PRI’s PRI’s Diversity & Inclusion and Community Engagement Publications

PRI’s Feedback to MAPA’s Draft Civil Rights Policy (2018)

In our response to the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) draft civil rights plan, we state that the core values of equity, transparency and accountability are the keys to effectiveness. We discuss how these core values should be embedded in the people, the culture and the actions of MAPA. (Click here to read MAPA’s draft civil rights policy.)

Racism (2017):

An opinion piece on the struggle with how to effectively deal with racism in our state, published in Nebraska Report, the monthly newspaper of Nebraskans for Peace.

Diversity Report Card (2013)

Report that grades and ranks local nonprofit and government-run service providers on racial/ethnic and gender diversity among staff and on governing boards.

Analysis of the Polling Station Reductions in Douglas County, by Jack Dunn, MSSW. Published April 3, 2012

The Variables Most Closely Associated with Academic Achievement: A Review of the Research Literature (2012):

Report to the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties (LC), to inform the LC about the relative strength of the association between out-of-school variables and academic achievement.

The Need for Cultural Proficiency in OPS (2011):

Research-based position paper advocating for enhanced cultural proficiency among the staff and administration of the Omaha Public Schools.

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