Towards an issues-based 2020 election (83)

===2020 Big Picture===
Question: Why can’t I find full videos – without commentary – of each of last week’s town halls …and a transcript for only one of them?

Why One Teenager Decided to Become a Poll Worker in Wisconsin

Large crowds have lined up in Fairfax, Virginia, to cast their vote early in the 2020 election.
One election official said he has never seen turnout like this on the first day of early voting.

Now is not the time for cynicism or hopelessness. There is and continues to be political possibility to preserve our democracy & move forward. It will require each & every one of us, from the streets to the Senate, to grow in courage, strength, and strategy. But it is possible.

Our first, no 1 priority is to do everything possible to secure electoral college victory in Nov.
This is the fight of and for our lives. That has always been true, & it becomes more true each
day. Opponents of democracy need your resignation to succeed. Don’t give it to them.

You do not need to, nor should you, ignore your fears – there is plenty to be afraid of –
but we have possibilities before us. We can win, we can succeed, but we cannot do it
alone. We will need the people.
We must get to work.
Everyone matters.
Everyone has something to give.


President Obama Get Out the Vote Video

ProPublica’s Pandemic Guide to Making Sure Your Vote Counts
Here’s what you can do ahead of time to be prepared for the 2020 election.

Problem with your mail-in ballot? Long lines? Purged voter rolls? Voter intimidation?
There are several ways to let our @electionland team know:
– Questionnaire here:
– Text the word VOTE to 81380
– WhatsApp: Send the word VOTE to 1-850-909-8683

State x State details on how to vote

UCS: How prepared is your state for the general election?

More than 400,000 people have already registered to vote in 2020 via Snapchat.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the Green Party presidential ticket is ineligible to appear on the state ballot, ensuring more than a million absentee ballots will be mailed by Thursday as required by state law.


GA’s ‘Experts’ Flounder in Court Defending State’s New Unverifiable Touchscreen Voting Systems: ‘BradCast’ 9/16/2020

GOP Ramps Up Assault on Voting Rights Across U.S. Ahead of Election

Neoliberals in both parties peddled economic policies that closed factories and hobbled unions in cities like Kenosha. They failed to address racial disparities; in fact, they often made things worse by neglecting human needs and over-emphasizing policing.

“Trump didn’t come to Kenosha for Jacob Blake or his family. He didn’t come to condemn
the murders of Anthony Huber or Joseph Rosenbaum. He came to spread hate.”
– US Rep. MarkPocan
Joe Biden must seize every opportunity to counter Donald Trump’s hate.

See text graphic…
This disastrous Democratic strategy articulated by @SenSchumer gave us Donald Trump.
And yet, this is the same strategy Democrats are championing today – and now a new poll
shows Biden faces a worse Democratic enthusiasm gap than Hillary faced in 2016.

I still think Biden is in a decent position to win. Maybe I’m wrong, but I really think he can pull
it off. But it will require an energized voting base, and the enthusiasm gap is problematic,
especially at a moment when the pandemic and Donald Trump are trying to make it hard to vote.

Note: Biden needs to focus on his base …and popular issues.

When Bill Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) began angling in the ’80s
to move the party to the right, Jesse Jackson warned that “DLC” really meant “Democrats
for the Leisure Class.” I wrote a book about why Jackson was right about that.

Committee chair Raul Grijalva is calling for a total ban on corporate officers and lobbyists for any Senate-confirmed position in the next administration

Commission on Presidential Debates: Put Climate Front and Center for Presidential Debates

Thread on debate questions

We know Donald Trump is going to lie (a lot!) at the upcoming debates. So what should
our moderators do about it? Here are my thoughts, with a look back at the messy
fact-checking attempt in the 2012 Obama/Romney debate. Via @CJR

Note: Of course, if Biden overstates something that should be corrected as well.

Susan Page of USA Today criticized for hosting off-the-record event honoring Trump appointees.
The USA Today Washington bureau chief was recently picked by the Commission on Presidential Debates to host the vice-presidential debate


Medicare for All Would Help End Racial Disparities in the South
We must take a stand against a for-profit health care system that too often devalues Black lives.

Note: Neither candidate supports M4A. While Biden supports the ACA and has a plan to expand coverage to most of the population, the Trump administration is suing to kill ACA –

Cornel West is such a brilliant teacher that, in less than a minute, he got Tucker Carlson to recognize the genius of democratic socialism. (video)

Unfortunately, it was a brief recognition followed by Carlson’s predictable rejection of the
message. Yet, the power of Dr. West’s presentation of democratic socialist ideals –
in this and so many other circumstances – is compelling.

75 years ago, the CIO recognized that if unions could organize the South they would transform American economics and politics. They were blocked by Republican corporatists, Democratic segregationists and the Taft-Hartley Act.
Now @NationalNurses United has renewed the mission!

===2020 Issues===
All We Can Save
Truth, Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

Perfect Storm
When is it time to abandon a place to climate change?

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration
Wildfires rage in the West. Hurricanes batter the East. Droughts and floods wreak damage throughout the nation. Life has become increasingly untenable in the hardest-hit areas, but if the people there move, where will everyone go?


Something like a tenth of the people who live in the South and the Southwest – from
South Carolina to Southern California – will decide to move north in search of better
economy and environment. Those who stay will be disproportionately poor and elderly.

Ending The War Against The Climate Movement
Donald Trump hasn’t just made it easier for fossil fuel companies to increase emissions – he has also changed rules to make it harder for climate activists to fight back.

Sirota counters the Business Roundtable…
We’re not going to neoliberal our way out of the climate apocalypse, sorry

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and Pioneer of Gender Equality, Dead at 87

New York will honor the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a statue in Brooklyn,
her birthplace.

Click text graphic…
One People – An Essay by Ruth Bader, Age 13 (June, 1946)

Millions of people in America lost the person who was their last line of defense tonight –
they’re now in danger of losing their legal resident status, healthcare, and equal rights.
Lives and livelihoods are in real risk. This is a truly scary time.

Justice Ginsburg dictated a statement before her death:
“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Obama nominated Garland in Jan of an election year
and McConnell refused to hold a hearing.

Ginsberg just died in Sept of an election year and yet…
McConnell Vows Senate Vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee


Republicans are now saying “we can’t have a 4-4 court on election day.” But that’s
exactly what they did when Merrick Garland was nominated. Any reporter who takes
this bad-faith argument seriously should be rightly shamed.


17 GOP senators who promised not to confirm a SCOTUS nominee during an election year:

First hypocrite…
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in October 2018: “If an opening comes in the last year of
President Trump’s term, and the primary process has started, we’ll wait to the
next election.” (video)

Now Sen Judiciary Chair, Lindsey Graham doesn’t agree with 2018 Lindsey Graham…

Sen Murkowski: Not a hypocrite

Hillary Clinton lays out strategy to keep Ginsburg seat vacant on MSNBC:
1) win over GOP Senators on principle;
2) pressure GOP Senators in tight re-election bids;
3) procedural obstacles in Senate.
“All of these things, you know, may be difficult. But let’s go down fighting.”

Note: I’m not optimistic about the first… but they need to try. The other 2 sound more promising.

David Sirota: Democrats Have Power To Play Hardball, Too

If you want Democrats to actually fight Trump’s SCOTUS nomination,
then get on the phones right now

.@AOC at presser with Schumer: “We need to make sure that we mobilize on an
unprecedented scale to ensure that this vacancy is reserved for the next president.”
“We need every day people to call on senators…to call Republican senators to make
sure they hold this vacancy open.”

…”Well, we have our options,” Pelosi said. “We have arrows in our quiver
that I’m not about to discuss right now.”

Dianne Feinstein, who would take the gavel of the  Judiciary Committee if Dems take back the Senate, is leaving open the idea of changing the rules to make it easier for Republicans to block Joe Biden’s judges in 2021.

Article documents recent changes to the filibuster rule…

How Were 46 Million People Trapped by Student Debt? The History of an Unfulfilled Promise
It is long past time to recognize that the cruel experiment in financing higher education through student loans has failed.

Dear Joe Biden: the student loan crisis is exploding. We need real action

Low-income students are dropping out of college this fall in alarming numbers

See chart…
50 years ago, teachers’ weekly wages were 7.1% less than similar collage grads. Now, teachers are paid 19.2% less than similar workers.

Mnuchin: “Now is not the time to worry about shrinking the deficit
or shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet.”

“…the US is struggling to recover from this recession, there is no reason to be concerned about
running large deficits,” @DeanBaker13. “Biden was there under Obama & I think he recognizes…
they made a really big mistake in not getting more [stimulus].”

And of course, the WSJ neoliberals aren’t happy…


2018 Context: (GOP) Tax Law Is Fundamentally Flawed and Will Require Basic Restructuring

We can stimulate the economy *and* reform our tax code
Start the conversation.

Trade Wars Are Class Wars: Even More than Klein and Pettis Say

Hartmann: Bring Back the Corporate Death Penalty

This tiny building in Wilmington, Delaware is home to 300,000 businesses

Health Care Justice Virtual Town Hall
7pm CT Wed Sept 23rd

The individual mandate caused Democrats endless political headaches and, in the end, didn’t turn out to be a very effective policy.

Click chart…
Shocking to see how far the US standing has fallen in the eyes of foreign countries.
More Canadians, Brits, Dutch, French, Germans have more confidence Xi Jinping will do the right thing in world affairs than Trump. Germans have 3x as much confidence in Putin as in Trump

“just 41% in the United Kingdom express a favorable opinion of the U.S., the lowest
percentage registered in any Pew Research Center survey there. In France, only 31%
see the U.S. positively, matching the grim ratings from March 2003” [pre-Iraq invasion]

Cumulatively across a 13 country median, including some of the United States most
important allies, more people have confidence in Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin to “do
the right thing regarding world affairs” than the US president

Trump’s Middle East agreements have been greased with massive arms sales to Gulf nations, requiring the State Dept to try to hide the blood of Yemenis.

Yemen on Brink of Famine After U.S. Cuts Aid While Fueling War

Vetoes tell you a lot about a president’s priorities. Donald Trump has issued only eight vetoes
as president. *Five*  of the eight are vetoes of legislation that would prevent him from transferring
weapons of war or engaging in military hostilities without congressional approval.

US officials shepherding Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia & UAE have been worried
for years they could be charged w/ war crimes over deaths in Yemen. But State Dept.
leaders have concealed the legal risks.

Click text graphic…
GW Bush’s 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF)…
On Thursday, Donald Trump quietly renewed the national emergency declared by GWB 19 years ago today. This is insane. There is no continuing “emergency” related to the 9/11 attacks, but there is a continuing use of 9/11 as a pretext for the president and Congress to abuse power.

Fascinating report. Well researched. Bottom line: “In the 30 years since missile defense systems were first used in war, we were unable to identify a clear, slam dunk battlefield success.” I’m not surprised.

Thread has the details…

It’s time to rethink keeping U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe.
As our newest explainer by Mike Sweeney details, the 150 B61 bombs the U.S. still deploys in Europe are effectively useless. Read more here:


===2020 Watch List===
See image…
Donald Trump can say literally any lie and get the headline he wants. “I up-played it” is nonsense.
In case you’re curious how the news is going to frame it when he claims victory prematurely on election night and declares mail-in ballots illegal. It’s over and it hasn’t even begun.


President Donald Trump signaled Saturday night that he expects federal judges to play a key role in achieving a definitive result within hours of the polls closing on Election Day.

“We’re going to have a victory on November 3rd the likes of which you’ve never seen,” Trump told a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. “Now, we’re counting on the federal court system to make it so that we can actually have an evening where we know who wins. Not where the votes are going to be counted a week later or two weeks later.”

  The Media Learned Nothing From 2016…

See text graphic…
One of the things you have to note about the @JamesFallows article is how far back the problem
goes and how many people have been speaking out on it. @jayrosen_nyu @froomkin @Sulliview
Numerous others.


Note: In 2000 GW Bush’s cousin called Florida for Bush on election night. Then Roger Stone and GOP congressional staffers interfered with the FL recount. Then a Republican Supreme Court interfered in the recount and claimed GW Bush would be irreparably harmed if he lost Florida and, therefore, declared him the victor. Finally, after counting all the votes, journalists discovered that Gore had won.
Since then the GW Bush administration was a disaster. Obama waxed neoliberal And now McConnell and Trump are smashing Congressional and Constitutional norms.

All that we’re talking about in this election is the future of our democracy, the future of our
economy, the future of our health care system – and oh, by the way, the future of the planet.
Other than that, not much is at stake.

Donald Trump’s campaign has asked a federal judge to prevent New Jersey elections officials from counting mail-in ballots beginning 10 days ahead of Election Day until a lawsuit is settled.

Voters Should be Wary of USA Today’s False Balance on Election 2020

Gingrich is playing with some very dangerous things here.


FBI chief says Russia is trying to interfere in election to undermine Biden

===2020 Watch List-Bias===
Baker counters Big Pharma group…

See text graphic…
You might read this and conclude that our democracy is under attack from within as well as without.
But to the @AP (in its subtitle), it simply “rais[es] concerns the White House risks undercutting efforts to stop such intrusions.”

Read this very brave whistleblower. Facebook has made the world an infinitely worse place, enabling horrible people to do horrible things.

How intellectually dishonest / delusional does your @washingtonpost Opinion piece have to be to inspire not one, but *two* WaPo opinion page colleagues to publicly call you out? @dpletka found out the hard way today. @petridishes ‘ takedown is marvelous!


Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World
How much longer are we going to allow its platform to foment hatred and undermine democracy?

“Like industrial-age steel companies dumping poisonous waste into waterways,
Facebook pumps paranoia and disinformation into the body politic, the toxic byproduct
of its relentless drive for profit,” writes @jbouie

Facebook targeted activists on the Coastal GasLink Pipeline’s behalf?

Facebook, which refuses to restrict dishonest political ads, is expected to rake in
nearly $800,000,000 on political advertising this election.

Twitter labels video of Biden shared by Trump ‘manipulated media’

Another day. Another smear…


NYT’s Daily Distortions
Tracking Viral Misinformation Ahead of the 2020 Election

Conspiracy theories about the origin of fires in Oregon are still spreading through private Facebook groups days after Facebook announced it would remove the false claims, according to research shared exclusively with Axios.

===2020 Presidential Candidates===
Joe Biden…
First published in 1845…
Science is p-ssed: Scientific American backs Joe Biden in its first-ever presidential endorsement

Joe Biden Remarks on Climate Change and the California Wildfires

Joe Biden made this declaration as the West Coast was burning
“I am not banning fracking. Let me repeat that again: I am not banning fracking.”

Note: This is a big reason why his climate score is so low. But Donald Trump’s climate score is far worse.

Fracking causing rise in methane emissions, study finds
Researchers say boom in shale oil and gas major contributor to climate emergency

Great piece by @KateAronoff on Ernest Moniz, who is a gas shill and probably
the one person environmentalists would least like to see involved in a Biden
administration. If Biden wins, it will be an early test of his seriousness

Joe Biden Remarks to Poor People’s Campaign

Joe Biden Hosts Veterans Roundtable in Tampa, Florida

.@joebiden responds to an Afghanistan veteran that yes, he will bring the troops home,
focus on being able to respond to specific threats to the US.


Joe Biden Remarks on COVID-19 Vaccine Development

I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message. (video)

We wrote a letter to @JoeBiden asking him to commit to appointing a secretary of education who will use the authority Congress has already granted the secretary to cancel student debt on their first day in office.

Wharton economics did an analysis of Biden’s economic proposals It’s all pretty straight stuff, they score modest gains for increased spending on education and infrastructure

But the health care, housing subsidy part shows reduced employment & GDP. It’s important to
understand, this is not bad. If we give a working mother decent health care, she may decide to
work less & spend more time with her kids. She’s not losing a job, she’s choosing to work less.

It’s important to remember GDP is not designed to measure well-being, just economic output.
We will see a similar story post-pandemic if people continue to telecommute. Drop in commuting
is a loss in GDP, but not in well-being

Biden Teases Canceling Puerto Rico’s ‘Illegal’ Debt In New Plan For The Island

Hedge Funds Win, Puerto Ricans Lose in First Debt Restructuring Deal
A federal court this week approved a plan that will grant predatory vulture funds a huge
payday while consigning the island’s citizens to 40 years of high sales taxes.

Greg Palast Exposes How U.S. “Vulture” Funds Make Millions
By Exploiting African Nations

Max Moran looks at the problem of longtime corporate lobbyist Steve Ricchetti possibly becoming WH Chief of Staff in a Biden administration (a position he served under VP Biden in 2013-17).

Still trying to push Biden away from his base…

More of this, please…
“I’m not looking to punish anybody. But da–it
it’s time for the super wealthy to pay their fair share,” Biden says
Joe Biden’s campaign is establishing a major new legal operation, bringing in two former solicitors general and hundreds of lawyers in what the campaign billed as the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history.

If you’re as ambivalent about Joe Biden as I am, check out @NotHimUS
It’s not about electing Biden – it’s about setting up our movements to win.
#NotHimUS #LetsGetToWork

@NicholsUprising on @ueunion being honest about Biden’s shortfalls
while arguing for vote against Donald Trump

This may be the the most persuasive left case for voting for Joe Biden than I’ve read.

Stepping up to meet a need…
Biden targets Nebraska Latinos with civil rights leader Huerta; Trump courts them, too

Solid work from @ChuckRocha, Jeff Weaver and their team. This is a good ad making
a strong case to Latinos as Biden’s numbers among Latinos have been somewhat weak.

But we need more…


Note: I’m still seeing an ad that claims he supports universal coverage. Unless he changed his policy, he does not.

He can easily and factually make the case that his health plan exceeds Donald Trump’s / Republicans’ plans. Stick with that message. Better yet… start supporting M4A.
Donald Trump…
The United States is backsliding into autocracy under Trump, scholars warn.
The weakening of democratic values – a path that’s difficult to reverse – has accelerated, according to hundreds of indicators assessed each year.

Donald Trump’s Climate Change Record Is a Threat to the Planet
Pursuing an unrelenting fossil fuel agenda, Donald Trump has scaled back or eliminated more than 150 environment measures, expanded Arctic drilling and denied climate science.


Judge extends order blocking the Census Bureau from ending count early

Study: Ending census early will cost Florida, Montana seats

See text graphic…
So it looks like the White House wanted to use a microwave weapon deemed unsafe for use in Iraq against US protestors so that Trump could have a photo op in front of a church.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein: “You do not need to vote twice. And if you do what the president suggested, you run the risk of committing a felony in North Carolina. And I don’t want anyone to commit a crime because of his terrible advice.”

“Literally almost everything the president said on the issue of mail voting was inaccurate….
People should just disregard all of what the president says on this subject because….
it’s just garbage” @ddale8 says on CNN.

Again, Donald Trump’s claim that foreign countries are well-positioned to interfere
with mail ballots is just wrong. Thread from an expert:

Barr’s undermining of the election is downright dangerous
Richard L Hasen writes that by repeating false and misleading statements about the
potential for voter fraud and post-election violence, Attorney General William Barr
has stepped out of his role as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer
and marred the 2020 elections.

President Trump and AG Wm Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who’s using whom?

How William Barr Misunderstands America’s Founding Fathers


DeJoy’s Postal Service policies delayed 7 percent of nation’s first-class mail, Senate Democrat’s report says.  Postmaster General Louis DeJoy suspended some cost-cutting maneuvers, but not the moves experts say are behind the worst problems.

Federal judge temporarily blocks USPS operational changes
amid concerns about mail slowdowns, election.

US Postal Service sends wrong info to Utah residents about mail voting

In March, the CDC sent a postcard to every mailbox in the U.S. detailing Donald Trump’s
COVID guidelines. Six months later, the Postal Service has yet to be reimbursed by HHS
for the cost of delivery – about $20 million.

Voice of America and Radio Free Europe…
Ten questions for the Trump ally (Michael Pack) who runs US funded media

Confirms GAO report…
A Maryland judge has ruled that Chad Wolf is likely unlawfully serving as acting DHS secretary and temporarily barred the Trump admin from enforcing new asylum restrictions on members of two immigration advocacy groups.

So much for law and order…
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has defied a House subpoena
issued last week for him to testify on threats to the U.S. homeland. …

ICE has deported a crucial witness in an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual assault and harassment at an El Paso immigrant detention center, the witness’ lawyers said.

Repeated for context…
The federal government is backing out of a ventilator deal we scrutinized in the spring, and now a Congressional subcommittee is broadening its investigation to include other cononavirus-related deals negotiated by Trump’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro
> The Trump Administration Is Backing Out of a $647 Million Ventilator Deal

White House blocks Navarro from testifying before Congress about ventilator contract

Several for contrast…
Separation of Church and State – Part I

Separation of Church and State — Part 2: The Tartuffe Factor

The Founding Fathers believed that religion was and must remain a private matter, because bringing the volatility of “religious enthusiasm” into politics would destabilize our new nation. They feared the political effects of interdenominational hostility, the polarization caused by doctrinal differences, and the demonization of dissenters.

But there was a second reason why the Founders feared that bringing religion into politics would have a divisive effect on our young nation — the rise of political and religious opportunists, who would inflame political issues to further themselves. Religion would become both a theatrical performance and a political tool as charlatans hypocritically showboated their piety to manipulate the crowd for political gain.

  2014 Hartmann: Thomas Jefferson and the Tyranny of Religion

Disagrees with the founders…
Head of Federal Election Commission calls separation of church and state a ‘fallacy’
and 2020 election a ‘spiritual war’

Note: God isn’t a Republican or a Democrat and isn’t mentioned in the Constitution, Chair Trainor.

Donald Trump is using Constitution Day to urge a restoration of white supremacy. …

Donald Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters

Jake Tapper queries Donald Trump…
Who has bad genes, Mr. President?

White officials in the Trump administration have banned a lecture at the EPA on how
banks redlined neighborhoods, keeping them Black and poor, with serious environmental

Note: Our history includes good, neutral and bad things. We can’t improve if we deny the bad. For example…

Attorney General Bill Barr on stay-at-home orders: “Other than slavery, which was a different
kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” (video)

Note: Details vary but, during health emergencies it’s lawful for health officials to reduce exposure. On the other hand. A response to Barr’s statement…

1) Japanese-American internments in WWII
2) HUAC committee/McCarthyism contempt imprisonments and restraint of trade.
3) COINTELPRO and blackmail of MLK
4) Palmer Raids
5) Trail of Tears, removal of southern indigenous peoples to Oklahoma territory.
6) Washita massacre
7) Wounded Knee
8) Lincoln suspends habeus corpus, arrests MD legislature (bad precedent, good cause)
9) Federal failures to interpose in mass slayings, pogroms and lynchings
in AA communities, 1865-1960.
10) Jim Crow and organized denial of the franchise to AA citizens. 1865-continuing. … (

These are in no particular order and in that spirit, the US Attorney General can insert the
inability of folks to drink in bars, dine in restaurants, go to see football games and
cough maskless on others where he thinks it goes. …

This is what corporatism (some call it fascism) looks like…
Donald Trump wants $5 billion from TikTok deal to teach people ‘the real history’ of US

[O]n TikTok — Donald Trump got nothing he asked for. There’s no sale of the company.
There’s no key money. TikTok is still 80% owned by China’s Bytedance. All that Trump
did was funnel a 20% stake in a successful company to supporters Larry Ellison
and Doug McMillon.

For the second consecutive day Donald Trump seems to endorse extrajudicial killings by federal forces (video)

So, @realDonaldTrump, you call my getting hit by authorities in Minneapolis on 5/30/20 (by a rubber bullet, btw, not a tear gas cannister) a “beautiful thing” called “law and order”. What law did I break while covering an entirely peaceful (yes, entirely peaceful) march?

The Postal Service abruptly ordered its police officers to stop investigating mail theft that occurs away from post office property, the Postal police union alleged, suing Louis DeJoy to block a change they say could erode the safety of mail carriers.

Last week…
An investigation is underway after surveillance video captured bags of mail being dumped in the
parking lot of a Glendale spa, CBS LA reports. The video shows a box truck backed into the lot.
Moments later, bag after bag could be seen being tossed.

A federal judge has temporarily barred the U.S. Postal Service from sending mailers containing what Colorado’s top election official calls “false statements” that may discourage voters from participating in the November election.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s former company, New Breed, was awarded multiple
noncompetitive contracts by USPS that may have cost taxpayers as much as $53 million
more than if they’d been competitively bid.

At Homeland Security, Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Maintained Ties With Islamophobes
Gorka worked on CVE programs, which have faced increased allegations of anti-Muslim bias under Trump, FOIA documents show.

Donald Trump shattered his promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ …
50 reasons the Trump administration is bad for workers

Eight workers from JBS’ meatpacking  plant in Greeley CO have died from coronavirus. OSHA just fined that plant for failing to protect workers during the outbreak. The fines total $15,615. JBS’ revenue last year was $51 billion.

Federal regulators knew about coronavirus problems in dozens of the nation’s meat plants
that became hot spots but took six months to take action, recently citing two plants and
finally requiring changes to protect workers.

Emails Show the Meatpacking Industry Drafted an Executive Order to Keep Plants Open
Hundreds of emails offer a rare look at the meat industry’s influence and access to the highest
levels of government. The draft was submitted a week before Trump’s executive order,
which bore striking similarities.

Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency chief s-xually harassed staffers for 7 years, IG finds

Your monthly reminder that people here, not China, are paying Donald Trump’s tariffs (price of imports from China are down just 0.3% over the last year)

Baker in August: If we put a 25 percent tariff on goods from China, then we would be paying 25 percent more, minus the fall in the price of the imports. Since the price of imports from China barely fell, we are paying almost the whole thing

World Trade Organization rules that Trump administration tariffs on Chinese goods worth over $200 billion are illegal. – See

Defense Sec Mark Esper promised more diversity at the Pentagon. Instead, the Trump administration moved or promoted at least 11 white men to senior positions at the Pentagon in the past three months.

A Deal on Drug Prices Undone by White House Insistence on ‘Trump Cards’
The White House and the pharmaceutical industry were nearing a major deal to lower drug prices. Then the administration demanded that $100 cash cards be sent to millions of seniors before the election

~6 weeks before the election and ~4 months left in his term Donald Trump helps producers…
EPA Denies All Gap-Year RFS Waivers
Trump Administration Rejects Retroactive Small-Refinery Exemption Requests

Trump administration eyes at least $300 million aid to refiners denied biofuel waivers: sources

Six Months After Emergency Declared, Trump Has Repealed More Than 30 Public Protections

States With More Coronavirus Hospitalizations Received Less Remdesivir
Gilead’s Monopoly, Donald Trump’s Mismanagement Contributed to Treatment Rationing for at Least 38 Hospitals in 12 States, and Globally

2018 Context: The US health dept’s new communications chief is a Trump loyalist and Roger Stone associate who spread conspiracies about Ukraine and Hunter Biden. “Caputo is a veteran Republican strategist, Roger Stone associate, and Russia PR consultant”

Inside Michael Caputo’s time at HHS
Installed by Donald Trump himself, the bombastic spokesman seized control of Covid-19
messaging, with disastrous results.

NYT: Michael Caputo, the assistant secretary of health for public affairs, told a Facebook
audience without evidence that left-wing hit squads were being trained for insurrection,
and he accused CDC scientists of “sedition.”

The following day…
– Caputo has signaled his desire to take medical leave
– He claimed to staff he had never read a single MMWR, despite efforts to meddle with reports
– He concluded meeting by telling staff to listen to the Grateful Dead

U.S. Image Plummets Internationally as Most Say Country Has Handled Coronavirus Badly
Ratings for Donald Trump remain poor

“Since Donald Trump took office as president, the image of the United States…is as low as it
has been at any point since the Center began polling on this topic nearly two decades ago.”


Trump again falsely claims that Obama “paid Iran $150 billion for practically nothing.”  The United States did not pay Iran anything. The deal is the strongest non-proliferation deal ever negotiated. It shrink-wrapped Iran’s program; froze it for a generation. Trump wrecked it.

The JCPOA prevented Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump and … Mike Pompeo
walked away from it, ignoring our allies and the obvious risk. Now Iran has more uranium and
the world is more divided. You are a failure @SecPompeo

Rhodes counters Pompeo…
Rarely has an agenda been as fully pursued and failed as spectaculary and predictably
as the anti-Iran Deal fanatics.

After failing in Iran they appear to use their same techniques on renegotiating the New Start Treaty.

Netanyahu Used Doctored Video of Abbas to Influence Trump’s Policy, Woodward Reveals
According to excerpts from ‘Rage’ published by U.S. media, at a time when Trump was wondering if Israel was the obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, Netanyahu showed him a fake video to steer him away from pro-Palestinian sentiments

Confused about Trump’s “peace” deal? Just listen to the first ten minutes of this episode. @brhodes breaks down his photo op diplomacy and gives a ton of facts you’ll be glad you now know. Stay for the masterful interview with @McFaul.

Aaron Rupar counters Donald Trump…

The Missing Peace in the Abraham Accords

Heaps of hype at the Israel-Emirati-Bahraini festivities on the White House lawn –
but no hope for peace, Palestinians, or the Middle East

Noura Erakat: Trump’s Bahrain-UAE-Israel Deal Won’t Advance Palestinian Peace
& Will Incrfease Repression

Trump-linked effort to infiltrate progressive NC groups prompts investigation

President Trump Delivers Remarks in California

Ahead of his California trip for a wildfires briefing, Donald Trump is retweeting Steve Milloy,
a dangerous climate change denier who’s had ties to ExxonMobil and Murray Energy.
Milloy also questions the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke because of his ties
to the tobacco industry.

See last section…
In the US West Scorched by Wildfires, We Can Barely Breathe. It’s Going to Get Worse.

Infographic: Wildfires and Climate Change
Visualizing the Connection in Five Sets of Photos and Charts

Mike Pompeo is quietly relaunching his extravagant, taxpayer-funded “Madison Dinners” during the coronavirus pandemic, even as Congress scrutinizes his use of government resources to entertain CEOs, big-dollar Republican donors and television anchors.

Mike Pompeo’s wife wanted senior State Department staff to work during the week of Christmas to complete their personal holiday cards, requesting they keep the circle small because of the private nature of the assignment, emails obtained by McClatchy show.

CREW executive director: Donald “Trump wants Americans to pay for his defense in a r-pe-related defamation case. This is Barr’s most egregious act and the logical conclusion of his campaign to remake the DOJ into Trump’s personal, taxpayer-funded legal service.”

New allegation:

Trump’s businesses have charged the Secret Service more than $1.1 million, including for rooms in a club shuttered for the pandemic. “The waste inherent in this is appalling”

Eric Trump Is Trying to Stonewall a Fraud Investigation Into His Company Until After the Election
“We won’t allow any entity or individual to dictate how our investigation will proceed,” says New York’s attorney general.

The records show that five global banks – JPMorgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York Mellon – kept profiting from powerful and dangerous players even after U.S. authorities fined these financial institutions for earlier failures to stem flows of dirty money.

Why haven’t seemingly big financial penalties done more to change banks’ behavior?

John Cassara, a financial crime expert who worked as a special agent assigned to FinCEN from 1996 to 2002, said that the size of the penalties paid by HSBC and other big banks may sound large but that theyre a tiny fraction of the banks’ profits. And the money isn’t paid by the bankers who should be held accountable, he said – its paid by shareholders.

ICIJ in “Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists”

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