A’Jamal interviews the Inspector General of the Nebraska State Corrections System.

Doug Koebernick is the Inspector General of the Nebraska State Corrections System. He and A’Jamal discuss the 2020 annual report (     12/10/2020   59:21

A’Jamal Byndon and Patrick Velasquez discuss the Insurrection, White supremacy and other current topics.

Two Omaha natives discuss the truths that must not be spoken in our racial, ethnic and class segregated society. 12/10/2020 1:00:05

Racism affects access to affordable rental housing in Omaha. Listen, share, make change happen.

In this session, we hear our panelists discuss how best to address the issues raised, then propose workable solutions for Omaha.    12/05/20    1:26:55

Discussion of the book “Caste” by author Isabelle Wilkerson

A’Jamal Byndon and Cynthia Lindemeyer discuss the best-selling book “Caste”. The book analyzes the American Jim Crow system as compared to the Untouchables social control system in India.    12/04/20    39:37

Community Conversations on Critical Race Theory and Issues

Patrick Velasquez Interview by A’Jamal Byndon.  Patrick Velasquez is a long-time Chicano activist who grew up in Omaha.  He is the former head of the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) at UC San Diego (now retired).    10/13/2020  1:14:53

PRI Community Conversation on Policing

Recent community discussion of Police-Community Relations sponsored by PRI.    9/4/20  56:55

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