Towards an issues-based 2020 election (72)

===2020 Big Picture===
The Revolutionist: Film & Discussion (video)

June 2019 Sanders: Trump wants socialism for corporations and rich people
In a POLITICO interview, the 2020 hopeful previews a major speech Wednesday
defending democratic socialism.


Jesse Jackson won 6.9M votes for president in 1988, took 11 primaries and caucuses and secured 1218.5 delegates. He delivered an epic convention address. Yet he wasn’t seriously considered for VP.
That, I argue in my new book, was political malpractice.

FEC losing quorum again after Caroline Hunter resigns
The federal government’s elections watchdog just reestablished a quorum last month.

Republican FEC commissioner leaving to joining the Koch network’s
dark money fundraising apparatus. …

Republicans Ramp Up Bid to Control Election Maps for Next Decade

#USPS could run out of cash after Sept causing layoffs that are “a hammer blow to the Black middle-class” and further endangerment of vote-by-mail elections in November, according to CEPR’s analysis by @hayleycbbrown @DeanBaker13

Seven years after Shelby County vs. Holder, voter suppression permeates the South

Half Kentucky’s Black voters live in one county.
It will have one polling place… for 616,000 registered voters.
Today’s GOP knows no limits when it comes to discrimination… and destruction of our democracy.

Far too long, our public leadership has been too comfortable with other folks’ death. Truth of the matter is Republicans racialized death and racialized poverty and too many Democrats run from poverty. It’s time to say every piece of public policy has a death measurement on the down low. We don’t talk about that often but every piece of public policy, regressive piece of public policy has a death measurement on the down low. And it’s been kept on the down low. But it is time to expose it now. Denying living wages and basic income has a death measurement. Denying health care has a death measurement. My son, William III, told me that 3000 people die from particulate air pollution that comes from politicians protecting corporate polluters. When you protect corporate polluters, it has a death measure. And it’s time, it’s past time to reject the culture of death. Even racist voter suppression has a death measurement because when racist voter suppression is used to help people get elected, who once they get elected, they block health care, they block living wages and they protect greedy corporations, then voter suppression is used in a way that produces a death measurement. Like the prophet Ezekiel said in scripture, it’s not only the politicians who’ve been acting as ravenous wolves – that’s the biblical language – it’s also the lying religionists who cover up for them. And it’s time to reject and alter the policies of greed, violence and racism that hurt, harm and destroy lives. As Roz Tellis (sp?) likes to say, we need an analysis. It’s time to embrace an agenda rooted in the deepest values of our faith traditions. Our highest and best political and intellectual visions. The values closest to the heart within each of us. Love, justice, mercy, and truth.

It’s time to demand that we the people live up to our stated commitment to establish justice, promote the general welfare, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and guarantee every American equal protection under the law. It’s time. In fact, it’s past time. But also it’s time for a major transformation and reconstruction.  — Rev Wm Barber

Mail-in voting gets a $59 million boost from … donors
Organizers say it’s more important than ever because of the impact of coronavirus.

In the south, 8.9 million poor and low wealth people who could have voted didn’t vote. Why don’t many of them vote? Because they say they never hear their issues of poverty. If we want to change the electorate, if we want to change the political capital, we have to start talking to poor and low wealth people. And stop lying on poor and low wealth people, white and black. Most poor and low wealth people did not vote for the current administration. Many of them did not vote because nobody comes and visits them and talks to them and listens to them and hears their stories and says in their policies how they’re going to address the issue of poverty. — Rev Wm Barber

Question: How do we get candidates to explain how they’re going to address the issue of poverty?

As They Scream Voter Fraud, Trump And His Press Secretary May Have Voted Illegally. Kayleigh McEnany was living in Washington but voted in Florida. Trump used an address he promised Palm Beach officials would not be a residence.

Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, voted by mail in April
from a mansion they haven’t lived in for 4 years.

A half-dozen senior advisers to (the president) have repeatedly voted by mail, according to
election records obtained by the AP. The aides include Betsy DeVos and Brad Parscale


Know who else votes by mail? The military…
Voting By Mail Is Patriotic (video)

Be careful rejoicing about the failure of Donald Trump’s rally. If the racism he is selling & the promises he made to corporate gluttony distract us from the work we need to do to reconstruct democracy, he still wins with a half-empty stadium.

If you think Donald Trump is on the ropes and will surely lose in November, think again. He will
do  anything to be reelected. Our side has limits because we believe in democracy. Donald Trump
has no limits because he doesn’t.

Senator @BernieSanders is winning roughly 20% of the statewide vote in New York, with even stronger numbers in particular districts. He’ll win a substantial number of additional delegates tonight.

Democrats are moving their national convention to a smaller venue and asking delegates to stay home because of the virus

On his show just now, @Thom_Hartmann asked me to name one issue that should be on everyone’s radar but isn’t.  My answer: the private equity industry is eating our economy, taking over our government and buying our democracy, and most Americans don’t even know what it is.


===2020 Issues===
Most Americans believe the government should do more to combat climate change, poll finds

What Stands in the Way of Making the Climate a Priority

Climate Justice is Racial Justice; Racial Justice is Climate Justice


I’m a Black Climate Expert. Racism Derails Our Efforts to Save the Planet.
Stopping climate change is hard enough, but racism only makes it harder.

Advanced macro grid initiative announced, with funding support from Bill Gates-backed group

Amazon unveils $2 billion fund to invest in startups building sustainable technology

Because many politicians moved backwards while others haven’t gone far enough fast enough…
New Issue Brief: Strengthening Public Input on Solar Geoengineering Research

The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online

There are some surprising cosponsors…

Stop The EARN IT Bill Before It Breaks Encryption

The EARN IT Act (S. 3398) is anti-speech, anti-security, and unnecessary. A key Senate committee is scheduled to debate the bill next week – we need to tell Senators to reject this dangerous proposal.

It has taken more than 2 centuries, but a chamber of Congress has finally voted for D.C. statehood and equal citizenship for the people of Washington. In a 232-180 House vote – -, every Republican voted “no” while every Democrat but one favored equality.

…Rs object to making DC (population 711,571) a state.
Yet, they’re cool with Wyoming (population: 572,381) being a state. …


Good morning Friday news: House’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill packed with pro-solar, pro-storage provisions

As more people go back to work, nobody should work for less than a living wage. Had the minimum wage grown with productivity since 1960, it would be $22.50 today.

How to reverse America’s “epidemic low-wage problem?” @DeanBaker13 tells @nytimes “… universal child care and extending Medicaid. These can both be phased in fairly quickly and would make a big difference for lots of people.”

The Jobs We Need
Workers have been left behind as the US economy expanded and chief executive salaries skyrocketed over the last four decades (i.e. the Reagan era)

Every Federal Reserve Board Member is an Old Millionaire
Why it’s a problem that a central bank whose job is to organize credit only has creditors in charge


“The Defict Myth”: Unexpectedly Impressive – Mises Inst


Great Time for a Vacant Property Tax

My latest: We should tax large inheritances more heavily, and at least as much as we tax income from good old hard work.

The SEC just blew the whistle on its own Trump-appointed chairman – just as the president tries to promote him to a position that would let him completely defund the Wall Street police.

Yesterday, the SEC issued a report saying that investors are getting fleeced by private equity
firms: Today, regulators weakened the Volcker Rule so that banks
can funnel money to private equity firms

Blackstone Group Inc. is more than 30 days delinquent on $273.7 million of debt tied to
a portfolio of business hotels, a sign that large real estate investors are considering
walking away from properties in the pandemic economy.

Towards ‘Accountable Capitalism’: Remaking Corporate Law through Stakeholder Governance

Pelosi just made sure that a vote to leave the WTO would not be taken up by this congress
No vote on membership has been held in over 15 years. (Reportedly it’s required every 5 years)

New Dietary Guidelines Could Help Us Kick Our Sugar Habit – But Will Science Win Out?

CBPP: ACA Repeal Lawsuit Would Cut Taxes for Top 0.1 Percent by an Average of $198,000

Doug Peterson (R-NE) signed Nebraska onto the suit…

CBPP: Aggressive Outreach Can Help Connect Medicaid Enrollees With Federal Economic Impact Payments

Expansion is on the OK and MO ballots…
CBPP: Expanding Medicaid in OK and MO a First Step to Improve
American Indian and Alaska Native Health Care

Why People Are Still Avoiding the Doctor (It’s Not the Virus)
At first, people delayed medical care for fear of catching Covid. But as the pandemic caused staggering unemployment, medical care has become unaffordable for many.

Wendell Potter on M4A (video)…

Happy to see #COBRA trending and people pointing out how absurd it is. It’s insane that some in Congress want taxpayers to pay COBRA premiums, which would boost health insurers’ profits and help only a few of the newly uninsured. Expanding Medicare would help more and cost less.

Interesting show of how things have shifted in the Dem health care world. Even the @amprog
has basically given up on the ACA exchanges. The party is coming to admit insurance
exchanges are complex, deeply confusing, expensive, and stupid.

Note: It was a step forward from the old system. But we can do better.

I called my pharmacy @kroger they said a 90 day prescription is $630 with insurance
So off I go to a Canadian pharmacy. A 90 day prescription is…wait for it…
$23.99 including shipping.
The medication is only manufactured by @pfizer.
@JoeBiden  @SpeakerPelosi


Bet You Didn’t Know This About Bees
It’s National Pollinator Week: Save the *Bees*!

Just in time for national pollinator week, Inovateus has started construction on Logansport
Municipal Utility’s first #solar project after retiring their 120 year-old coal plant. Bee pollinator
groundcover will also be planted on 80 acres


Earthjustice Statement on Trump Administration Plan to Gut Protections for Western Arctic
National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is targeted with release of new land-management plan

Trump Administration Plan Expands Oil Drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Reserve
Final ‘Integrated Activity Plan’ Allows Development in Protected Wildlife Habitat
Krystal Ball: Debunks the Neocon supported Venezuelan coup propaganda
and explains the hawkish positions of President Trump and Biden

[O]n foreign policy all political paths seem to lead to propaganda, foreign adventurism, cruelty and regime change. A race to the right to see who can invent the worst policy with the most blowback all guided by a well-funded ideology and the profit motive of the military-industrial complex. This little incident is an important reminder that whatever happens in November, the Neocons have already won.

First in a thread…
The House Armed Services Committee just began considering the annual (military) bill, aka the NDAA. Last year the 1st meeting had fireworks, as Dems opposed SOME of the excesses in the plan to spend $$$$ on new nuclear weapons & Rs objected. This year, nothing. No debate.

Note: While House Dems fought for a strong bill in the House, they were rolled during negotiations.

The @HASCDemocrats have released their mark up of Trump’s $740 Billion Pentagon budget
request. They capitulated to Trump, stuffing the bill with pork and striking any provisions that
the GOP wouldn’t agree to. They surrendered without a fight.

Amendments Bernie filed today to the (military) bill:
– Cut the Pentagon by $74 billion & use that money to reduce poverty in the U.S. with Markey
– Audit the Pentagon with Grassley, Wyden and Lee
– End the War in Yemen with Murphy and Lee
– Manufacture & Distribute masks to all

First in a thread. See Schumer, Cuomo and Hillary Clinton endorsements…
A humbling night for the Democratic foreign policy establishment last night who got off the sidelines to endorse a party elder whose foreign policy was largely indistinguishable from a mainstream Republican: a hawk on Israel-Pal, Syria, Russia, Latin Am, defense spending

Related thread…

Democratic incumbents wouldn’t have problems with primaries
if they reflected the views of Democratic voters instead of special interests.

House Foreign Affairs Committee chair…
HFAC needs progressive leadership that prioritizes peace and human rights

Video: A Maximum Pressure Exit Strategy:
Can the U.S. Save the Iran Nuclear Deal Before it’s Too Late? (@ ~3 mins)


Click RSVP to register…
Join us next Monday at 2 pm ET for a conversation with @RepRoKhanna and @natsecHeather about the US-China relationship.

It’s time to eliminate land-based nuclear missiles
It’s long past time to prevent special interest pleading from blocking policies that will make us safer from a nuclear war

“The best policy would be to eliminate ICBMs altogether. But this approach will no doubt generate
fierce opposition from the ICBM lobby…senators from states with ICBM bases [and] contractors
like Northrop Grumman, which stand to make billions of dollars”

Rethinking Land-Based Nuclear Missiles
Sensible Risk-Reduction Practices for US ICBM

See highlighted text graphic…
The new @UCSUSA report makes a core point – and I’d go further. In my view, corporate profits
and parochial interests are the main drivers in US nuclear policy today. Strategic theory is just
a veneer; a justification for multi-billion contracts.

The Cold War, bolt-from-the-blue “rationale for ICBMs – and for keeping them on alert – no longer
applies.” So, why is Congress about to fund a brand new generation of these nuclear monsters?
Costing over $100 Billion! Read this new Report @UCSUSA:

Compare / Contrast…

Learn about the pandemic’s impact on national and nuclear security! Join @RepRoKhanna @wendyrsherman @Cirincione, virtually, for a special event, moderated by @MichaelWinship via @HollywdHealth and partners Tuesday, June 30, 2020,  5pm PT / 8pm ET

===2020 Watch List===
First in a thread…
I’ve spent the last year listening to *every* episode of the Trump campaign’s official podcast.
I found a near constant stream of misinformation, especially around voter fraud in the 2020 election. Viewer numbers are only growing…here’s what they’re taking away


===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers. A group with ties to the fossil fuel industry plans to use Facebook’s op-ed loophole to spread climate misinformation

First in a thread…
Patagonia is proud to join the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. We will pull all ads on
Facebook and Instagram, effective immediately, through at least the end of July,
pending meaningful action from the social media giant.

Facebook market value plummets $56 Billion as advertisers flee platform

Twitter puts warning notice on president’s tweet for ‘abusive behavior’

The New York Times Doesn’t Like It When Workers Have Job Security: The Case of Japan

Public Citizen refutes WaPo OpEd with a graph…


Leaked document makes President Trump’s use of Nazi-era symbol look worse

An internal DHS doc states “anarchist and anti-government extremists pose the
most significant threat … against law enforcement.” Not only does this doc not
name antifa, this description does not describe what we’ve come to understand
“antifa” to be.

NYT headline writer gets creative again, tells readers (Facebook’s) “Mark Zuckerberg has forged an uneasy alliance with the Trump administration.” Nothing in the piece suggests Zuckerberg has any problem with fascism

Fugelsang contextualizes Kirk…

Baker responds to the drug lobby


Law enforcement super PACs are spending big money on district attorney races and local elections from California to New York – and respected Democratic consulting firms are helping them. Our commentary in @theappeal

Really tired of the crowd saying pointing out Hick’s negatives is doing GOP’s work. The corporate power structure thrives on its ability to ignore progressives. That corporate power grows when it suffers no public (incl. media) or ballot-box consequences for its actions.

Can someone point me to when John W. @Hickenlooper apologized for opposing paid sick leave,
expanding fossil fuel development, supporting rollback of Clean Water Act regs, delaying Clean
Air Act non-attainment for Front Range or misleading Coloradans on safety of frac-fluid? Thx!

In Democratic primaries, I vote for candidates who support Medicare for All & a Green New Deal
because I don’t want thousands to keep dying because they lack health insurance, and I’d like
there to still be an ecosystem that supports human life.


Biden received 2,100 delegates.
Sanders received 1,047 delegates.
Every other candidate in the 20+ candidate race received a combined total of 143 delegates.
But I’m told that only Bernie lost the primary, and every other non-Biden candidate ran brilliant winning races.

See referenced coment…
It’s almost as if this kind of analysis goes out of its way to not mention the popular appeal of their particular political ideology

To be more explicit: the point here is that these great candidates’ ideas, vision and agenda
probably had a lot to do with why they won – and that should be part of the lesson.


===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Elizabeth Warren… Feb 9th (Suspended her campaign)
There are very few lawmakers willing to consistently question the private equity industry — even as it eats the American economy, takes over the federal government and buys elections. Elizabeth Warren is one of those few. We need more of this.

A day after Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hickenlooper, the pro-Warren Progressive Change Campaign Committee is fundraising for Romanoff. #cosen #copolitics

So…@EWarren intervened against the progressive Democrat in this Senate race – and she’s now
the headliner in the final closing ad of the candidate who is embroiled in a massive corruption
scandal and who promises to help the GOP block a Green New Deal and Medicare for All.
Bernie Sanders… Feb 19th (Suspended his campaign)
Bernie Sanders Lost. But He Won.
The greatest accomplishment of the Sanders campaign has less to do with moving good ideas out of the “radical” category and into the mainstream and more to do with inspiring the people who will carry those ideas forward.
Joe Biden… April 25th
DC should be a state. Pass it on.

I heard that Biden is promising that when he is president, he won’t force governors to say nice things about him to get emergency aid in a disaster

Of course (the president) openly boasted that he made state and local officials say nice things
about him to get help when their states or cities were struggling with the pandemic,
so this is not something that Biden has to prove.

Biden should do a bunch of these. …

Joe Biden notes in speech today that many people are losing their health insurance during the pandemic because it is tied to their employment

A problem which Joe’s plan does nothing about! #M4A


Sirota fact checks Biden…

History shouldn’t omit how many politicians spent the lead up to a lethal pandemic
telling America how much they opposed Medicare for All. With 120,000 dead & millions
losing health care coverage, these politicians deserve criticism. They aren’t entitled
to revisionist history.

Note: Policy improvements welcome.

Right before Avril Haines started working on Joe Biden’s foreign policy team, her past work with Palantir mysteriously vanished from her online bio:
But @MazMHussain noticed.

Blackstone Group executive Tony James is hosting a fundraiser with Joe Biden tonight.

Donald Trump…
Trump administration accused of stifling renewables on US public lands

The SEC just blew the whistle on its own Trump-appointed chairman – just as the president tries to promote him to a position that would let him completely defund the Wall Street police.

Yesterday, the SEC issued a report saying that investors are getting fleeced by private equity
firms: Today, regulators weakened the Volcker Rule so that banks
can funnel money to private equity firms

Today I wrote about Jay Clayton, the SEC chair caught up in the U.S. Attorney scandal who thought he could slide over and reach the pinnacle of a NY corporate lawyer’s revolving door career… until it all crashed down.


Economist corrects the president…

Senate Should Reject (the president’s) Nominee to Head Bureau of Land Management

Millions of Yemeni Children on Brink of Starvation amid (US-facilitated) Saudi War,
Covid-19 Aid Cutbacks: UNICEF

2019: President Trump vetoes bill to end US support for war in Yemen

(The president’s) vote-by-mail demonizing is driving down GOP participation.

WaPo Fact Checker: Who caused the violence at protests? It wasn’t antifa.

(The president) Attacks Anti-Fascists But Is Silent on Boogaloo
& Far-Right Groups Engaged in Deadly Violence

Enjoyed this quote buried in NYT poll story from a 72-year-old guy in Maine: “Biden would be a better candidate than Trump, simply because he’s a nice person,” Mr. Hoyt said.
Maybe there’s some cost to being a jerk every single day

(The president) concluded his Tulsa speech saying, ‘we will make America great again!’
“[A]n interesting question. (He’s) been president for 3.5 years now. Didn’t voters elect him to make America great again in the first place? What’s he been doing if not that?”


Yesterday, the SEC issued a report saying that investors are getting fleeced by private equity firms: Today, regulators weakened the Volcker Rule so that banks can funnel money to private equity firms

The Supreme Court Just Gave Corporations a License to Steal:
“The disgust Bill Barr has amassed is widespread and bipartisan”.:
John Bolton’s Original Sin:
‘Wednesday night massacre’ as Trump appointee takes over at global media agency:

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