PRI is in the process of changing our name and our mission statement to being an explicitly anti-racist organization. This is a work in progress and will evolve over the next few months – but this is the statement of purpose(PDF 129kb) agreed upon by our board. And we are still looking for volunteers and interns.

PRI is looking for internet video editors, website programmers, social media mavens, publicity cognoscenti and people who like doing investigative research  – in short, anyone able to pitch in to help a 100% volunteer progressive anti-racist organization have an impact. We’re doing good work and want to expand it. Our Anti-racist forums are solid and our housing research is impressive. Making sure that people know about them is essential. You can help from home on your computer, phone, or notepad. Just let us know your skill set so we can slot you in.

If you’re not into programming but enjoy tracking down information on the internet, we would be very happy to talk with you. For instance, real estate ownership is often hidden behind corporate walls but may be uncovered by simply researching local news media, trade publications, etc. This kind of information is very useful to affordable housing advocates. Likewise, records on policy decisions are often hidden in dry, dusty but public documents.

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