Towards an issues-based 2020 election (62)

Note: I’ve been sick for a while so the following is longer than usual. A lot has happened over the last 3 weeks. I look forward to fresh start.

===2020 Big Picture===
Money In Politics Is a Civil Rights Issue
Less than 1 percent of the population provides most of America’s campaign funds.

The major political/economic moments of a 30-year-old’s life have been
9/11, the Iraq War, Enron, the financial crisis and coronavirus.

The biggest new government intervention in the free market in a 70-yr-old’s lifetime
was the creation of Medicaid and Medicare.
The biggest new government intervention in the free market in a 30-yr-old’s lifetime
was a $29 trillion bailout of Wall Street

2003, American government:  No seriously, we can invade & occupy
two separate countries & build them back from scratch.
2020, American government: We can’t even expand our own existing hospitals
or produce more medical equipment, like other less wealthy countries can.

Billionaires were terrified by @BernieSanders and @ewarren’s wealth taxes, which went no higher than 8 percent. Now they’re paying the (president’s wealth tax), levied by incompetence and the resulting market crash, which taxes them at more than double that rate.

With Michigan voting in the Dem primary, I took a look at what Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden had to say about NAFTA when the House and Senate voted on the trade deal in November 1993 (video)

This is Biden’s response to critics of his NAFTA vote? Really?
And he thinks he can go toe-to-toe with (the president) on trade? (video)

Note: Biden facilitated the exodus of well-paying manufacturing jobs to places like China. Many of those jobs came from Michigan. Now he calls protestors names and suggests they’re the problem? Sounds like something (the president) would do.

Click text graphic…
Author @NaomiAKlein sends a notable message to Michigan @BoldProgressive activists who were @ewarren backers. Urging them to “vote strategically for @BernieSanders tomorrow,” she argues “Michigan has a special leadership role to play” in keeping progressive ideas in the debate.

“Policies that don’t challenge the status quo right now are incredibly dangerous…
Bernie Sanders is not a risky candidate against Trump. He is in fact
the safest candidate.” – @NaomiAKlein

Joe Biden thinks we should “return to normal.”
Normal means 87 million uninsured or underinsured.
Normal means fossil fuel companies destroying the planet.
Normal means the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.
We cannot return to normal. We need real change.

Citing coronavirus concerns…
Thread: Detroit officials are announcing right now that they are restoring water to thousands of residents and imposing a moratorium on water shutoffs as the coronavirus spreads in the U.S.

Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to call for an end to Detroit’s water shutoffs.
Biden stayed silent as his endorser, Mayor Duggan, kept thousands of black households
without water.


Bernie Sanders says he’d make coronavirus vaccine free, blasts (the president’s) outbreak response


Election day…
Polls are officially closed in Michigan, but the East Lansing city clerks office is still packed with students who have been waiting on average 3 hours to vote.
This is what the line currently looks like. Btw most of these people are voting for @BernieSanders . #MichiganPrimary

Long lines being reported at some Dem. primary locations in North Dakota. There are only
14 locations for the entire state. Only one location in Fargo, a city of 120,000 people. (video)

Kansas City mayor…
I made a video this morning about the importance of voting and then got turned away
because I wasn’t in the system even though I’ve voted there for 11 years, including
for myself four times! … We’ll be back later today! #Vote #KCMO

See chart…
Medicare for All is now 20 for 20 in the Dem primary.
That is, 20 states have now voted for president & been asked in exit polls if they prefer private health insurance or single payer. All 20 said single payer – by an average margin of over 20 pts.

If everyone doesn’t have healthcare, no one has healthcare. #COVID19


Health Insurance Costs Still Soaring

Joe Biden just told @Lawrence that as president he’d veto Medicare for All
if it passed both houses and came to his desk – Video:

Joe Biden’s health care plan, on his website, plainly states that it will leave
10 million people uninsured. He won’t even commit to signing a plan that covers everyone.


Biden in ’07: “I think everyone from age one, on should essentially have the same coverage
you have in Medicare. It should be just universal across the board. We could afford to do that”
Biden in ’20: I’d veto #MedicareForAll
This is why we cannot let billionaires buy elections

Voters prefer Bernie’s plans, so why are they voting for Biden?

Note: In order to win, Biden (who’s been lying about M4A and embracing a can’t-do ethos especially with respect to Medicare for All) falsely portrayed himself as the change agent (by promising change without telling folks what he’s willing to do), Sanders as the liar (i.e. falsely claimed Sanders’ accurate statements about Biden’s pushing for Social Security cuts was a lie) and cast a slur upon Sander’s supporters…

There’s been a disinformation campaign to pretend that Bernie supporters are disproportionately
more “toxic” than the supporters of other campaigns. New data prove that assertion is not true

For the past several years, @BernieSanders has – with @rokhanna and @MarkPocan – been a leader in the fight to end US support for the Saudi assault on Yemen. On Tuesday, in the Yemeni-American stronghold of Hamtramck, Michigan, Sanders won 73% of the vote.

Provisional initial results of Democrats Abroad Primary:
Luxembourg: Sanders 14 Biden 10
United Kingdom: Sanders 169 Biden 62
Germany: Sanders 786 Biden 136
Thailand: Sanders 50 Biden 30

With thousands still up for grabs…
This week, @BernieSanders added 126 delegates to his total – which is now 725.
That’s less than Biden’s 878. Biden has the advantage going forward. But it’s absurd to suggest that a candidate who’s steadily adding to his delegate total as Sanders is – up 17% in one week – should quit.


Is Biden a shoo-in? Can Sanders come back? Here’s why predicting political outcomes is so hard.

“When it comes to politics, there really is no dispassionate science. The pundits are like all the
rest of us: They don’t know what’s going to happen. What makes them different is that they act
as if they do.” — @JonWiener1 True. And well said

Thread about risk, the #DemocraticPrimaries and the #CoronavirusPandemic
Perceptions of “risk” and “safety” are fluid and they change as circumstances change.
If you perceive (the president) to be the country’s greatest risk/threat, then Biden may look to you like a “safe” choice.

However, many of those same people now see a very different risk/threat:
(The president) + global pandemic + destroyed safety-net + for-profit health care
+ spiralling xenophobia + economic insecurity + disaster profiteering.

In this rapidly shifting circumstance, Biden’s conservatism can suddenly look not safe but risky.
And a transformational candidate like Sanders, offering bold solutions to these underlying crises,
may suddenly look like the promise of real safety.

This has happened before – recently. In 2008, Barack Obama only pulled ahead of John McCain
when the global financial system melted down. McCain, an establishment fixture who had
seemed to many like the safer choice of the two, suddenly looked risky.

Why? Because he insisted that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong.”
Obama, who had previously seemed to many to be too risky, seized on McCain’s phrase
+ insisted the economic fundamentals were *not* strong. He promised to rescue “Main Street
not just Wall Street.”

Thanks to the financial crisis and what it revealed, Obama – young, Black, relatively new to
Washington – suddenly looked a lot safer than his old, white establishment rival, who was
promising a continuation of a broken status quo.
McCain and Obama had not changed.

But after a couple weeks campaigning inside a true crisis, the assignations of risk + safety
flipped in the minds of millions of voters. All of which is to say: this primary ain’t over.
We have already seen *wild* shifts in opinion and perception. There will be more

We’ve been told over and over that Medicare for All is “too radical.”
I think it’s radical to have a health care system that leaves 87 million people uninsured or underinsured.
I think it’s radical that people can’t afford to see a doctor during a pandemic.

He– yes, I’m scared. I’m scared we won’t have a president who’ll enact:
– #Medicare4All during a public health crisis
– The #GreenNewDeal when our planet’s on Fire
– 6 months of paid leave to keep people healthy
He is the safest choice
The status quo is too risky

Each gave speeches about the coronavirus…
It is an absolute moral imperative that our response – as a government, as a society, as business communities, and as individuals – meets the enormity of this crisis.
Read and watch my full remarks to the nation today:

“We need to place an immediate moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs
so that no one loses their home during this crisis and that everyone has access to clean water,
electricity, heat and air conditioning,” @BernieSanders

.@BernieSanders just laid out a multi-step #COVID19 response plan, including:
– Immediate moratorium on evictions, foreclosures & utility shutoffs
– Allow gig economy members to file for unemployment
– Provide emergency lending to small and medium sized businesses to cover payroll

The annual Pentagon budget is $738,000,000,000.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is 1.5% the size.
If we can find money on bombs and missiles to kill people,
we can da-n well afford to protect everyone’s health and take care of each other.

Biden speaks on coronavirus

Seems like we need a response that provides universal quality care to all Americans –

Joe Biden just told @Lawrence that as president he’d veto Medicare for All
if it passed both houses and came to his desk – Video:

Joe Biden’s health care plan, on his website, plainly states that it will leave
10 million people uninsured. He won’t even commit to signing a plan that covers everyone.

Includes fact check & links regarding the president’s latest coronavirus speech…
Media Dutifully Report (the President’s) Fiddling as Coronavirus Burns Through World

There are two related problems here: First, when elected officials’ words are treated as worthy of seriousness just because of the nature of their office, it both gives them added weight and casts any dissent as mere political disagreement, rather than a factual correction. …

And, second, it takes valuable time and screen space away from speaking to actual experts: A report by epidemiologists that unreported US infections could already be nearing 10,000 cases (LA Times – – 3/10/20) — nearly as many as reported in Italy, where official case numbers are likely more accurate, thanks to far more widespread testing — received far less attention than (the president’s) “foreign virus” claim.


Point one…
“They must find it difficult…those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority.” – Gerald Massey

Point two…
Fox News And (The President) Are Embracing Xenophobia To Defend Against The Coronavirus

And Sen Tom Cotton (R-AR)…


Rep Jim Banks (R-IN03)  jumps the shark…

See text graphics…
The two op-eds in CNN today boil down the difference in the campaigns’ philosophies pretty well
Biden: coronavirus shows the problems with Trump
Bernie: coronavirus shows the larger problems with society beyond Trump

“Unlike the United States, where a top health official told Congress the rollout of testing was
‘failing,’ the single-payer countries have been especially nimble at making free, or low-cost,
virus screening widely available”

With the Looming Coronavirus Pandemic About to Hit the US,
It’s Time for Us to Think Outside the Box
America as a society is woefully unprepared for this disease

The coronavirus exposes our health care system’s weaknesses. We can be stronger

Sanders followed up with a Fireside Chat (live online)

The Northern Marianas would like to announce that this thing is not over. They vote 2-1 for @BernieSanders

I look forward to debating Joe Biden on Sunday night. (video)

.@JoeBiden, What are you gonna do:
– To end the absurdity of mass incarceration?
– Transform our energy system?
– To make sure all people can go to college?
– About millions struggling with student debt?
– To end the terror caused by inhumane immigration?
– Grotesque childhood poverty?

#WhatAreYouGonnaDoJoe for the:
– 87M who are uninsured or underinsured
– 45M who have $1.7T in student debt
– 18M who pay 50%+ of their income on housing
– 50% who work paycheck to paycheck
– 500K+ who are homeless
– 500K+ who go bankrupt because of medical bills

Young people are the margin of victory in elections. There is no winning coalition without us.
Tonight’s debate will show who stands with our generation on the most pressing issues of our time.
Tune in at 8PM ET for free on @CNN Online. (video)

. @jaketapper on @CNN just said that #fracking cut “carbon emissions” in the USA.
This is incredibly deceptive.
Fracking increased methane emissions in addition to huge carbon emissions for a
total *increase* in greenhouse gas emissions.  That’s why we must ban #fracking.

In fact, Green House Gas Emissions went up consistently during the Obama/Biden administration
And they bragged about drilling more than Bush. @BernieSanders should have nailed him on this.
@JoeBiden’s current energy plan includes a huge amount of #fracking.

.@JoeBiden’s plan cannot be called “a climate plan” because it continues support for #fracking /
natural gas, which is the worst fuel we can develop if we want to stop climate change.
I’ve spoken to @jaketapper about this before. A shame that he phrased the question this way.


Bernie voted against the Russia sanctions because they were added to an Iran sanctions bill at the last minute. Bernie stated at the time that he supported Russia sanctions but voted against the bill to protect Obama’s Iran deal. Biden knows this.

Biden clearly has no idea what was going on with the Iran-Russia sanctions bill.

Not surprised by much, but Biden taking a shot at Bernie for his lonely, courageous vote
to protect Obama’s Iran deal, yeah that surprised me. – See

“According to the World Bank, more than 850 million Chinese people have been lifted out of extreme poverty; China’s poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 0.7 percent in 2015.” #TellTheTruthJoe #DemDebate2020

Joe Biden voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act
that allowed commercial banks to merge with investment banks.
Bernie led the effort against deregulating Wall Street
that led to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Joe Biden just wrongly claimed Bernie Sanders voted against the auto bailout. Sanders voted in favor of providing auto companies with $14 billion, which was separate from the Wall Street bailout funds he opposed. #DemDebate

I like how right after @ewarren leaves the race
that we get a debate moderator using the word “bankruptcy”

Also Biden was completely misleading in that answer. He was a shepherd of the bankruptcy bill
for a decade, and led the effort to *block* improvements to it. He wasn’t someone who jumped
aboard to fix it

Here’s Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introducing the bankruptcy bill for a Senate
floor vote in 2005, thanking Biden for years of tireless support for helping write and
advance the legislation. (video)

Biden’s Cozy Relations With Bank Industry

Joe Biden Backed Bills To Make It Harder For Americans To Reduce Their Student Debt

As @JoeBiden spearheaded the disastrous bankruptcy bill, he split with Barack Obama and
helped Mitch McConnell kill Democratic legislation to protect medical debtors from predatory
lenders. That actually happened right here: #DemDebate

The Americans Joe Biden Left Behind on the Bankruptcy Bill
In 2005 amendments to the bill, Biden voted against borrowers drowning in medical debt,
seniors, servicemembers, union members, and victims of deadbeat dads.

2008 bank bailout saved the economy, Joe Biden!? @DeanBaker13  #DemocraticDebate

2009: Was the bank bailout necessary?
Saving zombie banks supposedly prevented financial collapse.
But would letting them fail really have been so bad?


…With our elite DC media supporting socialism for the banking industry
and darwinistic capitalism for the rest of us it’s no wonder we can’t have nice things

Regarding Social Security…
During Democratic debate Joe Biden denies advocating for social security cuts
Here’s video showing he did

Joe, *lying* to the American people is *not* a good way to convince us
to trust you as our president. #DemDebate

Joe Biden falsely claims he never called for Social Security cuts

I just heard Joe Biden say on CNN that he never tried to cut Social Security. That’s a bunch of malarkey.
Biden has a 40-year history of working with Republicans to cut Social Security.
To compare Biden & Bernie on Social Security, please watch this video. #DemocraticDebate


The entire history of @JoeBiden trying to reduce Social Security benefits, raise the Social
Security retirement age and freeze funding for Social Security (which would result in cuts)
is right here, going back 40 years. Read it all:

Thou shalt not bear false witness, Jennifer Rubin…

.@JoeBiden’s public option is *not* a plan for universal healthcare. It leaves 10M people out. It creates a two-tiered system where for-profit insurers skim the healthy and young while the “public option” becomes a second rate, means-tested plan for the poor & sick. #DemDebate

Joe Biden believes that profit incentives should be forcefully stripped away from the healthcare
industry for the coronavirus but if it’s breast cancer you’re dealing with then that’s fair game.

Biden: Have #Covid_19 symptoms? Go get tested! It’s free!
Doctor: Sorry ma’am, it’s just the flu. Will that be cash, check or credit card?
@BernieSanders : Healthcare is a Human Right.
We are only as strong as the least insured among us. #Medicare4All

Click text graphic…
Joe Biden literally issued a press release bragging that his votes to limit abortion rights and for the Social Security-cutting balanced budget amendment made him “one of the Senate’s most conservative Democrats.”

There’s *no* political or ideological excuse for @JoeBiden’s support for the Hyde Amendment,
which translates into discrimination against poor women and women of color plain and simple.
His position further endangers people already facing enormous hurdles.

Our team tracks closely: Bernie has taken over 230 votes in his time in congress that @NARAL
has scored, including many, many to repeal Hyde. He has voted correctly every time.
Starting long before I was there. And in fact, before I was voting age. Just stating facts.

Biden: “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far.
I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.”
Bernie: “It is a woman’s right to control her own body, not the federal government’s.”
#DemDebate2020 – See

Here is joe biden in 2008 forcefully saying that he does not support gay marriage (video)

Don’t say you support a fracking ban when you don’t. Don’t say you didn’t write the bankruptcy bill when you were one of its biggest champions. Don’t say you supported ending Hyde a long time ago when you were just pressured into it last year.
This is basic. The truth matters.

Context: Last year…
The 5 Biggest Lies Joe Biden Is Telling About Medicare for All

Note: Big caveat. I didn’t listen to the entire exchange (I have a very low threshold for being lied to. See below).
Biden hasn’t changed his health plan, yet at the debate he equated his plan with M4A. Not true.
He also said he believes health care is a right. But Biden’s plan doesn’t support everyone.
Biden equated his Green New Deal policy with Sanders’ plan. Biden’s plan is woefully inadequate. Sanders’ is one of the best.
By reframing his lies Biden nullified (at least )some of the debate. …How do you debate someone who falsely claims that he agrees with you on policy? …Or makes snide remarks about Sander’ revolution.
If Biden’s changed his mind – like his announced bankruptcy change – he needs to own up to his past positions. During the debate Biden didn’t even own up to his past bankruptcy bill positions.
Bottom line… a vote for Biden isn’t a vote for Sanders’ plans. Don’t take Biden’s word for it. Do your own research.

By their fruit you shall know them?…
Condescension, posturing and your boss’s many lies are a sign of weakness, Anita Dunn.


Beating Trump will require young people, whose political involvement is contingent on enthusiasm. @BernieSanders leads with young voters by wide margins.
Meanwhile, young people are on TikTok screaming “please don’t make me vote for @JoeBiden”. Doesn’t bode well for the general. (video)

This is about leadership.
This is about compassion.
This is about vision.
Time and again, @BernieSanders has cast lonely votes that were unpopular but right. We know his record and we know @JoeBiden’s  #DemocraticDebate (video)

Joe Biden had a chance to make a connection with at least some  @BernieSanders supporters in tonight’s #DemDebate. Instead, he engaged in red-baiting, distorted his own record and that of Sanders and gave little evidence that he’ll reach out to voters who aren’t already with him.

1. He lied about Bankruptcy bill.
2. He lied about Social security.
3. He lied about Hyde Amendment.
4. He lied about Medicare For All.
5. He lied about ban on fracking.
6. He lied about his voting record.
7. He lied about 9 Super Pacs.
@JoeBiden lied & I’m not afraid to say it.

See picture…
This does not bode well for democracy.

What I witnessed today in Chicago is likely a death sentence for many voters simply trying to
have their voice heard. The state of Illinois effective immediately should test and treat all those
who voted in person today. Unacceptable risks and clear violations of CDC guidelines.

Illinois Used Nearly 50 Facilities for Low-Income Seniors in Chicago as Polling
Locations on Tuesday. Public health experts warned that holding in-person
elections would worsen the coronavirus pandemic, but Illinois, Florida, and Arizona
plowed ahead.

I despise postponing elections. In fact, I think postponement should be the last option.
But holding elections where voter turnout is skewed by orders that people stay home
(and fear of an infectious disease) is unacceptable.  We need plans and protocols
for election emergencies.

While Arizona, Florida and Illinois are still voting today, going to the polls amid the
coronavirus outbreak is a personal decision and we respect whichever choice voters
make. If you do go to the polls, please see CDC guidance on keeping yourself safe:

See referenced Tom Perez comment
I’m old enough to remember Democrats complaining
that (President Trump) didn’t listen to science.

See the Biden campaign’s statement
Genuinely cannot believe that the Biden campaign is trying to reassure America by specifically
citing the 1918 pandemic that saw “an estimated 675,000 died from the flu – more than 12 times
the number of American combat deaths in World War I.”

States delaying primaries past 9 June may face delegate penalty, warns DNC memo

Klobuchar and Wyden: “We must allow every American the ability to vote by mail. And we must expand early voting so that voters who are not able to vote by mail are not exposed to the elevated infection risks of long lines and crowded polling locations.”

Delay or Hold Primaries: Can the 2020 Election Be Safeguarded Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus could upend our election
The disease could create chaos in our democracy in untold ways

Media Silent as Poll Workers Contract Covid-19 at Primaries
That DNC, Biden Campaign Claimed Were Safe



Two weeks ago, I wrote about the need to expand absentee voting & vote-by-mail options in order to assure WI would have a high-turnout election on April 7. It was doable then. But state officials did not act with the required urgency. Now it is chaos.

Thread: 60% of Wisconsin municipalities report a shortage of poll workers, the WI Elections
Commission reports a  week before Wisconsin’s election and presidential primary.

Complaining that “the state of Wisconsin is ignoring (public health) data and endangering its
public,” Federal Judge William Conley urges state officials to delay April 7 election.
“It’s really a bad public policy idea and they should stop it for health reasons,” says the judge.

Senator @BernieSanders has joined mayors and local officials across Wisconsin in calling for a delay of the April 7 Wisconsin primary, saying, “People should not be forced to put their lives on the line to vote…”

Searched for Joe Biden and Wisconsin election…
Biden endorses pair of Wisconsin school referendums

No one I am talking to thinks that there will be an in-person Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July. Delay to Sepember? Perhaps. Virtual convention? More likely.
Something smaller & very different than traditional conventions – whether physical or virtual? Certainly.

Democratic Platform 2020:
1. #MedicareForAll
2. Make workers whole.
3. Cabinet agency to coordinate planning for US-based production of medical equipment with strict regulation and no profiteering.
4. Wealth tax to fund government and prevent austerity.

Context: Testing for coronavirus *and* treatment needs to be free. Period.

The tweet that riled “centrists”…
This is a good start, but is it ok to die from cancer or diabetes becuase you’re poor?

Folks could learn a thing or two from @briebriejoy. Maybe take a pass on the faux-outrage
and give her the respect she deserves by engaging with her argument. Your bad faith
says more about you, and I’m da-n proud she’s on our team.

It’s worth adding that @briebriejoy asked her simple and necessary question 24 hours
before the end of the month when millions of newly unemployed Americans will be cut
off from their employer-sponsored private health insurance


“You’ll never work in the Dem Party again because you said cancer victims should be able to get
affordable health care” is a sentiment that basically says everything about Beltway Democrats

Note: Given catastrophic global warming, our insufficient health care system, racism, injustice etc… If “centrists” expect us not to point out obvious facts because their small change policies aren’t sufficient…  they’re in for a rude awakening. Don’t like being called out (along with no change Republicans)? Change your policies.


“The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second, the chronic terror among the rich, lest we get it.” – Edward Dowling

The threats have been coming at everyone who has worked for @BernieSanders. They’ve been aimed at me for 20 yrs since I first worked for Bernie. The threats are real. The establishment is not bluffing. They will try to crush you, your family & friends if you challenge their power.

Worth adding: during this campaign, @briebriejoy & @ninaturner have been subjected to some
of the most hideous treatment of all. They are good people who have spoken out for social justice
– and they have faced an unrelenting assault. It’s disgusting.

===2020 Issues===
The … admin rolled back ambitious Obama-era vehicle mileage standards, raising the ceiling on damaging fossil fuel emissions for years to come and gutting one of the United States’ biggest efforts against climate change.

Global Climate Tipping Points Could Arrive in a Matter of Years

The Nature of Crisis

Breaking Transmission:
The Fight Against the Coronavirus Offers a Strategy for Cutting Carbon

The Coronavirus and the Climate Movement

Short Circuiting Policy
Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States

…Here’s a fascinating new book from Joan Fitzgerald on the possibilities for rapid greening of urban life

Fed picks @blackrock to run its debt-buying program – which means there’s a remarkable opportunity to see if it plans to live up to its climate rhetoric

Wall Street is starting to put pressure on the fossil fuel industry – just not aggressively enough.

South Korea’s ruling political party announces a Green New Deal manifesto to be included in legislation, including discontinuation of coal project financing and introduction of a carbon tax. Go climate leadership!

Sweden’s national pension fund divests from all fossil fuels – not just coal, but oil and gas as well.
“An efficient way for the fund to manage the financial risk associated with a transition in line with the Paris agreement.”

Zero Hour: There’s No Stopping Climate Change, But How Bad It Gets Is Still Up To Us
It is more important than ever that we eliminate fossil fuels and reduce suffering in a warming world

Careful – and smart – accounting of the climate refugee crisis, which is already well underway, from @tempus_flies. If you want to understand the future, you need to understand this facet of it.

What can I do about the climate crisis at home with unexpected free time?

How a small nuclear war would transform the entire planet

Is IRS Ignoring Congressional Directive To Make It Easy For Seniors To Get Stimulus Checks?

How Law @ The Margins’ Chaumtoli Huq and Eric Ortiz create space for marginalized groups to tell their own stories

Pandemic will cause another Housing Crisis, and Without Strong Long-Term Gov’t Policy it Will hit Workers Hardest

CBPP: USDA, States Must Act Swiftly to Deliver Food Assistance Allowed by Families First Act

USDA fights to purge food stamps recipients despite pandemic
The Ag Dept says it will appeal a judge’s ruling that it would be “arbitrary and capricious”
to move forward during a global health crisis with food stamp changes that could force
hundreds of thousands from the program.

CBPP: Some States Much Better Prepared Than Others for Recession


As Republicans suddenly remember that fiscal stimulus is good when it serves (the president’s) re-election needs it’s crucial that any package create new *automatic* stimulus mechanisms (i.e. triggers) so they can’t “forget” next time a Democrat is in the White House.

Recent spending bills…
How worried should we be about deficits that could reach unprecedented levels (20% of GDP, More?) – what will the economic impact be? (Political impact another matter)

We shouldn’t be at all. This is a survival economy
There is an issue about the future debt service, but this is trivial. It is actually
dwarfed by patent/copyright rents which the deficit hawks literally *never* talk about

The deficit is no longer the boogeyman. “The amount of employment in the economy is going
through the floor. And the deficit in that context…it’s almost a non sequitur. That’s not the
sort of thing you should worry about,” @DeanBaker13 tells @NPR.

Note: That fact won’t stop the deficit hawks…

See referenced comment…
Red Alert! This is how they push for austerity – even in moments of crisis. Watch out.
If Scott Walker and his wrecking crew succeed, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
will be in the crosshairs – as well as every other program that provides working people
with a safety net.

Compare / Contrast…
CBPP: Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment Poses Serious Risks
Would Likely Make Recessions Longer and Deeper,
Could Harm Social Security and Other Trust Funds


Note: Biden supported the 1996 BBA (i.e. he’s a deficit hawk):

Planning the Anti-Recession Stimulus: The Make Work Pay Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax Credits…
CBPP: States Should Support Struggling Families through EITCs

Living without a living wage

“There were a record 53 million low-wage workers last year, or about 44 percent of all
active workers in the United States. They earned a median annual salary of $17,950.”

CBPP: Far Better Ways Than Payroll Tax Cut to Contain Virus’s Economic Damage

Why is a payroll tax cut not the best medicine against the econ impact of the virus?
Here’s @dashching with a crisp explanation. “…it would be too slow, not well targeted,
and too narrow.”

Instead she smartly calls for checks to HHS, state fiscal relief, and paid sick leave.
Those ideas should be acceptable to both Ds and Rs, who need to quickly agree/get
moving on fiscal response! Re paid leave:

Even Robert Rubin supports a financial transactions tax
Any reports of rivers flowing upstream or four horseman wandering around?

Click chart…
Great primer on the politics of tax expenditures from @Neil_Irwin but worth noting that this isn’t a uniquely American phenomenon. Canada and the UK also tackle lots of social and economic issues through their tax codes.


@EileenAppelbaum – a private equity expert, walks the public through what private equity is… and why she doesn’t think it is good for medical fields like dentistry.

I got my hands on a slide deck from Bain & Co that all but admits that private equity is poised to scoop up bushels of companies once the economy comes up for air

Julio Lopez Varona on Puerto Rico’s Disaster Capitalism

Pentagon Racks Up $35 Trillion in Accounting Changes in One Year
The Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments last year alone — a total that’s larger than the entire U.S. economy and underscores the Defense Department’s continuing difficulty in balancing its books.

CBPP: At Its 10th Anniversary, the ACA Is Helping to Address Our Public Health and Economic Crisis

Obamacare Has Been a Great Improvement for Women; Now It’s Time to Do Even Better

We know paid sick leave can help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Here are states with paid sick leave laws:
There are 7 states – CO, DE, HI, IL, NM, NY, VA  – that are fully controlled by Dems but that haven’t passed paid sick leave legislation

Amid Coronavirus Crisis, New Study Examines Growing Private Equity Role in Health Care

The silver lining of the market crash: Making the wealthy worry more about coronavirus


It also means higher future returns for younger people buying into the market

(A) Do Not Reappoint List
A third succession of Wall Street Dems would be a disaster. Here are the names to look out for.

A better WaPo title…
Corporate (shale oil) socialists seek welfare from (the) administration

It really would be incredible if Congress were to give one penny to an industry that is trying
to wreck the planet. Fine to give money to workers who lose their jobs, but if (those) who run
the companies don’t understand the market, too … bad for them (i.e. let the market do its magic)

I thought it was all the irresponsible young people who wanted ‘free stuff’, or is it only ‘free stuff’
when it comes to things that people actually need like student debt forgiveness or a rational
health care payment system?

… The rich get “free stuff” all the time, not just the bailouts,
but also patent and copyright monopolies, and the right to break the law with impunity

We Need Paid Sick Leave, Not Bailouts for Shale


Getting to Medicare for All, eventually (patreon)

Baker: Can We Pay for Single Payer?
Bernie Sanders has announced a bold plan. It’s a huge step in the right direction, but making it workable won’t be easy.

CBPP: Medicaid Agencies Should Prioritize
New Applications, Continuity of Coverage During COVID-19 Emergency

Union workers are more likely to have paid sick days and health insurance
COVID-19 sheds light on least-empowered workers

…2021 premium increases to individuals and employers from COVID-19 alone could range from 4 percent to more than 40 percent

Joe Biden and Democratic Party leaders want to preserve
the employer-based health insurance system. What could go wrong?

Health care CEOs made $2.6 billion last year
The median pay was $7.7 million

How a Political Agenda is Undermining Women’s Health Care

Anti-Abortion Politicians Are Exploiting the Coronavirus Outbreak to Shutter Health Clinics
Anti-abortion crusaders in Ohio and Texas
are trying to further their ideological cause in the midst of a pandemic.

“Eban described the generic drug industry abroad as a ‘maze of global deception.'”

See one woman’s complicated, costly journey to a Canadian strip mall pharmacy –
all for cheaper insulin

NYT discovers that scientists can develop vaccines and drugs without government-granted patent monopolies, amazing!

Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir, one of the most promising Covid-19 treatments, was just granted “rare disease” status by (the) FDA. Despite drug being developed with taxpayer support, designation could limit affordability, block generic competition.

FAQs About Rare Diseases

In the United States, a rare disease is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people. This definition was created by Congress in the Orphan Drug Act of 1983. Rare diseases became known as orphan diseases because drug companies were not interested in adopting them to develop treatments. The Orphan Drug Act created financial incentives to encourage companies to develop new drugs for rare diseases. The rare disease definition was needed to establish which conditions would qualify for the new incentive programs.


The drug was developed at taxpayer expense. @BernieSanders passed legislation through
the House requiring such taxpayer-funded drugs to be offered to American consumers at a
fair and reasonable price. But the Senate then killed his legislation here: – Vote took place in  2000. Hagel (R) and Kerrey (D) opposed the bill

Bernie Sanders in November 2005 arguing that drug company profits
should not inhibit America’s pandemic preparedness.  (video)

…If the taxpayers pick up the tab for coronavirus research, why do we have to give drug
companies patent monopolies, and then beg them not to charge us too much for the vaccine?

…there is a huge amount of money at stake with patent monopolies for prescription drugs.
We would likely save more than $400 billion a year (more than five times the food stamp
budget) if all drugs sold in a free market without patent protection.


Big Pharma socialism…
Inside The Pharmaceutical Lobby’s Campaign
For More Government Subsidies Through Medicare Part D

Senate health care leaders have developed a bipartisan, fiscally responsible way to reduce the cost of the Medicare prescription drug benefit, also known as Medicare Part D. But pharmaceutical companies, in a furious lobbying effort, are trying to blow up the deal by demanding that taxpayers spend tens of billions on drug industry subsidies.

Note: ACA was supposed to close the Part D donut hole this year.

Hartmann with Kevin Kamps: “Fukushima: Nine Years Later Still Glowing

NRC greenlights Peach Bottom 80-year license extension despite significant safety questions

NRC draft environmental impact statement for Holtec Consolidated Interim Storage
Facility in NM is out. Demand more public comment meetings & deadline extension

See referenced comment…
Nuclear mumbo jumbo.
This is the way people talk about nuclear weapons when they want to avoid talking about what these weapons actually do, how much they actually cost and how little they actually matter to our national security.


First in a thread…
.@PhilTaubman says the … administration is, “pulling the rug out from under 40-50 years of effort by both Democratic and Republican administrations in the U.S. to bring negotiations to bear on trying to reduce nuclear dangers and reduce the worldwide arsenal.”

New report from @CAPSecurity “The … administration’s “maximum pressure” approach on Iran has increased the risk of a wider Middle East war and failed to bring the world closer to a better nuclear deal with Iran.”

Next regime change target? Nicaragua

Marketing experts will tell you that every story needs a villain. The … administration wants to make China the villian. They are to blame. They caused the pandemic. This deflects from their own incompetence. They get to play the hero. This will likely work for his base. (video)

Note: Republicans helped make Communist China the economic powerhouse that it is today. Now Pompeo is attacking them and explicitly using “Communist” China. What hypocrisy!


ABC’s Cecilia Vega asks (the president) about his use of the term ‘Chinese virus’. She then asks:
“No concerns about Chinese Americans in this country? To the aides behind you, are you
comfortable with this term?” The latter question goes unanswered.

Rep. Ted Lieu: “(The president’s) repeated insistence on calling coronavirus
the ‘Chinese virus’ is more than just xenophobic; it causes harm both to Asian
Americans and to the White House’s response to this life-threatening pandemic.”

“We are in a worldwide, life-threatening pandemic, and we all need to work together.
I wish the president could set aside his xenophobia for the moment while we try
to keep Americans from dying.

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming
Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who warned of pandemic in 2006, says we can beat the novel coronavirus – but first, we need lots more testing.

…The whole epidemiological community has been warning everybody for the past 10 or 15 years that it wasn’t a question of whether we were going to have a pandemic like this. It was simply when. It’s really hard to get people to listen. I mean, (the president) pushed out the admiral on the National Security Council, who was the only person at that level who’s responsible for pandemic defense. With him went his entire downline of employees and staff and relationships. And then (the president) removed the [early warning] funding for countries around the world.

See charts / video…
The U.S. and South Korea both confirmed their first cases of coronavirus on January 20. As of yesterday, South Korea had tested 274,000 people. We had only tested 25,000. …

Ample test kits exist. @WHO has shipped hundreds of thousands of them. But ->
“No discussions occurred between WHO and the CDC about providing tests to the
United States.” Instead CDC designed its own. It had a major defect.

LA County gives up on containing coronavirus, tells doctors to skip testing of some patients

The guidance sets in writing what has been a reality all along. The shortage of tests nationwide has meant that many patients suspected of having COVID-19 have not had the diagnosis confirmed by a laboratory.

In addition to the lack of tests, public health agencies across the country lack the staff to trace the source of new cases, drastically reducing the chances of isolating people who have been exposed and thereby containing the outbreak.

For years, state and local health officials have been warning that steep cuts to federal grants meant to boost preparedness for a pandemic would mean there wouldn’t be enough equipment and staff on hand to respond in the crucial, early stage. Those fears have come to fruition now, officials said.

Missile Defense Thread

Pentagon Racks Up $35 Trillion in Accounting Changes in One Year

Pentagon Asks to Keep Future Spending Secret
The DoD is quietly asking Congress to rescind the requirement
to produce an unclassified version of the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP)

===2020 Watch List===
If the right wing person defending Trump to you has a twitter account that began in February or March 2020 they’re probably not a person.

Remember this Feb 28th AP “fact check?”

TikTok Told Moderators to Suppress Posts by “Ugly” People and the Poor to Attract New Users

This Law Makes Voting Nearly Impossible for Native Americans in Montana

Elite Media Dismiss Voter Suppression on Grounds That It’s ‘Complicated’

Context: 22 studies agree: Medicare for All saves money
Whether you call it single-payer or Medicare for All, it isn’t some socialist pipe dream. It’s a sensible, efficient, and effective way to guarantee excellent health insurance to everyone.

First in a detailed thread…
During this coronavirus crisis, keep an eye on every move of my old industry: health insurers.
Behind the PR spin, they will be doing everything they can to deny care & maintain profits,
while making it look like they’re heroes. Here’s what to look for:


Responding to former Goldman Sachs CEO’s attempt at playing the “S” card…
So Mr. Blankfein, you want the taxpayers to put up the money for the research, and then have the government give drug companies patent monopolies so they get to charge whatever they want? I guess that how things worked with Goldman Sachs and the bailout. Great system!

Instead of letting the “free market” do it’s thing…
On October 28, 2008, Goldman Sachs received $10 billion of the first $125 billion
from the $700 billion bailout bill.


Followup piece…
Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Recruited Spies to Infiltrate Progressive Groups with Project Veritas

A Florida woman who worked for a group funded by (president supporting) America First Policies was charged after officials said she filled out 10 voter registration forms with false info – at least 6 of which enrolled Dem and indy voters in the GOP without their consent.

I spent part of an election day getting survival supplies for my family (non-perishable food, medicine, etc) because I know theres so little safety net or public health infrastructure in an America where both parties’ leaders are trying to block Medicare for All during a pandemic

How one elite New York medical provider got its patients coronavirus tests.

See referenced comment…
I just love how PhRMA keeps running these ads promoting research that if fully open, and therefore advance more quickly, with all patents in the public domain, so new drugs sell as cheap generics


===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Responding to Rep. Clyburn (D-SC6)
Or we could try Democracy.

Note: Clyburn is the 3rd most powerful member of the House Dem caucus. He helped transform Biden from a can’t do to a can do candidate for Super Tuesday by making promises without context.

To call for a suspension of debate and elections, Clyburn must think Biden is an extremely fragile candidate. Is he so desperate to set up a a Biden oligarchs v Trump oligarchs election because he (and the establishment) win either way?

Naomi Klein & Alicia Garza on Calls to Shut Down Primaries & Debates

Primaries should be explicit contrasts – and tough primaries dont weaken general election
nominees, they strengthen them (example: Obama-Clinton scorched earth didnt hurt Obama). …

The tougher the primary is for the Democratic nominee, the better, more battle-tested
the nominee will be. Establishment demands for silence in the name of “unity” — or for the
end of a contested primary – don’t serve the cause of defeating Trump. They weaken that cause.

This is my 7th Dem campaign (Hoeffel for Congress, Schweitzer for Senate, Schweitzer for
Governor, Lamont for Senate, Sirota for School Board, Sirota for State Rep, Bernie 2020).
Tough primaries help strengthen general-election nominees. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I hear reporters saying that Biden now has to reach out to Sanders and unite the party.
I have to say I think that will be hard. A lot of Biden people have contempt for Bernie,
his ideas and his supporters. It’s palpable. This is a real shame.

How Corporate Media ‘Factchecked’ Biden’s Calls for Social Security Cuts Into Oblivion

Biden Is Still Lying About His Positions on Social Security Cuts, the Bankruptcy Bill, and More

The Washington Post really dislikes populism and is using its news section to tell everyone

Note: See WaPo’s headline to understand why I placed the following here…

Washington Post pushes nonsense about “second Great Depression” to trash Bernie Sanders about 2008 bailout. Sanders is right — we didn’t have to save (Wall Street) from their greed and stupidity

I thought the bank bailout was a bad idea at the time, but in retrospect, it was horrible policy.
It was a fantastic opportunity to radically reduce wealth inequality and hugely downsize
the bloated financial sector, all by just letting the market do its magic.

…I have never gotten anyone to explain why we would have been condemned to a prolonged
period of high unemployment if we let the market work its magic on Goldman Sachs, Citigroup
and the rest. I just get vigorous hand waving and obscenities.


Not a good look


Context: When asked about it Biden played the I’m-rubber-you’re-glue card
Once again failed to take responsibility for his actions…


Just watched @MSNBC package of Biden gun exchange.
1) didn’t include “you are full of sh-t.”
2) edited out threat to “slap” the guy’s “face.” 3) edited out Biden shushing female staffer.
So…this qualifies as “manipulated” video, right?

See referenced comment…
We are like one news cycle away from these people blaming Bernie Sanders for the emergence of the coronavirus

It’s kind of odd how MSNBC brands Moore a “Sanders supporter” but doesn’t brand the entire rest of the network  – the endless panoply of establishment DNC (staff, consultants) and hosts – as “Biden supporters” even though they plainly are. Just identify everyone truthfully: (video)

‘Bernie Bros’ Were Invented as Sexist, Racist and Anti-Semitic

For all the talk of toxic supporters, Biden Democrats have sent a loud scornful message to the people demanding urgent action on health care, student debt, climate and many other issues that their voices don’t matter. That’s the tone. Scorn. Mock. Shame. ..;.


===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Tulsi Gabbard… Jan 11th
Important announcement. From Oahu, Hawai’i. (Video)
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th
What should (the president) be doing differently about coronavirus? Elizabeth Warren has some ideas

Elizabeth Warren released a 15-page plan Monday aimed at rooting out government corruption

Silicon Valley Megadonor Karla Jurvetson
Fueled Elizabeth Warren’s Super PAC with $14 Million Donation
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th
I’m hosting a virtual roundtable on the economic and health crises
created by the coronavirus outbreak. … (video)

There are 2 possible responses for Democrats to the economic meltdown
that has extended from the #CoronavirusOutbreak:
1. A new variation on the 2008 Wall Street bailout.
2. A new variation on the New Deal.
@BernieSanders has opted for the new New Deal.

Bernie Sanders Fights for Laid-off Worker Protections
in $2 Trillion Stimulus with Corporate Bailout

Sanders Demands (the President) Rescind ‘Truly Outrageous’ Decision to Hand Gilead Exclusive Rights Over Possible Coronavirus Treatment

He should also go after Section 3851 of the bill he voted for last night. Gives a monopoly
for 18 months to drug companies for developing new over-the-counter drugs. Good guarantee
of corruption and high prices

I voted against disastrous trade deals like NAFTA and PNTR that cost millions of jobs.
Joe Biden voted for them.
Ours is the campaign that is strongest to defeat Trump. (video)

A Sanders Administration would exercise federal march-in rights to produce lower-priced generic medications. The greed & corruption of the pharmaceutical industry is killing Americans. It has got to end. That’s why we’re #SaferWithSanders

In break with Sanders and many other Dems, Joe Biden has not embraced an executive authority
known as march-in rights that could be important for controlling the cost of a coronavirus vaccine.

As people are getting laid off and families are worried about their next meal, it is truly beyond my comprehension why the … Administration is fighting to kick 700,000 people off nutrition assistance in the middle of this pandemic.

I talked to @AriMelber about how the primary is a clear choice:
It’s a grassroots-funded @BernieSanders pushing a change agenda versus the establishment-backed @JoeBiden promising billionaires “nothing will fundamentally change.”
This clip explains what it’s really all about.

During a global pandemic and an economic crisis, it would be better to have Medicare for All
rather than “nothing will fundamentally change.”

As the Economy Weakens, the Case for Bernie Grows Stronger

Sanders: We Are Winning “Ideological” & “Generational” Debate, Now Need to Win “Electability”

Senator @BernieSanders is not suspending his campaign…
Let’s all just:
1. Wait to hear from the senator, rather than pundits.
2. Recognize he decides things based on the #NotMeUs principle that have always guided his movement politics.


Bernie Sanders’s campaign said that it had raised more than $2 million in the last 48 hours for several charities that are working to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.
Joe Biden… April 25th
Thanks to @KateAronoff for the most detailed (and really fairly sad) report on @JoeBiden’s climate record. It’s of course far better than (the president’s) and far worse than @BernieSanders. More to the point, so far it falls way short of what physics demands

“The primary voice speaking out against single-payer right now in the middle of an epidemic is Joe Biden.”


Will you pay more for your health insurance next year because the coronavirus is sickening
so many Americans, and causing lengthy hospital stays? One analysis estimates as much
as a 40% hike in commercial insurance costs for consumers.

Repeat: Wendell Potter thread: …health insurers are still raking in record profits

Repeat: The health insurers will all be bankrupt at the end of this. What conditions do we
impose on their bailout? If we can’t get immediately to M4A, how about a $2 million cap
on executive compensation and public disclosure of all marketing plans.

This would be an important first step towards neutering these companies –
make them look more like insurers in Germany and France

Take money from billionaires and this happens…
Biden’s team is considering Bloomberg to head the World Bank & Jamie Dimon for Treasury. Incredible

Jamie Dimon at Treasury would be like appointing the Outbreak monkey to the CDC.
Biden clearly has the moderate wing of the party locked up. If he wants to beat Trump,
Biden needs to at the very least not spit in the face of progressives with disastrous
appointments like these.

…(Jamie Dimon’s) the CEO of a bank that:
– got a $416B bailout while he was on the NY Fed
– was fined $13B for mortgage fraud
– illegally foreclosed on military families

Compare / Contrast…
Jan: The Sanders campaign looked into whether Warren could serve as vice president
and treasury secretary at the same time, according to report

I fear that Democratic strategists still do not understand how raw emotions remain in communities that were devastated by the trade policies-NAFTA, WTO, PNTR-that were advanced by the Clinton administration & backed by centrists such as @JoeBiden

New: @JoeBiden’s campaign confirms that he has reviewed @ewarren’s bankruptcy plan closely, and is endorsing her proposal, as he said in his IL town hall.
That’s a significant shift, as the proposal would largely undo the 2005 bankruptcy bill the two clashed over in Congress.

Now do the same on @BernieSanders’ Medicare for All bill, and we will really start getting
the Democratic Party unified around a genuinely serious response to the emergency we face

Joe Biden just told @Lawrence that as president he’d veto Medicare for All
if it passed both houses and came to his desk – Video:

Joe Biden’s health care plan, on his website, plainly states that it will leave
10 million people uninsured. He won’t even commit to signing a plan that covers everyone.

Note: And for the long run, he needs a better climate plan

In break with Sanders and many other Dems, Joe Biden has not embraced an executive authority known as march-in rights that could be important for controlling the cost of a coronavirus vaccine.

A Sanders Administration would exercise federal march-in rights to produce lower-priced generic
medications. The greed & corruption of the pharmaceutical industry is killing Americans. It has
got to end. That’s why we’re #SaferWithSanders

See text graphic…
The giant (health) insurance companies gained $48 billion after Super Tuesday

Question: Is – Biden’s health plan kills fewer people than Trump’s plan – a good message?

June 2000…
… the GOP & corporate Dems killed @BerniSanders’ (and Paul Wellstone’s) bill making sure drugs developed at NIH expense are available at an affordable price

Joe Biden was one of the handful of Democrats who helped the GOP kill this legislation…
The Senate roll call vote is here:

“We deserve a candidate who will eradicate high-stakes testing, desegregate public schools, and help free students from the shackles of student debt. @JoeBiden is not that candidate.” @_ericblanc

Biden’s Lies (with video)…
– His “arrest” in apartheid South Africa
– The Silver Star that never was
– Iraq
– Biden’s role in the civil rights movement
– His grades

You can endorse @JoeBiden, but don’t claim “he’s honest” in your endorsement.
That will be exposed as a horrible lie.
Here he is lying about participating in sit-ins in the civil rights movement.
He never did this a day in his life. (video)

Joe Biden thinks we should “return to normal.”
Normal means 87 million uninsured or underinsured.
Normal means fossil fuel companies destroying the planet.
Normal means the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.
We cannot return to normal. We need real change.

To be clear: those of us criticizing Biden’s lies/gaffes/incoherence/awful record on Iraq etc … genuinely fear that he *won’t* win. That the aforementioned flaws may doom his campaign.

So over his three public appearances in 15 hours, Biden has a) compared NAFTA opponents to (the president) – -, b) trashed Medicare for All during a pandemic for which he has no plan – -, and c) shoved his finger in the face of an autoworker and told him he was full of sh-t


First in a thread (see text graphic)…
As I told @MarcACaputo of @politico, – Biden can either play the small violins of Democratic #LearnedHelplessness or go on attack 100% justified by any sober recounting of the factual record.

Note: Sanders generated his own media. If Biden can’t figure out how to do that, he needs to step aside.
Tom Steyer… July 9th…
…Tom Steyer spent some $160M on TV and radio ads —
including $16M in IA, $19M in NH, $15M in NV and $21M in SC.
He didn’t win a single delegate.
Andrew Yang… Nov, 2017
Andrew Yang’s new nonprofit organization has announced it will be distributing at least $1 million in $1,000 cash payments to 1,000 working poor households in the Bronx as part of a coronavirus relief fund in partnership with other organizations.

See referenced Yang comment…
Government is the only thing you can starve (i.e. austerity) and then blame for its own failure to thrive.
Michael Bloomberg… Nov 2019
Bloomberg’s campaign spent $876 million through the end of February. …

Just a reminder: Michael Bloomberg spent $800 million to try and stop Bernie Sanders
from getting healthcare to everyone in this country. And then gave the DNC $15 million
to try and defeat (the president).

The Bloomberg campaign couldn’t have been any clearer when it hired its Texas staff: They would have jobs helping turn Texas blue in November no matter what happened with Bloomberg.
This week, the staff was let go.

Bloomberg lays off hundreds as coronavirus bears down
Campaign staffers who were promised jobs through November no matter what are left high and dry

Bill Weld… April 16th…
Bill Weld has ended his long shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Though I often disagreed  with Weld, he ran as a principled representative of the Party of Lincoln.
Donald Trump
The Bureau of Indian Affairs today told the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe  that the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that their reservation be disestablished and their land be taken out of trust.

Fri: The Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017.
The Dow closed at 19,173.98 today.
The Dow has now erased all of the gains made during Trump’s presidency.

Analysis: 1 in 8 Trump voters live in a county with no ICU beds
Coronavirus cases have already been reported in some of those counties

(The President’s) ‘Spectacular Economy’ Was Far Better for the Middle Class Under Obama
His friends at Mar-a-Lago are doing great. For everybody else, income growth has slowed under (the president). Democrats, point this out!

This is your monthly reminder that we’re paying the tariffs, not China. Prices of items imported from China are down just 1.5 percent over the last year
That compares with a drop of 1..2 percent overall

(The president) is obsessed about China passing the U.S. in size of GDP. It already did
by purchasing power parity, but thanks to his leadership, China is likely to have a larger
GDP, measured in nominal dollars, than the U.S. next quarter

SecState Pompeo Pressures Saudis to Raise Gasoline Prices, Harming US Consumers

How to Mishandle a Global Pandemic, In 60 Seconds (video)

With (the president) saying “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was a pandemic,”
maybe we should take him at his word, which would mean he was consciously
deceiving Americans for months and condemning many people to death (video)

…I guess he can say all those older pictures of him trivializing the pandemic
are *fake news*.   I’m sure the hard core Fox types will believe him.

…USDA Sides With Corporate Meatpackers Over Farmers, in Latest GIPSA Proposal

After (the president’s) speech…
So (the president) has refused to address the real issues, imposed a massive disruption of international business, and demonstrated his absolute cluelessness. Dow futures down 770 right now, but why aren’t they down even more?

Give them time

Global stocks plunge after (the president) announces coronavirus response package

See chart:

Nothing on testing? Expanding emergency care facilities? Stockpiling medicines? Shutting down
mass meetings? Internal travel bans? Guess that will all have to wait for the cases to explode. …


Regarding (the president’s) travel ban…
“The president’s statement tonight leaves so many questions unanswered. What does ‘Europe’
include? Switzerland? Poland? Russia? Were our most significant allies consulted?
Why not coordinate common cause with them . . .?” – Atlantic Council president Fred Kempe.


Bedlam at U.S.-bound airlines at CDG in Paris early this morning,
as Americans pay as much as $20,000 for last-minute flights.


…(The president) says he wants to reduce the trade deficit.
We had a $70 billion surplus on travel last year

That includes tourism, business travel, and education. Now what do folks
think will happen to future travel plans of Europeans now that they realize
the U.S. has a president who would impose a travel embargo on a whim? …

We’ll have a $115.3 billion deficit?

(The president) said today that every American coming from Europe, actually anybody coming from
Europe, is getting tested for coronavirus under the “tremendous testing set up.” There is
*no* testing set up for these people. It’s “screening,” no actual tests.

…I flew to the USA today from France via the UK & not only was there zero testing for me
& my family, there were zero questions about our travel history or how we were feeling.  …

(The president) forgot the part about firing President Obama’s pandemic prevention team…


The Fox News crew have been telling us that all the stories about the dangers of the
coronavirus were just Democrats trying to embarrass (the president) and the *fake news* media.
Does this mean that (the president) is now *fake news*?


Cancellations hit (the president’s) hotels and clubs amid coronavirus outbreak

.@CREWcrew continues to track (the president’s) conflicts of interest every day – he’s up to 3,084. It’s more important than ever to track special interest influence with possible bailouts coming for industries that have paid the president’s businesses.

CBPP: (The president”s) 2021 Budget Would Cut $1.6 Trillion From Low-Income Programs

Goldman Sachs:  “… we now forecast US growth of 0.9% in Q1, 0% in Q2, 1% in Q3, and 2.25% in Q4, with the virus shaving about 1pp off of Q4/Q4 growth in 2020. While the US economy avoids recession in our baseline forecast, the downside risks have clearly grown.”

That translates 1% for 2020, q4/q4, basically a deceleration by about half, and enough of a drop
to start nudging the unemployment rate up…not good. See @DeanBaker13 and I in tomorrow’s
@PostEverything on policy ideas to offset the supply/demand shock.

Oct: (The President Is) Delivering Only A Fraction Of The 6% Economic Growth He Promised
The gross domestic product grew by less than 2% for the second quarter in a year.

Context: US lost more tax revenue than any other developed country
in 2018 due to (GOP) tax cuts, new report says

Question: Do your debts go away when your pay check gets cut (new job, fewer hours etc)

Context: The federal budget deficit is soaring, and you can blame it all on Republican tax cuts

(The president) is apparently considering further cuts in corporate taxes

The first cut completely failed in boosting in investment, but it was also *larger* than the
… administration expected. Corporate tax collections are 20 percent *below* what
CBO projected after the tax cut was approved.

Ethanol prices hit all-time low, unconfirmed reports of plant shutdowns

Remember the Ebola outbreak in 2014?
2 people in America died.
9 recovered.
There were 11 cases total.
Here’s what POTUS said then…

He was unserious, inflammatory, & divisive.
Today, with 31 Americans killed by #COVID19 and more than 1,000 Americans infected,
we need him to be serious, honest, & unifying.

Here’s a thought: what if – just when there are pandemics around  – the … administration stopped trying to kick people off of health care?

EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws amid coronavirus

“Incredibly, the EPA statement does not even reserve EPA’s right to act in the event of an imminent threat to public health,” Giles said.

“Instead, EPA says it will defer to states, and ‘work with the facility’ to minimize or prevent the threat. EPA should never relinquish its right and its obligation to act immediately and decisively when there is threat to public health, no matter what the reason is. I am not aware of any instance when EPA ever relinquished this fundamental authority as it does in this memo.”

2017: Obama Emissions Rules Could Yield $300 Billion Annually by 2030
Benefits come from less environmental damage and fewer health issues

The president rolls back Obama-era vehicle emissions standards

Lobbyists got (the president) to support Obama-era environmental regulation after spending $700K at his resort. (The president) has spent years gutting Obama’s policies – but supported one that was backed by big-money lobbying group

See referenced video / comments
…(The Taliban) is a group that has mass-murdered women & children but, yep, you guessed it, no Sanders/Cuba-style freak out over these comments from the president about a group officially designated as ‘terrorists’ by the US.

Family pledged no new foreign business during (this) presidency…
(The President’s) Store Expands Internationally

(The President’s) Company Paid Bribes to Reduce Property Taxes, Assessors Say
Five former city employees and a former Trump Organization employee say the company used middlemen to pay New York City tax assessors to lower building assessments and pay less taxes in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, the state’s top legal officer, contracted with (the president’s) Miami golf resort to host a crime prevention conference, despite the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against his accepting money from a state.”


When disunifying actions speak louder than a call for unity…

Context: (The president’s) mixed messages confuse coronavirus response
As he struggles with the biggest crisis of his presidency, President Trump has issued wildly divergent messages about the coronavirus, adding confusion to the stumbling federal response.

Genuine question about these daily pressers. They are quite long. How do these very busy
people have time for them? We’re talking an hour, frequently more than an hour, every day.
That’s a lot of time talking to the press — and why, typically, you have a press secretary.

The (president’s) “press conferences” are nothing more long infomercials – now promoting
various corporations. The networks must stop giving one candidate for president massive
amounts of free campaign time. Monitor and report any real news that comes out.
End this farce.

More questions to the public health experts. Fewer to the president. Former is much more
likely to yield useful and actionable information, especially for states and localities

Limiting (the President’s) Screen Time Isn’t ‘Censorship,’ It’s Journalism

2016: Donald Trump Rode $5 Billion in Free Media to the White House


The New York Times had a good piece examining how Denmark is coping with the coronavirus crisis. According to the piece, the government is paying companies up 75 to 90 percent of workers salaries, provided they don’t lay anyone off. This approach has the great advantage that it keeps workers tied to their employers, so that when the lockdowns end they have a job to go back to. It also means that employers don’t have to hire and train a workforce from scratch.

However the piece claims that this approach would not be possible in the United States because of the cost. …

Actually, this approach would cost no more money than the bill Congress just passed.
Dean Baker in ” Money Is Not the Reason the U.S. Is Not Following the Danish Model”

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