaign blunted in part by @wendellpotter’s Medicare for All NOW!’s efforts in SC.

#SCPrimary voters should listen to @wendellpotter explain that, while the Affordable
Care Act did a lot of good, we must now urgently move forward to #MedicareForAll
and guarantee health care as a right for all Americans.

Thread:  Our coalition of doctors @cmteetoprotect just commissioned polls testing
how much President Trump is trusted on healthcare in 5 swing states he won in ’16:
MI, PA, WI, AZ & IA. The results? The president is extremely vulnerable on healthcare
in 2020. Some details:

While Michael Bloomberg wasn’t on the ballot, a broad 66% of South Carolina voters in preliminary exit polls expressed an unfavorable opinion of him-far more than any of the other six candidates tested.

See referenced link…
Easy- just remember:
– Climate Change is real
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 139 years old
– You can vote for someone you only agree with on 85% of issues.


How modern Republicans run for office…
Mitch McConnell’s desk has become a legislative graveyard for 275+ bills passed by House Democrats. Now, after months of legislative inactivity, McConnell has scheduled votes on two abortion-related bills in an attempt to energize social conservatives.

Senate Democrats have just blocked two abortion-related bills as Republicans
look to weaponize the issue ahead of the 2020 elections.’s abortion archives

The Facts on the Born-Alive Debate

Politifact’s Abortion Archives

Most recent (2/29/20)…
Ted Cruz stated on February 24, 2020 in a speech:
Says Democrats are embracing “abortion up until the moment of birth and even,
horrifically, after that.”
Do Democrats support abortion up until (and after) birth? (No)

Snopes Abortion Archives

Do Women Meet With Doctors to Determine Whether to ‘Execute’ Newborn Babies?
Medical professionals are reacting to an incendiary remark made by
U.S. President Donald Trump in spring 2019. (No)

We finally have a new US maternal mortality estimate. It’s still terrible.

Among 10 similarly wealthy countries, “the US would rank 10th.”

The RNC Stopped Paying a Data Firm After A Serious Breach. Then It Paid A Mysterious LLC With the Same Address.

===2020 Issues===
Carbon Dioxide Levels in the Atmosphere Hit Highest Level in 3 Million Years

CO2 – Earth

NASA satellite images reveal dramatic melting in Antarctica after record heat wave

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End
Despite claims to the contrary, eliminating them would have a significant effect in addressing the climate crisis

Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States (Studies in Postwar American Political Development) Kindle Edition

Science Friday…

McKibben: Welcome to The Climate Crisis Newsletter
See chart…
Japan and South Korea now spend substantially more than the United States on family benefits. Similarly, while Canada and the US spent similar amounts in 2000, Canada now spends twice the US amount.

These are the popular ideas progressives can win with (and some unpopular ones to avoid)
Crackdowns on pharmaceutical and credit card companies lead the way.

See charts…
Winning ideas:
Crackdown on banks, pharmaceutical companies, and water-polluters
while promising paid family leave and legal marijuana.

CBPP: Congressional Black Caucus’s Push for Childless Workers’ EITC, Then and Now

CBPP: Deep Poverty Among Children Rose in TANF’s First Decade, Then Fell as Other Programs Strengthened

CBPP: States Should Invest More of Their TANF Dollars
in Basic Assistance for Families

CBPP: TANF Shows Why Block Grants Are Bad Deal for States

CBPP: Block-Granting Low-Income Programs
Leads to Large Funding Declines Over Time,History Shows

TANF funds in Mississippi appear to have gone toward the construction of a new
volleyball facility at the University of Southern Miss. Brett Favre, of all people,
is at the center of the scandal.

See chart titled, “A year of wages no longer covers a year of family expenses”…
This chart is the best explanation of middle-class finances you will ever see.
It helps explain why so many middle-class and blue-collar families are struggling & think the system is rigged.

Thank you to the American Medical Student Association @AMSANational for endorsing our College for All Act to cancel student debt and make college tuition-free. American doctors should not have mountains of debt looming over them while they work to heal the sick and injured. (video)

CBPP: States Look to Expand Opportunity by Taxing More Wealth, High Incomes

In Colorado, the richest people pay the lowest tax rates. That’s not right. It’s time to do something about it.

Buffett says he’s still paying lower tax rate than his secretary

Tiny California city struggles to manage fire tax revenue. Now it’s asking for more

As Supreme Court considers the fate of Obamacare, Obamacare’s popularity is higher than ever — and is substantially higher than Trump’s popularity …. (as Trump seeks to kill Obamacare. & deny protections for pre-existing conditions)

Lawsuit backgrounders

CBPP: President’s Budget Previews Administrative Actions That Would Weaken Medicaid

CBPP: Correcting the Record:
Medicaid Block Grants Would Affect More Than Healthy Adults

A this-shouldn’t-happen health insurance thread…

22 studies agree: Medicare for All saves money
Whether you call it single-payer or Medicare for All, it isn’t some socialist pipe dream. It’s a sensible, efficient, and effective way to guarantee excellent health insurance to everyone.

The Yale University author of the landmark Lancet study on health care financing says @BernieSanders’ financing plan will fully pay for Medicare for All

Medicare for All will lead to more entrepreneurship and small businesses, plain and simple. I’m looking forward to a robust discussion of this point – too often overlooked but critical for businesses of all sizes – as this primary moves forward.

Why Unions (And Everyone Else) Would Do Better With ‘Medicare For All’: ‘BradCast’ 2/25/2020
Guest: Former insurance exec Richard ‘RJ’ Eskow…

Coronavirus makes the case for Medicare-for-all


Medicare for All:
Why the Nevada Culinary Workers revolted against their Union Bosses

Note: Baker has expressed concerns about making the M4A transition too fast. As I understand it… costs need to be reined in ~proportionately to expenditures. Some point to FDR’s policy making as a guide but wasn’t FDR digging out of the Great Recession at the time? There’s a difference in what one can do outside vs inside depressions / recessions.

Here’s Baker’s proposal: Experts… please debate the issue.

Shootings by Homeland Security agents get little scrutiny

New Study Finds No Evidence of OAS Fraud Claims, “Very Likely” Evo Morales Won Bolivia’s October Elections in the First Round. MIT Statisticians Confirm Main Findings of Earlier CEPR Analysis


See referenced (Spanish) report…
OAS responds to @Master0fNull’s criticism of its statistical analysis by…
failing to defend its statistical analysis. This is the research equivalent
of pleading the Fifth Amendment. If the OAS cannot defend its analysis,
it should withdraw that analysis from the report.

Yes and there needs to be an investigation of the OAS to find out who was
responsible for promoting this so obviously false narrative for 4 months,
when the Trump administration and OAS used it to support a military coup
and violent political repression

Respected former military leader supports #NewSTART Treaty extension – Senate bill, Portman’s support crucial to national security – #nuclear

With Trump’s re-election uncertain, the pro-#Iran war/regime change crowd may be running out of time to put the #JCPOA away for good. @TylerCullis has more on their latest efforts

.@tedlieu asks Pompeo if it’s true that Iran’s nuclear program is more advanced since Trump took office.  Pompeo: “They have enriched to a higher level than they did when we took office.”

Note: Trump violated the Iran Deal. That’s why things have changed.

Quitting the Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘A Serious Mistake’

Americans Want Jobs, Not War
The data behind the conclusions


The Air Force is rigging the system. They want to triple the contracts for the new (unneeded) ICBM to make it impossible for the next president to stop. @HASCDemocrats cannot allow this blatant manipulation. No valid reason for a $1 Billion increase.

Astonishing. A Pentagon general told the Senate today that America should be ready to start a nuclear war. Says he wants a “flexible first use policy.” After years of denouncing the Russians for having this policy, he wants the same doctrine. At 58:13 mark

So here’s the question: Is this general going beyond official US policy? After
discussing with several colleagues, I think he is. He is not just saying that
starting nuclear war should be possible option. He’s saying we *should* go first.
I’d love to hear other views

A Sen Fischer reference…

The hyperbolic testimony by senior military officials is deeply disturbing.
They are misleading Congress and the American people.

@EsperDoD says spending $75 Billion this year on nuclear weapons and related programs is “foundational to our survival as a nation.” But is it? @WilliamHartung disagrees.

===2020 Watch List===
Republican mega-donor buys stake in Twitter and seeks to ourt Jack Dorsey – report

…The right sees Facebook doing their bidding and wants to duplicate on Twitter by buying out
& replacing @Jack. This is the digital war. It’s real, and it will cement rising authoritarianism
if we let it

Researchers at Princeton and NYU found that Facebook users 65 and over posted seven times as many articles from fake news websites, compared to adults under 29.


First in a thread…
Email is a political battleground. Candidates work hard to spit-polish messages that will raise money and turn out the vote. But Gmail’s black box sorting algorithm sends many political messages to a separate tab that users may rarely check.

Fact check…
Joe Biden has a 40-year history of working with Republicans to cut Social Security.
Bernie Sanders has a 30-year record fighting to expand Social Security & prevent
cuts. … (video)

Take 45 seconds & watch this video …
You’ll see @BernieSanders lead the fight to stop the GOP effort to freeze funding
for Social Security. Then you’ll see that 5 days later @JoeBiden was bragging
about his effort to help the GOP freeze Social Security funding.

When you watch this clip, remember that Mitch McConnell recently told Bloomberg
News “he hopes to work with next Democratic President to trim Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid.”

Sad to see @TimOBrien crowing over and perverting Bernie essays in alt weekly from 50+ years ago

It would be great if reporters gave as much attention to ridiculous things that folks
like Bloomberg and Buttigieg said about budget deficits in the last weeks as what
Sanders said many decades ago

I understand some people are upset about praise for literacy programs in Cuba. I agree with this fellow.
“The United States recognizes progress that Cuba has made as a nation, its enormous achievements in education and in health care.” – President Obama


Dem presidents, presidential contenders & senators have for many years balanced
criticism of Cuba on human rights with recognition of the country’s literacy
& health care initiatives. Rs have often played politics and distorted these
observations. Now, Bloomberg’s doing the same.

et tu, Pete Buttigieg?

et tu, Biden senior advisor?

This is an incredibly unfair, disappointing comment from Biden’s campaign.
Especially the suggestion that Bernie’s views are anti-American.


Video factcheck…


It’s entertaining to see so many “Latin America experts” get themselves up in a
tizzy over  @BernieSanders comments regarding Cuba. Especially those employed
by a company that is paid to lobby for the coup government in Bolivia. @lhfang


See news about Hosni Mubarak…
As the DC establishment gins up outrage over some complimentary words about Cuban literacy programs, a timely reminder that they backed this dictator for decades, and continue to back his even worse successor.

Context: The US tried to change other countries’ governments 72 times during the Cold War

Neocon Jennifer Rubin…

Responding to another Jennifer Rubin comment…
Obama, 2009: “In the middle of the Cold War, the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically-elected Iranian government.”
Narrator: He got reelected

Nichols responds to neocon, Max Boot’s comment…
“[The] CIA has been diverted from its original assignment…  It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.” – Harry Truman, 1963 @washingtonpost oped

Context: Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex” Speech Origins and Significance

Guess who the military industrial complex doesn’t want in the White House…

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Context: The Climate Mobilization 2020 candidate scorecard assesses five areas:
– Climate emergency declaration
– Emergency (speedy transition)
– National climate mobilization
– No more fossil fuels
– Democracy and environmental justice

See despicably untrue headline…
Someone should have stepped in
before this headline went up on the Washington Post site.

A line-by-line response to Fred Hiatt’s pro-oil, anti-Sanders climate op-ed

Dem politicians say it is immoral for a system to let electoral college delegates prevent the election win from going to the winner of the most votes. Some of the same Dems now insist DNC delegates should prevent the primary election win from going to the winner of the most votes

So apparently the new line is “the public doesn’t really decide the nominee” (video)

Question: If that’s true, why hold primaries?

Corporate Media Aren’t Observers of the Electoral Process. They’re Participants.

Debate Moderators Frame Questions to Define Acceptable Politics
Media debate hosts use their platform less to inform voters in an even-handed way
than to define which positions – and candidates – are acceptable, and which are not.

Bernie Sanders Plunges to First Place

Media Stoop to ‘Russian Assistance’ to Explain Sanders’ Rise

…CNN Compares Bernie Sanders to Coronavirus

Apologies are important, and they should be taken seriously – as their purpose is not
merely to ease hurt or tension but to clarify the conversation. @HardballChris offered
a sincere and clarifying apology here. It’s an example of how to get it right. (video)


Don’t tell cable pundits that Bernie Sanders is leading nationally among black voters


NPR plays the partisanship card…

How is any single voter an “important voter”? When all votes are equal, they’re all
just … votes. The right to vote is an important social institution; turnout is
important; but no individual voter is particularly important because they’re all
exactly the same.

One can criticize Bernie & any other politician for some of their past positions.
For (NYT) Bret Stephens to fault Bernie for still being angry about the murderous
Pinochet’s overthrow of Salvador Allende is *outrageous*. Remember, the CIA aided
in that overthrow


Referring to a deleted tweet…
One thing we’ve learned: the “analysis” that comes from many cable TV folk is often
just expressions of personal wish fulfillment – as if they can just will
their desired reality into being


Howard Fineman…



Fox News has no proof…

See graphic…
David Brooks takes a brief break from his 17-year long attempt to explain his …
enthusiasm for the war in Iraq so that he can attack a candidate who had the
clear-eyed common sense to oppose the war from the start.

Note: I don’t know the derivation of the word, liberal. But here’s my political framework: Those on the right (see Wikipedia quote below) care more about who says something than what’s being said. Those on the left care more about what’s being said than who says it. I consider myself a lefty.

Wikipedia: The terms “left” and “right” appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president’s right and supporters of the revolution to his left. … The “constitutionals” sat in the centre while independents sat on the left.

Obama’s office is denouncing a misleading pro-Trump super PAC ad, calling on TV stations in South Carolina to stop airing a spot that attacks Biden and denouncing it as an effort to “sow division and confusion” and “suppress turnout among minority voters.”

A debunked Obama and Sanders story finds new legs…

March 2011, Bernie makes clear he has no interest in primarying Obama:
“If a progressive Democrat wants to run, I think it would enliven the debate,
raise some issues & people have a right to do that. Ive been asked whether
I’m going to do that. I’m not”

Here is @BernieSanders introducing and supporting Barack Obama early in 2012
during Obama’s reelection bid (video)


See latest Pennsylvania poll…
A few days ago “expert” @JamesCarville was on @JoeNBC and @morningmika’s MSNBC show insisting that @BernieSanders is a particularly weak general election candidate in Pennsylvania. Now we get this …

1998 Context: Biden Ranks as One of Senate’s Most Conservative Democrats

Joe Biden just said on CNN that he has always been considered a liberal/progressive. …

Parallels between 1988 & 2020 freakouts…

Here’s @joelockhart now very openly & publicly begging a billionaire to just buy the Democratic primary:
“Bloomberg needs to use the next $400 million in ad spending to attack Sanders”

This is a good reminder that when @joelockhart and other establishment/corporate
Democrats pretend they want “unity,” what they actually want is for billionaires
& corporations to try to personally destroy the progressive candidate
who’s winning elections & unifying the Dem Party

A month ago, the Beltway crowd insisted I was being “negative” by posting a few links
to C-Span videos. This same crowd is now super psyched about enormous TV buys for
literal negative attack ads against the Democratic presidential frontrunner.


Mike Bloomberg’s campaign has deleted a series of satirical tweets where they invented quotes from Bernie Sanders about a host of dictators.


The red-baiting of @BernieSanders is reaching a fever pitch. If establishment Democrats had any smarts (and a bit of courage) they’d be counter-attacking on Trump’s actual, literal embrace of authoritarians around the world happening right now, not siding with GOP provocateurs.

Messina lies off the bat here…


Tim Miller…

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
Today is Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day in the Marshall Islands, honoring the victims of U.S. nuclear testing there. The U.S. must continue to ensure survivors receive the support and health care they need. We must also work to end nuclear testing once and for all.

Warren’s unfair comment….

Note: Given our drift to the far right, the same could be said of any Dem for the past few decades including herself.

Compare / Contrast Sanders’ record…


It appears tonight that Elizabeth Warren, after struggling mightily in 4 straight states,
just decided to throw @BernieSanders under the bus. (video)
It’s sad to see her make this turn.
Even after this, Bernie would never speak ill of her.
Amy Klobuchar… Feb 10th
First in a thread…
When two judges knocked down sentences to protect immigrants from deportation, Amy Klobuchar’s office used its scarce resources to appeal, winning split decisions
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
Bernie is the only leading 2020 Dem who:
– Pledged to intro Medicare for All in his 1st week
– Says the person who wins the most votes must be the nominee
– Isnt either a billionaire or bankrolled by a super PAC
– Hasnt accepted cash from billionaires

You know why the billionaire class and political establishment are getting nervous?
We just raised $46.5 million in February.
Our average donation: just $21.
Our top donor occupation: teachers.
When working people stand together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Pete Buttigieg… April 14th
Nichols corrects Buttigieg…
Actually beat @SenSanders?
As of now, the #IowaCaucuses count is:
First Round Votes:
Sanders 43,698
Buttigieg 37,595
State Delegate Equivalents:
Sanders 563
Buttigieg 563

Click graphic…
Pete Buttigieg is right now on CNN insisting Bernie doesn’t bring people across the
ideological spectrum into the Democratic Party’s coalition. Here are entrance polls
from Nevada, a diverse state:

First in a detailed thread…
Buttigieg’s new talking point against Medicare for All poses an unfortunate problem for him. Buttigieg likes to claim that M4A will raise taxes on the middle class – but his own health plan will cost middle-class families *way* more than M4A. …

First in another detailed thread…
(Buttigieg) used to talk about the shortcomings of corporate health insurance plans, saying that people on them are “paying too much.” Now preserving them is the centerpiece of (Buttigieg’s) campaign. I expected better of him.

Biden and Buttigieg See Pharma Money As The Cure For Campaign Woes

See picture…
Pete Buttigieg went on national TV & slammed Bernie Sanders for having “a nostalgia for the revolutionary politics of the 1960s.” The “revolutionary politics of the 1960s” gave us Medicare, Medicaid and civil rights laws. This is what Bernie was doing in the 1960s

Pete Buttigieg’s attack on “revolution politics” seemed to denounce what made his candidacy possible

Note: Coups are a modern day phenomenon, Buttigieg. …

2014: Neocons and the Ukraine Coup

New Study Finds No Evidence of OAS Fraud Claims,
“Very Likely” Evo Morales Won Bolivia’s October Elections in the First Round
MIT Statisticians Confirm Main Findings of Earlier CEPR Analysis


Buttigieg drops out of presidential race
Joe Biden… April 25th
Biden Corporate Loyalists Unite Around Super PAC

Attorneys From Union-Busting Law Firms are Throwing Support Behind Joe Biden

Biden calls the ACA provision on community health clinics a “crowning achievement.”
Doesn’t mention that provision was written by Clyburn *and* Bernie. (video)

And Sanders still supports them…
2019: Sanders announces bill to expand community health center funding

This is insane: @MikeBloomberg & @JoeBiden have both repeatedly pushed for Social Security cuts — and now they are attacking each other over that

.@JoeBiden’s campaign today: “There is no place in the Democratic presidential primary for a candidate who would attack Social Security” Also Joe Biden: (video)

Sanders (short video)


Biden and Buttigieg See Pharma Money As The Cure For Campaign Woes

If you have not seen @JoeBiden at his best, this is it. (video)

Video factcheck…


Joe Biden’s chief strategist lobbied to undermine Barack and Michelle Obama’s signature initiatives

I don’t believe Biden can beat Trump when people learn that Joe voted:
– For the Iraq War
– For terrible trade deals that cost us millions of jobs
– To increase student debt and medical debt
– To cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid (video)
Tom Steyer… July 9th…
Tom Steyer, a billionaire who played by the rules of the 2020 Democratic presidential race (unlike Mike Bloomberg), has ended his run. His campaign will be a footnote. His real legacy is in his activism on behalf of the planet, presidential accountability and racial justice.

I told this to @TomSteyer (who I think is a good guy) when he visited Denver a few years back, and I’m gonna say it again: he should buy a bunch of newspapers in fossil fuel states & give those newsrooms the mandate to aggressively cover the fossil fuel industry & climate change.
Michael Bloomberg… Nov 2019
Bloomberg Has Hired the Vice Chairs of the Texas and California Democratic Parties

Bloomberg doesn’t know any of the challenges real people face. (video)

In a break from his opponents, Bloomberg’s Social Security plan doesn’t endorse popular proposals to boost the program’s revenue by increasing contributions from people with heftier wages:

In clips from his radio show as mayor, Mike Bloomberg repeatedly called for making
cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. He repeatedly called Social Security
a Ponzi scheme.

…@MikeBloomberg & @JoeBiden have both repeatedly pushed for Social Security cuts — and now they are attacking each other over that

Post Offices Are the Lifeblood of Rural America – Yet Bloomberg Dismisses Them as ‘Antiquated’

No candidate in modern presidential politics has been so out of touch with rural
America as Mike Bloomberg. I reviewed his past speeches and interviews. There is
simply no question that his own words would be used to defeat him and down-ballot
Ds in 2020.

The Biggest Threat in the Postal Report Is to Rural Americans, Not Amazon
The Trump task force’s recommendations would undermine the agency’s mission
to bind the country together.

Compare / Contrast…
Bernie Sanders’s Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
They’re much less crazy than payday-lending services,
and the rest of the world agrees.

Note: For profit deliveries use the Postal Service to deliver packages to remote areas.

Bloomberg the candidate says he wants to ban right-to-work laws, according to his labor plan. Here is a Bloomberg LP division advising workers on how to drop their union membership and stop paying dues in an open shop.

Bloomberg called Warren ‘scary’ and vowed to ‘defend the banks’ in closed-door 2016 event

Bloomberg’s 2008 Story About the Great Recession Is Still Racist and Untrue

Bloomberg’s investment portfolio includes bets on private equity, fracking

We do not need a nominee who profits from private equity vultures and the destruction
of the planet. We need someone who is willing to stand up for workers and will stop
the greed of the fossil fuel industry.
Unlike Mr. Bloomberg, as president, that’s exactly what I will do.

Is Bloomberg an Oligarch? We Asked an Oligarchy Expert

When the Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg
Bloomberg gave media advice to the Sacklers and recommended his longtime mayoral spokesman to them. …

An activist challenged Michael Bloomberg on widespread NYPD surveillance of Muslims during his tenure as mayor. His response: “We only went into mosques when they asked us to come in.”
That is extremely untrue. My fact check on what actually happened:

Reminder: Michael Bloomberg and his NYPD wildly overstated their counter-terrorism
record, claiming they’d stopped 14 terrorist attacks

‘Of course we were supposed to do that’
Bloomberg says of surveillance of American Muslim community post 9/11

AAI Statement on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Comments
on NYPD Surveillance of Arabs and Muslims

…When pressed about the discriminatory program, instead of issuing an unequivocal apology, Mayor Bloomberg’s response demonstrated a lack of understanding of the failures of the profiling program and a seemingly ongoing suspicion of our communities – both are inexcusable. One’s ethnicity or faith is not grounds for law enforcement scrutiny.

As Mayor Bloomberg has been rightly and extensively criticized for his abhorrent and racist “Stop and Frisk” policy, he should also be held accountable for NYPD’s spying on our communities during his tenure.”

On gun control, Bloomberg’s money does battle with his words

“(Bloomberg is) developing a policy agenda for combating and solving gun crime…
he then gives tons of money to Republican officials who stand in the very way
of these same gun safety measures.”

Video factcheck…


Michael Bloomberg spent the day slamming Bernie Sanders for supposedly supporting dictators because Bernie echoed Barack Obama’s words about Cuba.
Meanwhile, Mike Bloomberg: (copied below)

Michael Bloomberg didn’t just host & do a photoshoot with Crown Prince MBS in 2018
in NYC, but just 2 months ago, a year *after* the Khashoggi murder, Bloomberg also
praised MBS for making “progress” and taking Saudi Arabia “in the right direction”:

The presidential candidate’s unprecedented spending obscured his “Great and Terrible” record.

Reporter: Billionaire Bloomberg Says He Released His Tax Returns as NYC Mayor. This Was a Lie.

Mike Bloomberg is saying he is most qualified to be president because of his management experience – and he’s saying that after he managed a stop and frisk program that terrorized communities of color.
Take a moment to really ponder that.

Responding to a Bloomberg senior advisor…
Partial list:
– (Sanders) blocked Social Security cuts @MikeBloomberg pushed
– (Sanders)  fought for tax increases on billionaires that @MikeBloomberg opposed
– (Sanders)  fought to protect pensions while @MikeBloomberg tried to cut them
– (Sanders)  opposed the Keystone pipeline @MikeBloomberg supported

Let’s talk about the time Mike Bloomberg spent millions to reelect Republican Pat Toomey in Pa.

Very recently, @MikeBloomberg bankrolled the campaign
that helped the GOP retain control of the U.S. Senate

Bill Weld… April 16th…
The Boston Globe Ed Board has endorse Trump primary challenger Bill Weld.
“[E]ven by giving Bill Weld a strong result, Republicans dismayed with Donald Trump’s course could trigger an important intra-party debate about ideas and integrity.”

Note: Weld and Trump both received Fs on Climate with scores of 7/50 & 0/50 on the GND and 0/50 (both) on no fossil fuels:
Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s Climate Preparedness Policy: “Get Your Mops And Buckets Ready”

…Trump’s Latest Attack on the Press
On Wednesday, President Trump filed a libel suit against the New York Times that should be readily dismissed. That hasn’t stopped him from threatening to file more lawsuits soon.

The Trump campaign sued the @nytimes yesterday in a blatant attempt to undermine
press freedom. Which D candidate immediately and agressively objected?
@BernieSanders. No surprise. Sanders has a long history of speaking up in defense
of the 1st Amendment.

Trump Betrays His Promise to Protect and Fight for American Workers

Inovateus joins @SEIA in asking Pres. Trump to reduce or eliminate #solar tariffs that are harming solar’s growth in the Midwest and U.S. Stopping the tariffs will grow solar jobs and installations. If you’re a solar company, please sign this petition.

I find it amusing that Mr. Trump postures as a critic of this country’s establishment. He got a $200,000 allowance as a kid, enjoys golfing with the rich and powerful, and gives billions upon billions in tax breaks to the world’s largest corporations.

Final Rule…
In yet another move by Trump appointees to reduce worker protections &  hurt unions, Trump’s NLRB makes it harder to declare McDonald’s & other companies joint employers that are jointly responsible for labor violations by their franchisees.

A bookkeeping change at the Education Department will kick hundreds of rural school districts out of a federal program that for nearly two decades has funneled funding to some of the most geographically isolated and cash-strapped schools in the U.S.

Melania Trump got an “Einstein visa.” Why was it so hard for this Nobel Prize winner?
Immigration attorneys say the Trump admin is rejecting highly qualified applicants for “genius” green cards

On his India trip…
Trump declines to condemn India’s anti-Muslim law

The Border Patrol Invited the Press to Watch It Blow Up a National Monument


21 years ago today the #MineBanTreaty entered into force. Last month the Trump administration reversed the US commitment to one day join the Treaty. …

Since assuming the presidency, Trump has racked up more than 3,000 conflicts of interest from his refusal to divest from his businesses, according to a report released today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Why is the secret service renting hotel rooms at Trump Hotel DC? The White House is like five blocks away.

We still don’t know! The Secret Service spent $159K at the Trump D.C. hotel in just
the first year that @realdonaldtrump was president. Neither Trump Org or the Secret
Service has yet said what they were being charged for.

First in a thread…
See RNC Spending at Trump Properties time line…
We tracked how much money political committees have spent at properties owned by Donald Trump. For example, here’s what the Republican National Committee – @GOP – has spent.
But they’re not the only ones paying Trump properties…

Question for Twitter legal experts. Trump’s campaign is suing the NYT
Under the doctrine that the president cannot be prosecuted or sued while in office,
would the NYT be prohibited from a countersuit?

The doctrine is the president cannot be criminally indicted while in office (and, maybe,
not criminally investigated), but the doctrine is clear he can be sued in office
(see Jones v. Clinton).

But Trump’s lawyers are now contesting that the president can be sued. So is the Trump
position that the president can sue while in office, but not be sued. This is his campaign,
so that may change matters slightly, although a suit is likely to involve Trump personally..

Black voters and many non-Black voters are in a worse place now than we were when the Voting Right Act was passed in 1965. Then, we did not have Citizens United. Citizens who can’t afford to make campaign contributions and those who cannot afford to make large contributions, do not have parity with wealthier voters.

Progress had been made with the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I believe that Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito and Roberts who voted to gut the Voting Rights Act, knew that removing the provision that required states to receive federal approval for changes in voting procedures, would result in the curtailing of voting rights for minorities. … We knew the result would be gerrymandering and voter suppression and those 5 justices knew it also because they are as smart as you and I. So, 5 Justices of the United States Supreme Court suppressed voting rights and undermined democracy — deliberately
Diane Nash at the hearing on Voting Rights in Minority Communities –

Inside John Roberts’ Decades-Long Crusade Against the Voting Rights Act

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