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===2020 Big Picture===
Poor People’s Campaign Holds a Nationwide Virtual Rally
Somebody has been hurting our people and it has gone on too long. We won’t be silent anymore

Question: How do we get candidates to explain how they’re going to address the issue of poverty?

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  Compare / Contrast…
  The Financialization of the American Elite

Diverse donor network puts conditions on its cash
In order to receive money, Donors of Color Network is requiring that political groups increase their diversity and spend more in communities of color.

  I would not be surprised to see many foundations begin to ask their grantees about their diversity
  and inclusion strategies. As we have learned from work promoting gender equity, even asking
  for data on staff/board composition can be a powerful incentive.

  Hundreds of companies are vowing to give workers paid time off to vote on Election Day –
  and some are going a step further, using their technology and resources to help register
  voters or direct them to polling locations.

Stacey Abrams on how to have a safe and fair November election

  Why You Can’t Just Vote on Your Phone During the Pandemic

This Voters’ Calendar will stretch our civic attention span to make high-turnout elections a task that mere mortals can perform, not a superhuman feat that tests the endurance of even the most dedicated voters.

Relates to voting by mail and corporatist attempts to privatize services…
The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA)…
Context: A Republican poison pill broke the post office…
…the PAEA required the Postal Service to calculate all of its likely pension costs over the next 75 years, and then sock away enough money between 2007 and 2016 to cover most of them.

Meeting Congress’ arbitrary mandate required putting away an extra $5.6 billion per year. “It is equivalent to imposing a tax of 8 percent on the Postal Service’s revenue,” Baker said. “There are few businesses that would be able to survive if they were suddenly required to pay an 8 percent tax from which their competitors were exempted.”

“The Postal Service’s $15 billion debt is a direct result of the mandate,” the Inspector General wrote in 2015. “This requirement has deprived the Postal Service of the opportunity to invest in capital projects and research and development.”

  The Republican-controlled Senate and House passed the bill by voice votes…
  Fortenberry, Terry, Osborne, Nelson and Hagel represented NE that session

  2012: Senate Passes Postal Service Reform: Sanders Provisions Strengthen Bill

    Johanns (R-NE) opposed the bil. Nelson (D-NE) supported it

Note: The Republican-controlled House ignored the bill. A few likely motives: A whole lot of prime postal property has been sold off as a direct consequence of their poison pill. And, of course, privatization. If USPS goes away, costs will increase (as companies seek more profit ) especially for the remote locations where the USPS delivers. In fact… the for profit folks often rely on USPS to deliver their packages to those remote locations.

I remember a postal worker asking Fortenberry to address the problem during a town hall and later – others complaining about the loss of Lincoln’s central processing service. He never acknowledged his participation in the House vote that created the problems as he hypocritically listened sympathetically to his constituents.

  The U.S. Postal Service Is More Vital Than Ever
  But why does (the president) have it in for the USPS?

  The Postal Service Is Steadily Getting Worse – Can It Handle a National Mail-In Election?

The American Revolution of 1800: How Jefferson Rescued Democracy from Tyranny and Faction – And What This Means Today

  Hartmann’s interview with the author…

  Hartmann and the author followed that interview with chapter discussions
  See links at the bottom of the playlist…

There was always an excuse for not struggling hard enough against racism.
In 1943, VP Henry Wallace told Democrats to stop making excuses.
The fight he began rages to this day.

  In 1943, as racial tensions erupted in Detroit, 17 African Americans died at the hands of police
  violence. VP Henry Wallace flew to Detroit to decry racism and declared, “we cannot fight to
  crush Nazi brutality abroad and condone race riots at home.”

  Decrying police violence in Chicago, Senator Abraham Ribicoff told the 1968 Dem Convention:
 “With George McGovern as President… we wouldn’t have to have Gestapo tactics in the streets
  of Chicago!” My new book argues Ribicoff and McGovern were right.

  The danger for Democrats in 2020 is that they will propose an agenda that is insufficient to meet
  the challenge of the moment and the opportunity of the future. This is the time to go all in for
  economic and racial justice, for the planet and for peace.

Juneteenth: A Celebration of Black Liberation & Day to Remember “Horrific System That Was Slavery”

We live in a country where civilian control over the military is enshrined in our Constitution.
It follows that cities such as Madison should recognize the importance of clearly defining, and maintaining, civilian control of the police.

  2018: How Policing in the U.S. and Security in Israel Are Connected
  Along with their relationships around money and weapons,
 Israel and the U.S. share a history of deploying over-militarized policing practices. …


You ever find one of those writers who you are always like, “da-n they nailed it”? Like…every single thing you read from them, you are just blown away? For me, that’s @KeeangaYamahtta.  Read this. Right now.


  A Lesson About Polls

What Exactly Does It Mean to Defund the Police?

What happened when a city disbanded its police force
– Camden, New Jersey, created a brand new police force to forge better ties with its residents.
– Their aim was for the police to be guardians, not warriors of their community.
– The city used to have one of the highest crime rates in the United States
  but now, eight years later, it is seeing its lowest crime rate in 50 years.

Powerful video from @350 colleague Dominique Thomas on how to be of use right now

===2020 Issues===
Comparing the Republican Party’s Response to Coronavirus alongside Climate Change:
Remember The Past, Think About The Present and Consider The Future

How Public Opinion Changes for the Better

  Politics & Global Warming, April 2020

Restoring Science, Protecting the Public: 43 Steps for the Next Presidential Term

The great Janelle Jones and I have been arguing that the Federal Reserve should target the Black unemployment rate. But how would they go about that??? Here’s how! (and why…)

CBPP States Continue to Face Large Shortfalls Due to COVID-19 Effects

  CBPP Fact Sheet: States Grappling With Hit to Tax Collections

CBPP: 3 Reasons Why States Should Tap Rainy Day Funds Now

CBPP: Aggressive State Outreach Can Help Reach
 the 12 Million Non-Filers Eligible for Stimulus Payments

Time to ‘Reinvest in People’ and ‘Cut Weapons of War’: Barbara lee
“Redundant nuclear weapons, off-books spending accounts,
and endless wars in the Middle East don’t keep us safe.”


  Dismantle the war economy
  To create real security, we must slash the Pentagon budget
  and invest in meeting everyone’s basic human needs.
 (Republican) Senate Authorizers Tone Deaf On Defense
  The Senate Armed Services Committee’s markup of the National Defense Authorization Act
 (NDAA) is out of step with current security needs, spending money on endless wars and
  unnecessary weapons that would better be spent on other urgent priorities.

CBPP: Medicaid Expansion’s Coverage Gains Won’t Hurt State Budgets, Even in Recession

Remember how politicians said we couldn’t possibly afford $20-$36 trillion over a decade to pay for Medicare for All? They just spent $20-$36 trillion on corporate bailouts in the same time period, while cutting taxes.


Note: In the spirit of GHW Bush… It’s the corporatists, stupid.

  Sign Now: We need Medicare for All

Most docs seem to hate prior authorization. Why is it not a solved problem, like anywhere close?

  Insurers have a massive army of lobbyists on the hill and infinite lobbying dollars
  They will block anything that gets in the way of increasing their profits –
  just ask former insurer exec @wendellpotter

  Now Medicare is getting into prior authorization with advantage** plans

Note**: Medicare advantage plans are Medicare-subsidized, privatized Medicare. Their ads never stopped after the 2019 Medicare sign up window closed in December.

Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most

Shocking Analysis Finds 1 Out of 2 People Globally Live in Worsening Air Pollution

The Pollinators: This Film Only Matters if You Eat Food

The Pollinators: This Film Only Matters if You Eat Food

2007: Engineers See Dangers in Aging Infrastructure

  AAG SB: Dams across US need $20B in repairs, expert says
  Thousands fled for their lives when two Michigan dams collapsed. More disasters are coming,
  experts say. Aging dams around the country weren’t built for today’s weather. Without a major
  investment in repairs, thousands of people’s homes – and lives – could be in danger.

For ‘Police Accountability With Teeth,’ Citizens Demand Elected and Empowered Oversight Boards
Activists from Seattle to New York argue that elected boards and special prosecutors
 are vital to addressing police violence.

LAT Editorial: Trump is trashing arms control treaties and making the world more dangerous

Why Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Moves Are Completely Confusing. Understanding Donald Trump’s policies require setting aside the stated ends and identifying the actual objectives.


(The president) is playing a reckless game with the global nuclear arsenal
Who benefits from the US withdrawal from arms control commitments? Not Americans.


The Trump administration has reportedly discussed conducting an explosive nuclear test for political purposes with the goal of forcing China to the arms control negotiating table. Here’s why restarting explosive nuclear testing is dangerous and unnecessary (video)

===2020 Watch List===
GA’s Flawed New Computer Scanners Failed to Tally Unknown Thousands of Votes in Primary: ‘BradCast’ 6/15/2020. Guest: Jeanne DuFort, who discovered state’s massive counting error


L.A. County to Use Same New Unverifiable Touchscreens, E-Pollbooks in Nov. That Failed Disastrously on Super Tuesday

Beltway Dems Are Trying To Prevent A Progressive Senate: CO

Health care and race…
Selected tweets from a Wendell Potter thread that begins (see graphics)…
After the #GeorgeFloyd killing, health insurance companies are putting out vague, carefully-worded statements touting their “support” for racial equity. As a former insurance exec, here’s the truth about their “commitment” to the issue, that they don’t want you to know… (1/9)

  This front group (PAHCF) calls Medicare for All (and the Biden public option) “one-size-fits-all
  health care,” (which is) a dog-whistle to privileged white people that a health care system
  in which everybody would have the same benefits, can’t be good enough for them. (7/9)

  Here’s maybe the most revealing fact about how health insurance corporations really see the
  current climate in America: They’re reaping massive profits this year. In the middle of a pandemic
  that’s devastating communities of color. (8/9)

Chairs the House Ways and Means Committee…
.@RepRichardNeal benefited from a $69,487 digital ad buy from the Am Hospital Assn PAC in    January, while he was killing a bill to lower health care costs that the Am Hospital Assn opposed.


Who says America’s health care system isn’t working? It’s working just fine for Samuel Hazen, the CEO at HCA Healthcare Inc. The Nashville Business Journal has just named him that region’s top-paid chief exec, at $26.8 million last year.

See example…
A new report finds that a Russian disinformation campaign has, for 6 years, been flooding the internet with false stories in seven languages and across 300 social media platforms.
The campaign also shared fake tweets from U.S. elected officials.

Facebook has executed a takedown of social media accounts connected to two organizations the company considers to be hate groups and had banned across their platforms: Proud Boys and American Guard.

Facebook takes down Trump ads featuring symbol used by Nazis to mark political prisoners

  WaPo: In its online salvo against antifa and “far-left mobs,” (the president’s) reelection campaign
  is displaying a marking once used by the Nazis to designate political prisoners in concentration

Facebook has already agreed to put a Republican Party political operative in charge of its editorial policies in order to secure more favorable regulatory treatment and Trump keeps making it clear that his second term agenda is to do the same at CNN/NBC/WaPost.

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Baker responds to the drug lobby

Donald Trump’s Increasingly Elaborate Bid to Create His Own America

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th (Suspended her campaign)
Context: In the last month, the DSCC’s handpicked candidate @Hickenlooper defied a subpoena, was found guilty of violating ethics laws, was ensnared in a separate pay-to-play scandal & now this scandal.

  While I will support whichever candidate wins the primary, given the importance of
  flipping the senate, I’m voting for Andrew Romanoff in the primary. We need a clean
  energy/climate champion, and Andrew is just far stronger on these issues.

  …The largest private sector union in Colorado just endorsed @Romanoff2020
  for Senate, because they know he will fight for workers. Romanoff is building a
  winning coalition to beat Hickenlooper in June and Gardner in November.

  DC insiders are spending >$1 million to prop up their hand-picked candidate
  as @Romanoff2020 gains momentum. If you want a Senator from Colorado
  who will fight for a Green New Deal, Medicare 4 All, and for Black lives,
  join our phonebank at 6:00MT
  So why did Warren just endorse Hickenlooper?
Joe Biden… April 25th
Make her Treasury Secretary, too…
More than 100 liberal activists, leaders and celebrities signed a letter urging Joe Biden to select Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.

 ‘The most acceptable white candidate’: Black support lifts Warren’s VP prospects

Fwiw… I suspect this Black progressive isn’t on Biden’s list…

@BlackRock is the world’s top funder of the climate crisis.
@JoeBiden should say *no* to BlackRock #BLKBigProblem

A (then Mayor) Rahm Emanuel flashback…
‘Chicago Police Adopt Israeli Tactics’ – Dec. 11, 2015
Donald Trump…
Months before election, (the president) finds himself at odds with most Americans’ views

Opinion: The whole world is watching America’s failure

McConnell (R-KY) oversaw the intallation of 2 illegitimate, “conservative” Supreme Court justices
and the president still isn’t happy…

Trump administration takes Keystone XL pipeline dispute to U.S. Supreme Court

Earlier this year, a Montana judge suspended the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ permit program when environmental groups seeking to block construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline argued the permit process allows companies to skirt responsibility for damage done to water bodies.

On February 7, the WHO warned about the limited stock of PPE. That same day, the Trump administration announced it was sending 18 tons of masks, gowns and respirators to China. – True

  Trump ‘pleaded’ with China’s president to buy US agricultural products
  to help him win the 2020 election, according to John Bolton’s new book

  Yet the president had the chutzpah to accuse his opponent of being too close to China


Federal judge denies Trump administration’s attempt to block release of Bolton’s book


Dept of Labor Throws 401k Investors To The Wolves

 (The president) just quietly gave private equity a huge gift that could transfer hundreds of billions
  of dollars from workers to Wall Street billionaires. The move followed a $3 *million* super PAC
  donation from the private equity mogul (Steve Schwarzman) pushing for the change.

    This is looting — pass it on


  Brown, Sanders, Whitehouse, Markey, Warren, Baldwin & Merkley signed the letter (No Rs)
  Brown, Colleagues Demand Answers
  on Misguided Labor Dept Decision Supporting Private Equity

  …Biden says he opposes the Trump Labor Dept’s move to let private equity billionaires raid
  workers’ 401k savings. If Biden wins, this is something he’d have the unilateral power to rescind.


US Slumps to 10th Spot in World Competitiveness Rankings
The US tumbled further in a ranking of most competitive world economies, dragged down by the weight of President Donald Trump’s trade wars.

President Trump touts a 2017 tax break for “opportunity zones” as a boon for black Americans and small businesses in poor communities. In reality, the tax incentive has mostly helped wealthy investors and real estate developers, a new study has found.

The Off-Label Prescriber-in-Chief

The Off-Label Prescriber-in-Chief

Trump administration eases restrictions on killing bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens in Alaska

An investigation conducted on behalf of the NOAA found that agency leadership violated its scientific integrity policy through actions that led to the release of a statement that backed Trump’s false claim about Hurricane Dorian’s path.


The “Deciding Official” in NOAA, who received the report for action concurred. But neither the panel nor the Deciding Official decided to take any real corrective action.

With New Manipulation of Benefit-Cost Analysis,
 the Trump EPA Attempts to Hide Bodies in the Fine Print

All the Lies (the president) told the West Point Graduates about American Militarism

See referenced comment by the president…
For the umtpeenth time, Germany does not owe NATO any money. There’s a guideline on percent of GDP a country is expected to spend on the military they are supposed to meet by (checks notes) 2024.


Tulsa World Editorial Board: This is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for the Trump rally.
“We don’t know why he chose Tulsa, but we can’t see any way that his visit will be good for the city.”

  Vice President Mike Pence blatantly lied to reporters about the trajectory of
 COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma, where President Trump is scheduled to hold
  a large campaign rally on Saturday

Question: Doesn’t that expose Pence to lawsuits despite the campaign’s disclaimer?


  Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “Mercedes, please don’t filibuster. We’re showing pictures here
  and it shows big, empty areas. Frankly, it makes you guys look silly when you deny the
  reality of what happened.” (video)

Trump supporters in Michigan have been burning their absentee ballot applications.

The Trump campaign demanded that CNN retract and apologize for a poll showing Biden up 14 points. Could the campaign do the same to Fox News for a poll showing Biden up 12 points?

Twitter labels video Trump tweeted as ‘manipulated media’
The Air Force inspector general is investigating whether the military improperly used a little-known reconnaissance plane to monitor protests in Washington and Minneapolis this month.

  The FBI Used An Advanced Spy Jet To Conduct Surveillance Of #BlackLivesMatter Protests
  The aircraft is normally used to provide surveillance for big federal drug and gang busts –
  but flew over the  protests in DC earlier this month

  US Watched George Floyd Protests in 15 Cities Using Aerial Surveillance
  From Minneapolis to Buffalo, Homeland Security officials dispatched drones, helicopters
  and airplanes to monitor Black Lives Matter protests.

Law and General Disorder: ‘BradCast’ 6/8/2020
Guest: Longtime journalist, novelist Lucian K. Truscott IV on the uprising against Trump by his military leaders

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Mark Milley’s apology…
Trump’s Use of the Military Does Not Create the “Appearance” of Abuse. It Is Abuse.
And the message that West Point cadets simply ignore their commander in chief is illogical.

The House Oversight Committee is demanding that the Justice Dept. and DHS investigate “reports of white supremacists interfering in peaceful protests, following the Administration’s persistent efforts to blame ‘Antifa.'”

New: (The president) threatens protesters ahead of Tulsa rally

  Compare / Contrast…
  Did Donald Trump Encourage Violence at His Rallies?
  A viral cartoon accurately presented several quotations by the then-presidential candidate,
  delivered on the campaign trail in 2015 and 2016.

(The president) just quietly gave private equity a huge gift that could transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from workers to Wall Street billionaires. The move followed a $3 *million* super PAC donation from the private equity mogul (Steve Schwarzman) pushing for the change.

This is looting — pass it on:
Brown, Colleagues Demand Answers on Misguided Labor Dept Decision Supporting Private Equity:
Biden says he opposes the Trump Labor Dept’s move… [W]ould have the unilateral power to rescind.
Investors are wary about private equity’s new access to 401(k)s:

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