Through our workshops, PRI offers you the chance to examine the culture of your own agency or organization, and the opportunity to genuinely explore notions of race and racial inclusion.

The goal is the think in new ways, build bridges and grow stronger in a diverse world.

Our work on Diversity & Inclusion and Community Engagement is based on our belief in the intrinsic worth of all human beings. All human beings deserve to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

PRI’s Cultural Humility Workshops:

PRI offers participants the chance to examine community and organizational culture as well as the opportunity to genuinely explore notions of race and inclusion. The goal is to think in new ways, build bridges and grow stronger in a diverse world.


Advanced Cultural Humility Series

A series of three 3-hour workshops for those with a strong grounding in race issues and a familiarity with the concept of cultural humility: (1) Dismantling Structural Racism; (2) Wading into Whiteness; and (3) Advanced Interpersonal Skills in Cultural Humility. All held at Metropolitan Community College’s North Express Center.


Metropolitan Community College’s Race Matters Dialogue

A 5-hour in-depth workshop to explore notions of race and racial inclusion, provide a framework to improve cross-cultural understanding, and encourage healthy interactions.

Cultural Humility Dialog

A 3-hour workshop for bi-annual, statewide staff meeting of Legal Aid of Nebraska.

Cultural Humility: A Community Conversation

A 2-hour guided conversation and public workshop for Douglas County Juvenile Delinquency Alternatives Initiative Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee, juvenile justice workers and the public.


Cultural Humility: A Paradigm Shift

A 2-hour training for staff and administration of Metropolitan Community College.

Cultural Humility: A Paradigm Shift

A 3-hour workshop for staff and administration of Big Brothers / Big Sisters of the Midlands.


Cultural Humility & White Fragility

Day-long training for leadership staff of Nebraska Department of Education.

Cultural Humility: A Paradigm Shift

Training for summer staff of NorthStar Foundation.

Cultural Humility Forum & Workshop

First ever community conversation on the topic of cultural humility in Omaha. Hosted by Omaha Public Schools and sponsored by the OPS Office of Community, School & Family Engagement and OPS Office of Equity & Diversity.

How to Build a Sustainable Grassroots Resistance Movement (2015)

PRI sponsored this event, facilitated by Jill Reese, Associate Director of the Alliance for a Just Society. More than 20 area organizations came together to begin talking about how progressive groups can coalesce around shared strategies, and align our work and resources in ways that lead to policy victories at the local and state levels. The following documents from the event were provided to participants:
AFJS Presentation
Blank Power Analysis & Instructions

Bridging Communities of Color to Bring About Change (2014)

Cosponsor/panelist for workshop on the intersection of race with education, justice and child welfare in Omaha, NE.

Diversity Town Hall Meeting (2013)

Event debuting our Diversity Report Card for area social service providers, including a panel discussion and a community dialog to address barriers to diversity as well as discuss future steps.

Diversity Report Card Advance Peek (2013)

Presentation providing an advance look at the Diversity Report Card to attendees at the Black Men United Racial Profiling Conference.

The New Jim Crow (2012)

Conference featuring author Michelle Alexander, cosponsored with Black Men United and ACLU of Nebraska.

Cultural Humility flyer

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